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The Wife's Secret

Episode 38

Lily, go back with me

Do you still blame me?

I don't blame you

I just have this feeling that you're not happy with me

We can't find happiness with each other

Then what brought us together in the beginning?

That's the problem I wanted to figure out when I came here

Have you figured it out?


It's fine. I can wait

I'll wait no matter how long it takes

Thanks. It's getting late

You can put up in Ms Zhou's home tonight You may go back tomorrow morning

Rest early

How is it possible?

Mr Zhuang, we'd better avoid meeting each other

It seems that you're having a good time as Mrs Li

You seem to have certain misconceptions about yourself

You see Tian as your husband, but he doesn't see you as his wife

Mr Zhuang, what do you mean?

Do you wanna quit? I know the little sum of money I pay you doesn't interest you

Yeah. Please don't ask me to do those things for you again

You really think of yourself as Mrs Li, don't you?

You might as well get killed without knowing the murderer

You're so smart that you must've wondered why Tian married you

Is he in want of a woman or in love with you?

You don't think he really loves you, do you?

Cut the crap

I pity you. Let me show you something for the sake of our cooperation

Mr Zhuang, men only crave for two things: power and women

When you lose a woman, you can always find another one

But a man without power is a good-for-nothing

Anyway, thank you for your suggestion

I think it's time to have a baby with her

You didn't get pregnant, did you?

I shall never give birth to his baby

Ms Ning, you can't let your whole life be ruined by a bastard

Try to get rid of him

OK. Tell me what I shall do

The wealth you have now are all in vain

Only by carrying out our plan successfully can you be guaranteed happiness for the rest of our life

Personal interests matter much more than marriage

I suppose Tian has almost drained the Li Jiang Group

He must be trying to make up for it

Unfortunately, he will only fall prey to us

The show is about to begin

Come here

Kick it over



It's so high


Ha ha

Come on

- This way - Why haven't you left?

I'll stay here until you agree to go back with me

No way. You'll distract the children from their study

I won't make any trouble for you

I'll listen to you like the children

Pass it over

Everyone, time for class

Go into the classroom


Everyone, turn to page 58

Ms Lily, I have no textbook

Who'd like to lend the textbook to him?


Here's mine

It's mine

Here you are

Now read after me

Everyone has his weaknesses

Everyone has his strong points

Learn from others' strong points to offset one's weaknesses

Each complements the other

Yunduo, why are you alone?


Bugs bite you


Will you come into my home?


Then, the Prince kissed the Princess

Immediately, the Princess woke up

Prince, Princess and the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after

Minglang, please come out

Lily, I intended to lull her before I send her back

No need. Let her sleep with you tonight

Minglang, you really don't need to do so

You've already done a lot for me

Both the company and the family need you

You should go back

I said wherever you are, I'll also be there

You know it makes me stressful

I don't wanna be under your care forever

I don't wanna be your burden

How would I see you as my burden?

Without you, I don't even know what to do everyday

I'm not accustomed to the life without you

It's out of habit that we've kept comprising for each other

It makes both of us exhausted, doesn't it?

Lily, it's not your fault for what happened to my dad

You know my mom has a bad temper

But she's changed a lot recently

Lily, we're a couple

We need to do things and settle problems together

Although we're married, many problems haven't been dealt with properly

Actually, you can't understand the troubles I have

There're many problems we can't solve

We both have a long way to go

As long as we love each other, there's nothing that can't be settled

Minglang, I wish all the best for you And I also wish you can understand me

I can't understand

Then let's have a divorce

Come here

Stand in line to get the milk

Boys and girls, come to have milk

Come here

Get in line

Oh, milk

Get in line


It's hot


It's hot. Be cautious

Do you like it?

Hold it with both hands

Be cautious

Have some more

It's hot

Be cautious

I've finished it. What about you?


- What's the matter? - All the children had the runs

I'll go call a doctor. Please look after them

OK. Go

Yunduo, let's go

- Minglang - Lily

The children had the runs after having the milk

It can't be the milk. I also had it, but I'm fine

Minglang, you'd better go back

- Lily - Your staying here makes me uneasy


Lily, my stomach aches

Come with me

How is it?

Nothing serious. It's just they had dirty food

I prescribed some medicine

They'll be fine after taking the medicine

Oh, very well, thank you

You should really be cautious about the food you serve the children

Are the children all right?

Yeah, they are fine

Yunduo, remember, eat well

Get along well with other children and listen to Lily

I'll go

Good girl


Call me whenever you need me and I'll come here immediately

I lost my cellphone long ago and I think I'll be fine

You lost your cellphone?

Yeah, I lost it before I came to Yunshan

And as there is no signal here, there's no point in having a phone

Take good care of yourself

- Take care - Take care

Boys and girls, I'm about to leave

You should listen to your teacher, understand?



Minglang, will you come back again?

Yes, I will

Good boy

Lily, I'm sorry

What's wrong?

I picked some wild fruits from the woods yesterday and shared them with others

Only Yunduo and Minglang didn't have the fruits

Shanwa, you shall not eat wild fruits again

What if you'd be poisoned?

It might be much more serious than diarrhea, you know

I got it

You may go


Minglang, how is it going?

Did you bring Lily back to me?

No. And I wanna ask you a question. Have you called Lily after she left?

Yes. What's the matter?

Did you get through to her?

I don't think so

I wish I had reached her

It seems her number was out of service

May I have a look at your cellphone?

You see

The number of Lily in your contacts starts with 189


But the number I have in my phone starts with 187

How come the two numbers are different?

The number you have is right

Mine is the right one

Minglang, how could you be so careless as to have a wrong number of Lily?

But I remember you said Lily send you a text message

Has she changed her number?


Then, what happened?

Someone altered the number in my cellphone


My gosh

What are you doing here?

Zhaodi, was it you who changed the number in Minglang's cellphone?

How did you know?

I wish it weren't you

You shouldn't have done this, Zhaodi

Have you told them about it?

No, I haven't, but they've discovered it

Minglang said just now he had a wrong number of Lily in his cellphone

What has it got to do with me?

Zhaodi, your sister will come back soon

Can't you get along well with her?

You have married Tian

- Be a good wife and stop making trouble - Fine, I know

You may leave

Leave me alone


Keep me posted if Minglang gets any news from Lily

I might be able to help him

Really? OK, no problem

My greatest wish in my life is to see you and your sister reunite

OK, I'll keep you posted

What's the matter?

I have a present for you

What is it?


Do you have no other things to do?

Please find yourself something to do

I'm not in the mood to play with you

Be quiet

Hello, Lily


Where did you get this phone?

In the lawn down there

In the lawn

And I also know who discarded this phone

Since Minglang left, you look sorrowful and absentminded everyday

If you still love him, why would you have parted with him?

I wish he'd be happy

He is not happy with me

How do you know that?

I think happiness doesn't always mean to have fun

Sometimes, it's happy to cry and face difficulties with your lover

- Really? - Yeah

I'll go back to the classroom

Everyone, go, time for class


What are you doing here?

I have something to ask you

I have to go out now. I'll talk to you when I'm back

I'll ask you only one thing, why Lily only replied my messages, but ever answered my calls?

What has it got to do with me?

It's because once the phone was answered, I'd know it's you who pretended to be Lily

Why did you alter the contacts in my phone?

Why did you stop me from contacting Lily?

Let go. It hurts. I don't know what you're talking about

You're still pretending

It was in the hospital that you changed it in my cellphone

Ning Xia, we're classmates and friends. Why should you have done this to me?

I don't know what you're talking about

I'm asking you why you did this. Why?!

Why are you asking me? Go ask your brother

What has it got to do with my brother?

Well, who you think was the one who stopped us from transferring the money to you?

Who you think was the one who suffered a lot just to save you?

You wanna blaspheme my brother

You still wanna deceive me

I can't bear it anymore

There's no evil deed in this world that you wouldn't do


So the phone number you thought was Lily's was actually Ning Xia's

She made up the whole thing to stop you from contacting Lily


She even wanted to impute blame to my brother. How would my brother do any harm to Lily?

Minglang, please excuse my bluntness

I think you shouldn't jump to the conclusion so soon that your brother is innocent

I think he's a good match to Ning Xia. They are the same sort of people

You can't blame him without proof

Let me see

Lily left the family because Yunduo was sick

Maybe she wanted to contact you, but failed to reach you because Xia blacklisted her in your phone

But why didn't her go visit you in hospital back then?

At that time, Ning Xia made me transfer to another hospital and changed the lock in my family

It was a well-designed plot

It's horrible!

I feel as if someone were spying on us

The top priority now is to think about how to explain it to Lily

Lily doesn't even wanna see me now

Find a way to see her

Shall I go with you with Yunshan?

In my last trip to Yunshan, I found the teaching materials were of poor quality

Maybe, we can make a donation to the school

I have to say it's a good idea to please Lily

OK, I'll join you in accomplishing it

Look, the moon is smiling

There's a beautiful bridge by the horizon

It's done by the hard work of mom and dad

It's the pride of us

Great. Yunduo, you've made a big progress

Yuxuan, I own you a lot

Not at all. I shall give the credit to the environment of Yunshan

The credit goes to your playing the guitar

Yuxuan, how long do you think it will take for Yunduo to fully recover?

You've got me

As far as I know, it might take about half of a year


- Congratulations - Yunduo, don't you think Yuxuan is great?

I'm so happy. Yunduo kissed me

Ning Xia, how could you have done such a thing?

Mom, she's already told me everything about the issue of the cellphone just now

Tian, if she dared to do this, why would you still keep her at our home?

Why don't you tell her to get lost?

Ning Xia has no evil intention

After Lily left, we don't wanna see Minglang grieving over this

So Ning Xia comforted Minglang in this way

I did this for Minglang's good

Minglang wouldn't listen to us, and you asked me to talk to him

That's why I impersonated Lily and sent messages to Minglang

I hoped he'd face everything with optimism

When I learned this, I was shocked and furious as you were

I couldn't imagine she'd be so naive

Be assured, I'll discipline her

Minglang, I came up with this idea for your good

You two look like the perfect couple of China in your cooperation

Let me ask you, why Lily couldn't reach Minglang even before she went to Yunshan?

How do I know?

And it's none of your business

Whatever concerns Minglang also concerns me

What's wrong with you?

My asthma

I'll send her back to her room

Minglang, how could you let her go so easily?

What a good storyteller!

You imputed the all the blame to me

You forgot who had this idea, didn't you?

Did I need to do so if you hadn't got discovered for your carelessness?

I did it to clear up the mess you had made

And don't do those dirty things behind me

Don't you try to destroy the relationship between Minglang and I

You're talking about brotherhood, which you ever cared about

Why did you come in my room?

Ning Xia, here is your laundry

Ning Xia, are you all right?

I'm fine. Get back to your work

Ning Xia, let me ask you, did Lily and Yunduo leave because of you?

No. I've told you before, I have nothing to do with it

That's good

I knew you wouldn't have done so to your biological sister

I shall never do such a thing

Right, but others are spreading false rumors

If you trust me, don't care what they say

I trust you

Oh, what is Minglang going to do?

Rong said Minglang was going to send teaching materials to Yunshan and see Lily there

Very well. I wish him success in this trip

I'll take my leave

Lily, I won't allow you to come back

Here are your letters



Lily, how are you doing recently?

We heard that you became a teacher in Yunshan

What a coincidence! My brother from the orphanage was also a volunteer there

His name is Yuxuan. You must've met him

After you left, I felt guilty

When I thought of the mean things I said to you, I felt sorrowful

I'm sorry

Lily, you know Minglang have a new girlfriend now Attached are photos of her

She has moved into our family

Minglang might visit you for your stake of the Li Jiang Group

He's no longer the man who truly loved you

I hope you won't be fooled by his sweet talk

You should harbor no hope for him

Lily, your cooking skills have improved greatly

Oh, Shanwa told me today he wanna have an outdoor PE class tomorrow

I agreed to it. I think all the children shall be very happy about it


Lily, are you all right?


But you don't look all right

Yunduo, where are you going?

Lily, you can tell me what's on your mind

Maybe I can help you

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