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This fall on the Bachelorette, a season unlike any other.

Yeah, it's always been a dream of mine to be on the Bachelorette.

I just-- I know I'm gonna find my true love here.

Yeah, I can not wait to meet all the guys.

Hi, I'm Matthew. [Brittany] Hi.

I'm Brittany.

You look stunning.

[Brittany] Thank you.

I was surprised.. But hey, it's great! [chuckles]

I'm here to meet all types of guys.

You look beautiful.

[Brittany] Nice to meet you.

The pleasure is mine.

Okay, so I'm... seeing a pattern here.

Alright, what's going on?

13 seasons, 325 men, but only three Asians. Ever.


.9% of the show!

This season, we're making up for lost time.

Okay guys, you ready? It's time to head on into the house.

[Matthew] I'm gonna use your shoulders. [Phil] Yeah yeah, sure sure sure.

[Phil] Oh my god, those are really nice!

[Phil] Hey, where's the brown shoes? Where's the brown--

Uh hi, I'm Jarrod,

and I've got my Master's degree, my PhD degree, but what I don't have,

is my Bachelorette degree. [chuckles]

[in Mandarin] Hi, I'm Ming.

[in English with Chinese accent] I'm here to bring ratings from China.

Hey guys, I'm Nick. I'm a dentist,

and I'm from Edison, New Jersey and I'm here to represent Browntown.

Hi, I'm Tom. [scoffs]

I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to drink.

[stammers] Um, am I on the right show?

Alright, boys. Cheers!

[all] Cheers!

Wait, wait, wait!

Does anybody need a Pepcid?

[exclaiming] Oh my gosh, yeah! We almost forgot.

I guess a lot of the guys have really bad acid reflux?

[all] Cheers! Woo!

[inaudible noises]

Yeah, I didn't know Asians drink so much.

Glenn, Johnny, Dom. First name basis. You know we want to get that expensive s**t.

It's gonna be a party!

Giving these guys the exposure we've all been missing.


Okay yes, I'll admit, you know, before the show,

I had never dated an Asian guy before.

But now, I've learned to look past all the superficial stuff,

and, you know, just...

just focus on what's inside.

[Bart] This is a mandarin... like me. [laughs]

I think we got a pretty good chance making it to the end.

I mean, we're a brother duo with abs.

How can you top that? [both laugh]

[Jason] Hi, I'm Jason. [Justin] I'm Justin.

[both] And we're twins.


And they have abs too...

I quit, I'm-- I'm out.

The most talented cast we've ever seen.

Being the first Filipino contestant on the Bachelorette

I'm hoping to stand out with my singing.

I didn't think we were gonna go there, but if we're resorting to cheap tricks,

[cracks neck] it's about to go down.


Want to see real talent?

So I've already prepared all your taxes for the year.

Oh, wow.

Looks like you have a very tiny cavity on your premolar but don't worry,

I can take care of that under the table. [Brittany] Alright!

How about this table?

I sold an app in China for 450 million dollars.

[yelling] Ah! What's up bitches!? Woo!

That's talent, baby!

[yelling] I'M DRUNK!

Asian guys are, like, so multi-talented, and I am becoming so cultured.

So, this is dim sum, [Brittany] Uh huh.

which is what we will be doing to the lights later... if you want to.

Did you know there's over 720 dialects of Hindi?

Some would say...

I'm an expert in tongues.

I like making personalized gifts, [Brittany] Mm-hmm.

So I put your face on a pillow

What? They're very popular in Japan.

Could love be in the air?

Tax return and-- [Mike] Hey, uh... can I steal you for a second?

I think one of these men is really starting to stand out.

And I know I know I know, I said I'd never date an actor,

but he's really handsome and charming.

And he's been in some big, like, Korean dramas. That's pretty cool.

Say it again.

[in Korean] Soondubu

Secrets come out.

Brittany, wait!

Have you seen this?

What is that?

That is a photo of Mike.

But you wouldn't recognize him because he's had plastic surgery

Is this-- Is this true?

It-- Look, it was just the eyelids. J-- Just the eyelids!

It's very cheap in Korea. If you ever want to--


[crying] I'm sorry. I--

I can't do this right now. No.

-Stop lying to her! -Guys, please!

-Please stop! -You shut the f**k up. I told you that in confidence.

Do you know how old this guy is? He's 53!


Look, it's not my fault Asians don't raisin.

-I'm sorry. -We're finished! Okay?

[background] That is no way to start a relationship.


Oh my God! I mean--

The feelings are just, like, eating me away!

A season, unlike anything, you've ever seen.

Literally. We've never even seen, like, two Asians at a time.

And here is my roll. [Brittany] That looks so good.

Here's my roll.

Wow! That is one big roll [chuckle]

It's not even practical

[Brittany] FASTER! [Phil] YEAH [Brittany] UGHH THAT IS SO GOOD!

Brittany, I thought you said I was your best DotA partner.

Jajangmyeon is a Chinese dish. You told her it was from Korea.

She don't know the difference!

Get outta here!

I never thought this decision would be so difficult.

I didn't sign up for this.

I would've just got an arranged marriage.

I'll even cut off my man bun for you, girl!

I don't even think people know I'm here.

I mean, have I gotten any screen ti--

-No, Justin. Please! No, Justin! -I can't believe you do that to me.

I thought Thai food was from Taiwan. I--

That's how you do it. Some people are here for the wrong reasons.

It's ruining the sanctity of this whole thing.

He's got to go.

I think my journey here is almost done.

When I think of you, I think...

The One.

It's my favorite movie. I love that guy

I think I made the right choice.


Now it is the end of the show,

and Brittany has thought very hard about her decision.

And the final, Red Envelope goes to...

[yelling] IM DRUNK!


It's very cheap in Korea.

You know, if you ever want to get anything...

[Brittany] What!

Wow bro.

[Indistinct Imitation]


I'm crying right now, but I just can't because of the surgery.


This is a mandarin,

like me.


Let's make mandarin juice.



[Phil] Did you say mandarin juice?

[Bart] Yeah.


All right. Hey, everyone. Hope you guys liked that video

We noticed with this past season of the Bachelorette that there actually were a couple of Asian guys

And it made us think why haven't there been more asian people like on the show over the course of all the seasons

I mean, I think we make pretty good contestants wouldn't you guys agree?

Hopefully we can get to a point someday where it's not weird to see Asians in this way

And maybe we'll even have an Asian Bachelor or an Asian Bachelorette. In the meantime

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