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how is it going youtube this is our first ever gotcha ranking video and as such each

month we hope to be increasing the amount of gotchas that we can add to this list

go back to some of the more popular gotcha games that i have not played to make an accurate ranking

on and add them to the list as well as update if any of these games should be dropped down or

brought up based on their significant changes so with that said guys this is not a sponsored video

in any way shape or form so every opinion i am about to give you are 100 my own this ranking

goes down as follows we have several categories in which we rank from 0 to 10 we average out the

results and then based off their overall ranking determines which tier they actually fall into so

the rankings that we actually go through are the graphics the story the progression the gameplay

the game's actual monetization and last but not least the community guys and community

is a little bit of both things it is both their online presence and their in-game camaraderie how

often you can make a name for yourself how easy is it to establish friendships meet new people

have those social interactions what up this is editor j you can tell because i'm a white v-neck

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so first things first we got to go over the very popular games that i have not played to a degree

in which i can give an accurate ranking for so if your favorite gotcha's name is on this list be

sure to go into the comments let me know what that game is and if it has the most upvotes i will be

sure to play it over the course of next month at gotcha j we will add it to this ranking

list and if you don't see your game up here at all be sure to do the same the ones to be played are

the ones that i know for sure are very popular and active so if you don't see yours up there

i'm sorry but convinced me otherwise so with that being said let's hop into our ranking first things

first guys this is the only game the only game to finish with the nine or higher is far and away

guardian tales and that might surprise a lot of you but let's break this down guardian tales might

be an 8-bit game so they actually clock in on the graphics 0-10 at an 8. but that a-bates comes with

a lot of charm and the people of cacao group they definitely know what they are doing to give this

game the most with the engine that they built for them being 8-bit generally has its downside

it doesn't attract a lot of people but this game definitely has that old arcade feel with a ton of

charm and a ton of character that you are looking for a ton of humor that comes about from the 8-bit

style itself and overall the game can't be a 10 given that it's 8 bits and generally i would

put an 8-bit at like a 4 or a 5 with 5 being the average quality of the game but these guys really

hit it out of the park now in the next asset of story is where this game truly shines this game is

a 10 out of 10 in terms of its story development this game is by far the most humorous gotcha you

ever played i have both laughed i have cried i have gone online and researched how i felt about

things this game has made me think intrinsically i remember just about every detail of this game

story after the first playthrough even though this game doesn't truly build

characters it has an amazing story if you can walk away and remember just about everything doesn't

happen in a lot of games so these people really nailed it apart when it came to a story i actually

get excited for new chapters i actually look forward to seeing what new jokes they come up with

how they can tie this into the universe what new characters gonna introduce the background of the

characters that we do still have it's a really well flushed out story and is definitely worth

checking out now for the actual character progression though it comes in at an eight out of

ten and the only way that this thing is coming out in eight out of ten is because of one simple fact

it takes way too long to get your natural threes which are the rarest units you can get into the

game 2-5 stars it has legitimately taken me every bit of stamina i have gotten for two months to get

my nori from three stars to five stars guys that is absurd you can get your more generic units from

a two star to a five star in about a week if you want to but the actual leveling itself is very fun

the gathering of resources is very fun the grind that actually goes into doing this isn't bad in

itself it is just a time commitment that it takes to get these things to five stars and maxed out is

incredibly long if they addressed just that issue alone and i mean just that one this would be a

10 out of 10 in terms of character progression as well and guardian tales also comes in at a 10 out

of 10 in terms of gameplay so how can i say that well really you would each different character you

play feels kind of unique you definitely feel like you are playing that character when you're playing

them the skills that you acquire playing bari do not translate to tinea and the things that you

get by playing tinia do not impact the way that you play marina in any way shape or form despite

it being 8-bit in live-action the way that they go about the game is very very unique it is very very

fun you can actually master certain heroes and you can actually feel like the way you play the game

is impacting your overall result that isn't really the same for a lot of these strategy games it's

a lot of these gotcha games are actually coming out here just trying to stat stick you can you pay

enough to get to the next ranking and so with that said gameplay for a gotcha this comes at 10 out of

10. and as you can probably tell the uniqueness factor of guardian tales is also a 10 out of 10.

i definitely understand which characters are in front of me i definitely know what my favorites

are i definitely walk away from guardian tales remembering what is going on the things that

make it unique the charm that it brings to it the humor now their monetization strategy comes in at

a nine out of ten for me why is it a nine out of ten it's not it's not a 10 out of 10 because i

don't know what i'm buying okay i give them money because i want to that is how much this game does

okay i want to just reward them for the enjoyment that i get out of it i don't truly understand

what i would actually even pay for a lot of the times and when i do buy crystals i'm spending it

a lot of times on like costumes sometimes a couple extra rolls for things i don't even need just to

get a little bit more fun out of it i don't feel like i need to spend money in this game and for

community guardian tales comes out at an 8 out of 10 for me guys now the only reason it's not a

10 out of 10 is because the actual in-game ability to make friends is non-existent and i can say that

with certainty because there's not even a friends list there are guilds and the guild hall is pretty

freaking charming there are ways to develop friendships in the game but it kind of relies

on you building additional communities through things like discord and the subreddits and twitter

and stuff like that and because of that the online presence of this game is actually fairly high you

can find a lot of youtubers covering this game you can go find very active guilds for this game you

can find just casual friends for this play you can go to the subreddit and find some hilarious memes

the community on this game is on point with that being said guys i just want to reiterate

that guardian tales clocks out at 9 out of 10 across the board and they are the only game on

this entire list to be above an 8.2 eight point two almost an entire point higher than the next

thing on this list and the next thing on this list is ancient impact the majority of people

watching this have a very very distinct feeling of where they would put kitchen impact i bet you

like 80 of the people out there is like how dare you not put this in front of guardian tails do you

not see the quality here in kinchen impact how do you not say it's better than guardian tails

and then there's the other half or the other 20 that like that game is trash that game is just

there to steal your soul that thing needs to be in an f the terrible practices of that game they need

to just that game needs to die and that is exactly why it gets an 8.1 for me guys it comes in at two

at an 8.14 so let's break this down graphics 10 out of 10 hands down these graphics are insane

for a gotcha game that is free to play beautifully well done the world immense it is beautiful the

way that it goes about presenting you information through graphical format is very well done as well

and guys that leads me to the next point genchin is a 10 out of 10 story now that might surprise

you but if you want to get deep into this thing man oh man there is a lot there the actual game

in game story is not fleshed out to its entirety yet but the way that you go into the game the

more that you pull out of it you can go into the manga you can go read the extra books you can see

that everything that's in the game right now to this point story wise is actually just the setup

for the rest of the story that's it and i personally am amazed by the lore that is there i

have spent hours theorycrafting what is coming next because i have enjoyed what is there so so

much i was tempted to put this thing at a 9 out of 10 just because there isn't a ton of in-game story

at the moment but the in-game story that's there i really enjoy and it definitely has me going to

secondary resources to learn more about the game and i can think of like three or four games that

i've ever done that on so story has to be a 10 out of 10 for me just from that fact alone and

the progression system for this game i'm plucking it at a 7 out of 10 guys the only reason it is

not at a 10 out of 10 is because once you hit about the 50 to 60 mark in character development

you actually lose the ability to progress at any any rate you want without putting in money uh it

the grind becomes immense and it is a time based grind to the resin system is very very poorly done

in this game and because of that fact zero to 50 is a plus god tier when it comes to progression

systems you you just enjoy leveling up your characters you enjoy farming the mats that come

into it you enjoy farming the bosses learning the mechanics behind these things and getting

from zero to 50 is incredibly incredibly enjoyable for a character past that point ah not so much but

the redeeming quality is you really don't need to get past 50 all that much

you just don't so i put it at a 7 out of 10 just because the resin system is so poorly done

and you can't really progress past a certain point there is definitely in-game content that you feel

like you cannot progress your way into 7 out of ten for me on the progression system of gentian

impacts characters gameplay i am clocking in at a nine out of ten now you might be wondering how

on earth do guardian tales get a 10 out of 10 and genjen impact gets a nine out of ten

the combat system in engine is far beyond the capabilities of guardian tails well guys

this may be the only game on this list that has a respectable score where the monetization of the

game actually negatively impacts the gameplay of the game there is so much uniqueness to this game

that i actually don't feel like i can experience it because of how poor the monetization in this

game is i do not feel like i can give these people a thousand dollars and be able to

experience everything this game has to offer me that's very very bad the packs in this game

man they steal your soul just a little bit it costs a ton of money to do these pulls guys now

the actual pools themselves are pretty similar to other packs but when you look at the rates i mean

the fact that you can even spend a thousand dollars and not be guaranteed all of the content

in the game is absurd it's absolutely absurd there's no reason that shouldn't be the case

if people are going to be wailing to that degree it should be from a competitive standpoint and we

can even get into if that's healthy for the game or not as well but for a thousand dollars guys

you should be able to experience everything the game has to offer you you just should and because

you can't the gameplay suffers because of that and as you can anticipate the monetization for

this game is a 2 out of 10. this game is so poorly monetized it hinders your ability to progress in

the game to such a capacity you cannot experience the game as a free-to-play player in its entirety

it is absolutely ridiculous how poorly monetized this game is the only reason it is not a one out

of ten guys the only reason is because you can get through the entire game without giving it a dime

you can actually play the game as a free-to-play player and get all the way through everything

period but so many of the uniqueness so many of the heroes so many of all the things you actually

want out of the game are hidden behind these gigantic paywalls that you aren't even guaranteed

to pay your way through that it just has to be a two out of ten it has to so the only point that it

gets is that it is in by definition free to play in the way that i define it it's free to get fun

out of it it's free to get to the end game and it's free to progress it's just not free to get

all the gameplay and that's really really bad and last but not least the community in this

game gets a 10 out of 10 and you might be asking yourself how on earth does this out of all things

get a 10 out of 10 community the co-op is subpar at best it barely feels like there's any co-op

in this game the friends list is might as well just be a joke you can't even send the mail in

this game how on earth is the community a 10 out of 10 against an impact well guys you don't even

need the in-game community if you can just play with your friends every once in a while that's

enough because the online presence for this game is insane there has never been a gotcha game that

has been mainstreamed to this point ever in the entirety of gotchas period you can go on youtube

you can get tens of thousands of hours of content for this game if you want it you can go on twitter

and find tens of thousands of posts about it you can go on facebook and find tens of thousands of

communities on this game what this game brings to the community in terms of creative content

in terms of actual commitment by the fan base in terms of your ability to find friends is actually

insane because the player base is so freakishly large and people are so invested in the lore and

the character design and the uniqueness that this game knocks at a park i think i skipped uniqueness

so we'll go back to that real quick uniqueness for me is a 9 out of 10. the reason that it is not a

10 out of 10 is for two reasons one they openly admit that they tried to copy breath of the wild

as much as they could and two they borrowed so much of the gameplay from honkai impact

that it simply can't be a 10 out of 10 if it's a combination of these borrowed elements but they

did it in such a way that it is really well done it very much is its own ip and you very much feel

in game that that ip is strong so it's a 9 out of 10 one point away from a 10 out of 10 i mean don't

knock it that's amazing 9 out of 10. amazing so guys that actually does it for our s tier games

and i think the 8 tier is the most surprising out of everything i had one game fall above a seven

and it is not the game you were thinking i promise you that i was amazed when i came back and saw my

rankings and i had to go through and make sure i actually agreed with the things that i rated it

because i'm that surprised the only eight-year game in gacha for me at the moment is regalia lost

what but let's break this down okay dragalia lost graphics wise 9 out of 10 guys it's a nintendo

game it's really well designed you really like the characters there is a lot going for this

game graphically the animations are smooth the levels are well designed the different menus

are well done the animations are crisp there's a lot to enjoy in this game graphically story it's

a 7 out of 10. i mean it feels kind of generic but you definitely feel like you have enough character

development you definitely feel attached to what's going on in the world and you're kind of waiting

for the next chapter updates to come out so it's actually pretty good story wise progression system

at a nine i think dragalia lost actually does progression better than just about any other

game out there you can get a new hero and with uh an appropriate amount of time commitment you

can get it to be in-game viable and you don't actually feel like you're busting your butt to

get something to be playable the second that you roll it and you're actually enjoying that progress

obviously there is some additional grind that gets it to from like playable to like in-game viable

but that should be the case and so i think the progression system in regalia lost is really

spot on i don't remember ever playing dragalia lost and feeling like uh what's in front of me

is too hard to overcome and not enjoying the progress to get it up there yeah the weapons

are a little bit clunky when it comes to that but they're actively working on all of those things

and nintendo is doing a really good job actually trying to make gotcha massively acceptable and

so for that i think the progress the progression system is top tier the gameplay edge regalia loss

i have clocked at a seven which may surprise a lot of people given the gen chin as a 10 out of 10

but dragalia lost has a lot of moments where you just kind of feel like you're doing the same thing

it doesn't really separate itself you can go from character to character you're not truly

feeling like you're getting any truly unique value out of it so from that point of view i think the

gameplay gets a little bit repetitive and it is somewhat generic but it's still well executed so

it's slightly above a five clocking in at a seven if five is average it's definitely above average

but it's not like exceedingly great so seven out of ten feels pretty appropriate for dragalia lost

uniqueness i'm gonna clock it in at an eight uh the characters themselves aren't totally unique

the backgrounds on the characters are pretty unique how they fit into the universe is pretty

interesting as well i think the design style of it is anime but still nintendo it's uh overall the

unique feel of the game is very much regalia lost you're not gonna get into another game and truly

feel like you're playing dragalia lost and so that in itself makes it fairly unique so 8 out of 10

feels very very appropriate for this game it's a pretty strong ip if more people were interested in

this game and played it longer i think you would actually see that this game would perform a lot

better than it does and surprisingly i think the monetization of this game it goes a long way into

making this game not as appealing to the masses of the gotcha player base or the hardcore player base

as you might imagine the monetization of dragalia loss is actually an 8 out of 10. i feel like

the things that they do are very strong you're giving them money more so because you want to

progress quickly or in the quality of life scheme but you don't feel like you have to overall the

monetization of this game is very well done they definitely make this game accessible to free to

play players and there is definitely an element of the game that you can get to by wailing but

it doesn't feel like you need to or that you ought to or that you're even handicapped by not doing it

so i put the monetization game of this game at an eight and lastly the community for dragalia lost

is definitely at a four okay that doesn't mean that there isn't in-game elements that

doesn't cater to community there just isn't much of an online presence there isn't much to talk

about about the game uh i don't really feel like i can connect to people too too much or really

establish friendships you're kind of limited in the ways that you can communicate in general and

the game is definitely catered towards children and children games should not optimally be catered

towards community it just shouldn't be that way if community is established it should be through

secondary means and uh that's not happening with this game so 4 out of 10. alright now we are on to

the b tier list these are the games that clocked above a six so above average in most categories or

exceedingly good at some and pretty bad at others we have two games clocking in at 6.714 the first

on that list is illusion connect illusion connect is a brand new game so it's actually kind of hard

to not be biased about the way that it comes through but there is a lot of unique elements be

down i won't actually get into the finite details of why i rank these things the way that i did

i will go through the main points of this illusion connect is a very unique game i love the tactical

style that comes into play i definitely feel like my decisions in the game impact my performance

i feel like the gear system is kind of generic the way that it scales is kind of whatever but

i definitely feel like the characters are well designed i feel like the animations are well done

areas that they're actually giving us animations the story in the game is definitely lackluster but

overall illusion connect is incredibly incredibly fun i don't mind giving them money when presented

the opportunity to do it effectively i definitely like the different systems that they come into

place be it pvp get be it arcana and honestly when i'm playing against someone else in live pvp

which isn't directly in the game at the moment outside of friend battles it's incredibly fun

and i definitely feel like there is a skill cap to this game which is pretty rare for gotcha games

so overall i think that illusion connect is a very very strong gotcha despite coming off as

a generic gotcha it's a very well done gotcha the game that's actually tied with illusion connect is

epic seven and the reason why epic seven doesn't go so well and it's it go as high is because in

a lot of ways the entire industry is benchmarking against it it's very interesting to me across the

board epic 7 had a 7 for me that means that it does everything in the game incredibly well from

pvp to pve to story to uniqueness does everything well but it doesn't do anything exceedingly

greatly and i think that's just because so many other games look at epic 7 for inspiration and

then try to do one better or try to do one worse or try to figure out ways that they can optimize

it differently the only area that i thought was average for epic 7 was the monetization

and i think that's just because so many games actually just copy and paste epic 7's monetization

patterns that is actually the industry standard at this point and the industry standard can't be

anything more than a five out of five so this game is a seven across the board it's an a across the

board and everything but monetization and the only reason that the monetization's a five out of five

is because it's so effective at taking money from you while still feeling like you're being rewarded

that it's now the industry average the gear grinding in the game does kind of suck but the

character progression is fun everything about the game kind of sticks out to you in its own unique

little way so across the board epic 7 is like the prototypical gotcha it is the benchmark for

the generic jrpg style gotcha game there are two more games that fall into the b category for me

the first one is coming in just slightly under the other two at a 6.57 and that is tales of

christoria now tales of crestoria definitely had its issues i called it tales of crash storia for

the longest time because i had such a hard getting time getting into it the elements of tales of

crestoria that make it shine aren't truly about the game and really just about tails and bandai

namco as a whole the ip for tails is very strong but just because of that using the same it also

impacts its ability to graphically be there but tails has always exceedingly done well at stories

this is actually a rather dark deep story that you find both enjoyable and displeasing at the same

time so it's very well done the characters are obviously incredibly unique they're actual ip'd

they are sellable merchandise they it it's part of the actual revenue stream for this company this

game has the assets that you need for it to move forward in terms of uniqueness but the play style

itself the graphics the monetization all of that a little lackluster for where it is there isn't

a ton of overly involved mechanics in this game that truly makes it shine but just because tails

is such a strong ip in the way that it delivers a story and how that story makes you feel and

get attached to characters is really what makes tales shine so if you want a gotcha game that's

really really story driven that's your game and then the last game clocking in in the b tier for

me is idola fantasy star now this might surprise some people i think the graphics in this game are

rather generic but the animations for it are fairly well done the progression system is i

mean i think a lot of people would say it's good but it's a little lackluster you can get someone

from zero to max basically overnight the only thing that you can't do almost instantaneously

is the affinity grind and that's not that bad even then so the things that this game is lacking

in all honesty is just in-game content the idola system is incredibly unique

the actual battling system where you have two teams that you have to feed at once

they're both it's an amazing gameplay system for a jrpg it feels incredibly unique there's a lot of

new mechanics to it but the two things that hurt it the most is the community element there's like

next to no community out there but the people that actually are invested in idola are super

hardcore about it and i love that about the game so i actually have this at a three out of a three

on the community scale three out of ten but what the game actually does in game for community is

definitely like a 0.5 in terms of community you can join a guild that does absolutely nothing the

chat elements are basically non-existent you can borrow someone else's character every once in a

while like but that's it there's like nothing to it i think the monetization is pretty interesting

as well you don't actually need to overly spin in this but the game doesn't give you a ton of

resources either so it's slightly below average on the monetization scale but it's passable

i think the things that idola excels at it excels at greatly and that's both story and game play but

then it just kind of is lacking in everything else so you can take that as it is now the seat here is

uh where things get a little interesting i'm gonna just throw all of these in here and then i'm gonna

like uh actually tell you a little bit about what i feel about these games so clocking in first in

this is hong kai impact hong kong impact has some fun gameplay but it's rather generic at the end of

the day when compared to other titles similar to it i think that the actual progression system is

very very poorly done but the story in it is pretty strong uh similar in nature to arc knights

i think arc knights a lot of people say it really excels in the story department the gameplay itself

is pretty generic in tower defense but a lot of people are here for the character and the game

uh story itself but in all honesty guys when i was getting into it the game was really hard to

understand in terms of its character and story progression so i think that if that's supposed

to be the selling point it obviously is capturing the market effectively but it didn't capture me

in that way so i'll give it the benefit of the doubt on that but to me it didn't really shine

in the way that everybody says it does uh and past that outside of the character design itself

outside of the story itself i think it's fairly subpar the monetization subpar i think there is

a lot of strategy to it but it's the tower defense game that's the entire point of it

and i feel like the tower defense element isn't really unique in itself so i think what you see

is an anime playing out in tower defense form and since i didn't truly understand that anime

aspect of it it didn't overly get tens or anything like that it's at the seven and eight march

next up for me is puzzles and dragons that might be surprising to some of y'all because

this game is so old coming out in 2012 but had is super unique the puzzle system in it is still to

this day very fun i still enjoy the evolution system and they've gone about and changing the

monetization of the game to overwhelmingly just giving you a ton of stuff for free

there's basically no redeeming story to it you're basically there for the character that you have

their actual in-game progression and the puzzle mechanics of it i think overall the gameplay

of this game is what makes it shine to this day in 2012 i would still go back and enjoy it and have

fun with it and then next comes exo's heroes oh man exo's heroes when it first started was

easily in the a to s tier and then it just began to drop very very quickly the people at line games

have done a number on this game there hasn't been anything interesting introduced since

inception there's been a couple of decent banners but that's really about it upon global launch the

game instantly started going downhill and it's seemingly continued to go down that way the

monetization seems to get worse and worse but and they try to overcome that by giving you one-time

gifts of exceeding quality x's heroes itself as a game is definitely an a but in terms of

its entire ecosystem when it comes into the actual publisher how it's monetized the community the way

that the publisher interacts with the community is definitely definitely d to f so the average to how

you get a c that's exoshell the next i'm gonna throw up there is evertale every tale to me was

very very fun on his first playthrough the first two chapters are basically like a pokemon-esque

decent storyline you enjoy running around the world getting to know the world the different

characters the story in itself the gameplay itself was pretty fun and refreshing and then

past that it turned into more of a generic game i think that it still has some redeeming qualities

and i definitely think that if it stayed with its initial system it would have been a high b low a

but it didn't it changed drastically over time so for that reason it's at the low end of this of the

seas but it's still redeeming it's still really worthwhile doing a single playthrough of the game

but it's not worth much more than that guys and then surprisingly the next on my list is rage

shadow legend now i think so many people are going to jump out this to me like great shadow legends

is easily an f but guys the reason you hate shadow legend right shadow legends has everything to

do with polarium and their monetization it has very little to do with the actual game

the game itself is a high b low a the graphics are pretty good a lot of the characters are

super super unique and for the gigantic cast of characters that they have that's crazy the

gear cycle actually changes the outcomes of these games there isn't very much an rng element to that

but the monetization behind this game is abysmal guys it's absolutely abysmal it is nothing short

of predatory and that is why it is a c great shadow legends as a game in itself if you are

very very very dedicated as a free-to-play player you will very much enjoy it if you open up your

wallet even the slightest you are going to hate it that's basically how it breaks down guys you

cannot experience the entirety of this game is definitely pay walled the progression definitely

feels capped but what is there guys you will enjoy it and from there i'm gonna throw the last two out

there because they kind of feel the same in a lot of capacities to me and that is heroes container

and heroes compterra and sedorika i think both of them in terms i think both of them in terms

of how they actually play out gameplay-wise is pretty low i think both of them exceed and the

story and the ip aspect of things but that's really about it i think that if you like the

game you like the game and if you're going to the game uninterested you might walk away completely

uninterested so i think that that's pretty fair of both of them there's nothing truly redeeming

about them so dork it definitely has a very charming story to it but if you like the webtoons

that are presented to you in here conte you're also going to enjoy that a lot as well but the

gameplay on both of them pretty lackluster i will say that there is a lot of strategy involved in

but it isn't overly complex it isn't something that you're gonna sign up to play so there's that

and guys that'll do it for the end of the seat here and on to the d tier the top of the detail

and almost to see is lord of heroes i think the monetization of lord of heroes is the only thing

keeping it back i really enjoyed the actual immersion that the game puts you in i liked a

lot of the characters that i saw the progression system kind of sucks and the monetization kind

of sucks but if you're just going to play it to enjoy it i'm pretty sure that a low c to high c

is kind of where you would play and if they fix the monetization i could see it creeping into

the b i think the character progression in itself would give it enough chance to be bottom of the

barrel b high c with a great monetization scheme but since the monetization scheme right now is so

poor and the monetization is impacting gameplay it's currently at a d for me and then next i'm

going to clock in monster super league now this is an interesting one i do actually like the graphics

of it it feels very on pokemon it feels very pokemon-esque because jrpg there is somewhat

of a story to it the character progression though outside the evolutions that are pretty cool there

isn't much there it's a very generic thing it very much feels paywalled you can't really get all the

characters that you want the gear system seems very sub black very seems lacking but overall

i enjoyed my time playing super league so there's that and then the last two are afk arena and hyper

heroes hyper heroes is actually more fun than i would say people give it credit for but it is very

very much pay to win and pay to progress there is no in-game community aspect similar to afk

arena i think afk arena actually does character progression very well and i think that it has

enough uniqueness to it to where it's not a bad game it's just very predatory in its practices

for getting money from you and then last but not least on the f down here in f is idle heroes idol

heroes only finished above in one category and that is character progression i enjoyed leveling

my characters in that game but just barely other than that there's nothing redeeming in my mind

about this game uh and so guys that is currently my gotcha tier rankings if you agree with this

let me know if you disagree let me know in the comments below and if you want your game to be

the next one added to this leave in the comments below the most upvoted will be a game that i play

on such gotcha j over the course the next month guys take care see you soon foreign

The Description of 2020 GACHA TIER LIST AND MOBILE RANKINGS - NOVEMBER 2020 EDITION | Best Gacha Games