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In this video series, were going to learn how to make a Christmas stocking.

Which, surprisingly enough, is just a big sock.

So, if you follow along with these lessons, you will not only have a Christmas stocking

when youre done, but youll have the knowledge you need to knit most normal, cuff-down

pairs of socks.

And here is what were making.

These stockings here.

We have two colors of yarn going, were going to use both circular and double pointed


If you want to follow along with the exact pattern that Im using here, its available

for purchase and download over at

And the details for your yarn and your needles and everything is in that pattern.

Okay, to get started, were going to use our circular needles, and youre going to

cast on the number of stitches in the pattern.

And if you need help casting on, I do have a video calledlong tail cast on”, which

is what Im using here.

So the first thing we need to do is join this in the round, so we can get knitting.

And this is how Im going to do that.

I am first going to set this out, so that I can see all of the cast on knots are lined

up without any twists on the inside of the cord here.

Im going to have my working yarn over here to, on the right needle.

And the first stitch here on the left needle is going to be the first stitch that I knit.

So when I knit this stitch, with this yarn its going to close up the circle and were

going to be knitting in the round.

Okay, so, I just lost my stitch marker, let me grab another one.

Okay, we will need a stitch marker here to mark the beginning of the round.

So Im going to put that over here on the right needle.

Get my working yarn ready.

Checking again, nothings twisted.

And knit that first stitch, andwhiz bang! Were joined in the round.

The first part of this pattern is knit 2, purl 2, so Ill knit the second stitch,


Then Im going to pull the yarn forward between the two needles to purl one.

And purl the second one.

Pull the yarn back between the two needles to knit one, or 2, rather, because were

working in 2 by 2 rib.

Thats the most important thing.

If you forget to pull the yarn forward to purl and back to knitlet me show you

what happens.

Im going to leave the yarn forward and knit a stitch, which is a mistake, right?

When I do that, I end up with an extra, fakey stitch on the needle. Its called a yarn

over, its going to throw off your count if you do it.

Anyway, so Ill take that out.

You continue that around, remembering that the cast on row is usually kind of tight and

difficult to work with.

Once you get past that, though, its easy.

So were going to start here with the finished 2 by 2 rib, for one inch.

There is my stitch marker.

And I want to show you, now, how to change colors.

I work up to the marker, and Im done with this cream colorand youre probably

glad, because its not very easy to see on video.

Im going to start with red.

Im going to slip my marker, and put my needle in like Im ready to start knitting.

Take my red yarn, leaving about a 6 inch tail, Im just going to loop that over the needle

and pull it through.

There! Ive started the new color.

And this part of the sock is not in rib, this is just plain knitting all the way round.

So thats what Im going to do.

There is one more trick I want to show you, when you get to the end of the round.

So were going to speed through this part.

Okay here we are.

I am just about finished with the first round in the new color.

Im going to show you a couple of tricks here.

First off, Im going to go to the inside of the work, and I have my red end, and the

cream colored end, Im going to tie those two together.

Okay thats secure, thats not going anywhere.

And now I want to do a correction here so that the red and the white run smoothly next

to each other without there being a jog where I changed the color.

And to do that, Im going to put myIm at the first stitch here, Ive slipped

my markerIm going to put my right needle into the cream color stitch below this

first red one.

And put that up on the needle with the red one.

And then knit those two stitches together.

And it isnt very easy to see on this first round, we need to get a little bit further

away from it to see.

But it gives you a really nice line without the little color jog that you can get when

you change colors like that.

Okay, youre going to go on knitting the cuff, for as many inches as the pattern tells

you, and in the next video we are going to cover the heel flap.


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