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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 SECRETS TO SUCCESS FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS

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hello everyone that is it for you calm

website today I'm going to talk about 10

secrets to success for English speakers

what does it take to learn English

successfully there are some common

qualities such as deletions and the

positive attitude that will help you

blend any subjective however when

willing a language there are some more

and specific tips that will help you

with your ones here our 10 secrets to

success to help you with no bones in

English first secret is break it down

then build it up to speak English well

you need to be able to do several things

at the same time know and choose

suitable vocabulary use the right

grammar and sentence patterns and

produce the correct south stress

patterns rhythm and intonation will come

this individual elements separately than

that if putting them together to make

your speech more accurate and flirt next

learn to interact a conversation is an

integration with another person and

inverse listening as well as talking

checking that the other person is

following by using conversation

strategies like emphasizing key words

replacing or using expressions like you

know what I mean or don't you agree

give the other person a chance to speak

and use their answers and to help you

think about what you say next

use your body nonverbal communication is

very important for effective speaking

even for native English speakers

just get just the language and facial

expressions for explanation or emphasis

and try to read what the other person's

body language is saying think about your

posture - the way you stand or sit

connect the difference between seeming

bored or interested in what your

competition partner is saying sing a

song music is a great way to improve

your speaking skills practice the rhythm

of a language and learn some useful

expressions look at the lyrics

I mean song works - your favorite

English songs on the internet and then

practicing singing aloud if your side

sing at home alone if you're more

outgoing get together with some friends

and do a bit of English karaoke be brave

the right attitude to into your English

look for every opportunity to

participating like Chucky to people at

parties approaching a loner who was lost

or just putting up your hand when your

tester asked a question remember every

mistake is an opportunity to learn so

don't be afraid of making some sleeves

from time to time

next step is think in English this a

great way to improve your spoken English

and you can do it any way any time at

home you can talk to yourself why doing

everyday tasks like preparing a meal if

you are on the train or bus then this

fly the people around you in the Hat not

allowed and when you go to sleep go over

the dice avast in English

next tip is record yourself speaking

even though you might not like hearing

your own voice that is a very useful way

to find out what's wrong with your

spoken English record yourself speaking

and then listen to the tape or ask your

native speaker for some advice look for

positive things to make a note of all

the things you do well when you stick

English if you are ever feeling

unmotivated look at the things you do

well to feel great about speaking

English again

next keep a speaking journal record your

thoughts in English before you go to

sleep at night you can play the tape at

the end of the year to look back on

important events as well as monitor your

English progress if you can't keep a

sticking journal what it is that making

notes of all week and attrition you had

in English hello with aspects you did

well and things you click in Fila use

this to track your progress throughout

the year and set yourself new goals

check out stir glasses

if you feel you need actual practice and

want to interact with other English

learners why not join in a language

class there are plenty of language

schools around are even unlike causes by

english-speaking friends if you are

really serious about becoming a good

English speaker you need to meet people

you can speak to you in English this

doesn't only mean native speakers though

English is spoken by many more people as

a second language than as a native

language and being able to understand

different essence is very important

start an English coffee clock with your

friends where you meet and have a chat

in English you can help each other and

have fun practicing together last tip is

give each of these tips a try for WIC

and see which was best for you or even

better share them with your friend and

work on them together this brings me to

the end of the lesson today if you find

these tips are useful please try it and

don't forget to Like comment and

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your watching and goodbye