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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sagar from India talks about the practical reasons for studying in the U.S.

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Sagar Shah: Well, I did my undergraduate back home in the field of telecommunications. So

it is said that, you know, technology is more in US that anywhere else. It is one of the

most technologically advanced countries in the world. So I think I had the best option

to come there and that's why I just chose to, you know, master in telecommunications

from here.

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I mean the first thing I was looking was the course curriculum which the school

has to offer. And apart from there, there were some factors like the location, the faculty,

and most importantly the job prospect on campus friendliness. I think that helps a lot. So,

you've got to plan the future after your studies, so I was looking mostly at the job prospects


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Well, I started my search like twelve months prior I was here in States because

it's a lot of work. So many documentations, so many pre-exams, and a lot of planning.

So I took like about a year before I was here. So, it was like twelve months prior.

There are two important things when you are applying to any school. The first

thing is to apply as soon as possible. I would say sooner is better, because as soon as you

get the admit, you have enough of time, because getting an admit from a school is not only

the last thing. You have lots of work after that. So that's the first thing. And the second

thing is, every school has its own requirements for the application. So be aware of checking

it on the website, because even if you miss one document, it's not going to do any good

rather than just rejecting your case. So that's more important to keep an eye on what documents

are there and what do they need. So I would advise to take care of that.

Deadlines are very important. The country's a country of laws, so don't

try and you know play with it. It's very important, like you should apply as early as possible.

Never wait until the deadline.

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Well, I spoke to a lot of students, a lot of people and I kind of got mixed reviews

for everybody. So that maybe more confused. But I was more confident enough to you know

go for the interview and crack it. But the only important thing for the visa interview

is like it needs tedious paperwork. I mean it's, it's a whole lot of documents, right

from your past bank records, to your income tax, to everything. So I was like, not much

nervous, but I was like I knew I had to do a lot of work So I was just thinking on that

track, how to start from and where to start from. So far it turned out good and I'm here.

If it wouldn't have been for the Mason office to send my I-20 on time, I wouldn't

have given my visa interview date on the day I scheduled. So I was more than thankful to

them. And another thing was like, I received with my application packet a lot of brochures

and flyers regarding the interview tips and every question like the most possible questions

and everything right from your attire to how you should behave. And one more important

thing is like they really help in the list of documents, and that helped preparing a


Not much nervous, but it's always good to be a bit nervous because my entire

fate of coming to US was on a stake, on that interview. So not much nervous, but yeah I

took, I was waiting for like two hours for my interview. But when I've got to it, it

was a cakewalk. So I was more happy than that. Four questions, fifteen seconds and I was

straight out.

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I knew that it's, it's a lot of work after that, so I was like searching out

for my flight tickets, I decided the day I wanted to fly. And after that I had to do

a lot of shopping. So the main thing I did was like, I planned my days, and more importantly,

I implemented on my planning. So it did me more good, just to have ten days at the end

before flying to spend a lot of time with my family back home.

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Oh yeah, I definitely felt welcome and it was a very good reception for international

students. And this is a busy campus. I should say, Mason. So there are so many things going

on randomly, and so much for international students, that you have no choice but to get

involved on campus. So I'm feeling good. I'm proud to be a Patriot here.

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Well, the main thing I heard was like that people here are more busy in themselves

rather than helping others, or something. But, I'm sure I figured out that wrong, because

people here are quiet friendly and humble. And I'm sure that you could walk to any random

person and ask for their help or share any views with them. So people here are quite

friendly and humble than I thought. So that's more good and helpful for me.

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