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First time I saw an electric motorcycle

- I could not sleep for three weeks.

I was going over and over and over again

- all the motorcycle rides that I had ever,

and thinking about how it would have been better

- if I would have ride on an electric motorcycle.

My name is Jesper

- I am one of the founders of Fenris Motorcycles.

I built my first motorcycle when I was 8 years old.

I grew up on a farm and

- my grandmothers old motorcycle was standing there

- and I found it one day,

and asked my dad if I could have it,

and he said yes if I could make it run

- and since then it has been a passion of mine

- to build motorcycles.

Fenris Motorcycles is always taking

- the idea of a motorcycle and rethinking them

- I would say redreaming them,

and figuring out how we can improve it.

What we are trying to do with Fenris Motorcycles,

is basically to make a vehicle

- that reflect the passion that we have for motorcycles,

and we really want to build a product

- that can outperform internal-combustion motorcycles

- on all parameters.

We have a motorcycle that can accelerate

- from 0 to 100 in 2,5 seconds

- which is really pushing the limits of traction.

Electric motorcycles are very cool,

because they have a sound,

and it is this turbine scream.

All my life I have been doing something

- that not a lot of people do.

And when you put yourself in to a project,

and commit yourself to it for 7 years

- you will have an outcome.

I am definitely doing it to prove the world,

that this is possible.

You know,

people that do not believe it

- it is a motivation in itself

- it is like, of course it is possible!

Come on!