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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Raleigh Pest Control Customer Review Bulwark Exterminating

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My first name is Cindy and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina

I became familiar of Bulwark through a neighboor of mine

and she suggested that I use your service

When we moved down

Here there is any kind of bug you Can, I didn't know about palmetto bugs

and they totally freaked me out one night when I moved down here so much so that I

thought I'd have to sell the house and go back. Ive seen box elder bugs. Ive

seen red bugs, purple bugs. green bugs they're just

amazing and a lot of spiders big ones wolf spiders, spiders that

the first time my husband stepped on it and all these babies came out

because they carry their babies on their

I am just a very pleased with your service Ive even recommended you

to other places that I have worked when they had some problems and I would not

go anywhere else

you guys are super

you go beyond what's expected


the follow-up

Is amazing because I always get a call From either Jeremy himself

or Bulwark

to make sure that my problem was solved

occasionally Ill get somebody other than Jeremy and they are equally as good but

Jermey to me is my favorite he took the time to understand my fears

and really identify some of the problem so he worked with me on that and he is


he's just a super person technicians very very


very personable and I think it's that it's you're good

your services is good but because your that your personaable it makes it even better

that's the thing you can get a good service but when the person is friendly

and takes time above whats expected

youve got it made then you know that there's no way I'm leaving

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