Practice English Speaking&Listening with: La línea Imaginaria

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LUDO Contenidos presents The imaginary line

When I open the kitchen door I am seeing the Uruguay

Watching my brothers on the other side

we are very close

The first person I speak is Uruguayan

and I say "Good morning, countryman" and he to respond "How are you? Brother"

the only place in the world that this is happening is Aceguá

The only separation is an imaginary line, because there are some milestones

Here or there, all the same thing

They work here, live there. They live here, work there.

Farroupilha Week

Presentation in society

If you come to the dance tonight you will see more than a thousand people s.

coming not only from here, come from the area

came from Melo, Noblia, Vichadero, Caraguatá....

Is much more more than running a Raid, to see 10 horses in the road

The imaginary line, a documentary film from Gonzalo Rodriguez and Nacho Seimanas

The Description of La línea Imaginaria