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This time, I would like to talk about Zen Master Hakuins description about how wonderful

Zazen is. And also, he wanted to recommend to us to do Zazen. The reason he started to

do Zazen was that he had a lot of trouble and he wanted to figure out what the cause

of the trouble was. Then, he started practicing [Zazen], then eventually, he just realized

who he was. After his revelation, he found a difference between what he was thinking

about himself and the Truth. What his true self is. The difference is the difference

between heaven and the earth. That was the reason he just wanted to describe this. And

then, those of us who just want to be completely satisfied with the presence of our self and

feel at ease. He recommended that we do Zazen. Thats the reason that he gave this description.

Then, I would like to mention about what he described about what our true self is. He

said, “Sentient beings were originally buddhas.” We are originally Buddha itself. So, we dont

have any trouble. Although people say they have a kind of trouble, its very strange,

so for that reason he mentioned this: Although we are Buddha, for someone

to realize this, we have to do Zazen. We have to practice Zazen. So, just like water and

ice, there is no ice apart from water. Exactly water and ice are the same substance. But

water is very flexible. When you put waterpour water into any container, it becomes

exactly the container as it is. But with ice, when you put ice into any container it is

always unstable and stumbles a lot. That they [water and ice] are very much different. Although

the same substance, why does this difference occur? Basically, Zen Master

Hakuin mentions in this sentence is that our true self is exactly just like water. So,

our true self is very flexible. Just like when you just face here and there, we just

become what we just face to. This flexibility, any kind of things, as long as we just face

it, any kind of things we just become as it is, as they are. This flexibility. But although

we have this flexible mind, but we have a kind of trouble, questions or problems. Where

they come from is from a misunderstanding about who we are... what our true self is.

If a person realizes who their true self, he or she doesnt have any trouble, conflict

or questions, because our true self is very flexible. So, once we just face this, we become

this. No separation at all. No separation happens before recognition. Before recognition,

there is no separation at all. As long as webe the selfnever be separated, we

will never have any question or trouble at all. But, before recognition we are not separated

from the things at all. But, once we just recognize the it [the thing], and then, we

just try to think about what we just recognized. You may know about what recognition is. If

you just recognize this, you just recognize this. But you never recognize this because

as far as recognition is concerned, the things being recognized and the person who recognizes

itTwo thingsTwo things have happened. Then, we can just recognize the things. But

you only recognize this. But at the same time, you just recognize this thing, the self. Then,

the thing and the self are separated. Before you recognize the thing, it is exactly the

same, no separation at all, between the self and the things. What has happened is that

you recognized the things and you just recognized the self. Before you just recognized the things,

the self never existed, never come up. This thing is

very important. But unfortunately, as this thinking or thought comes up, you just recognize

the thing and then the self comes up, so you and the things are separated. Two or three

things happen. This is not true, but before recognition, there is exactly no separation

at all. But before recognition, you neverthis never comes up in your mind, because

after recognition, the things and the self are just separated, then you can just recognize.

Thats the only thing that comes up in your mind. But before recognition, things are never

separated at all, and this never comes up in your mind. This is totally why we have

a kind of friction, a kind of trouble. So, the icewhat Zen Master Hakuin mentioned

about is, as I told you before, things are exactly the same, between water and ice. But,

when you freeze the water, by your way of thinking, you just freeze yourself, by your

thinking. Then, you just tie yourself and then you feel very uncomfortable. You are

always very uncomfortable. You feel not so safe or not at ease. But you have frozen yourself

by your thinking or thoughts. So, you just throw awayYou just never deal with your

thinking or thoughts coming up in your mind naturally, without any reasons. So, if you

can do so, the ice will be able to be melted. The things that are tied can be untied. So,

this is what Master Hakuin mentioned about: “Just like the water and ice, there is now

ice apart from water.” Exactly the same substance. So, you should simply do Zazen.

What Zazen is, simplythe thinking or thoughts coming up in the mind, just throw them away.

This is Zazen. So that, the things you are tied with by your thinking, will be untied.

Then, you will be completely free from everything. This is Zazen. The thing he [Master Hakuin]

wanted to mention about that we are just like water and ice, there is no ice apart from

water. There are no Buddhas, but sentient beings. You know, Buddha and sentient beings

are exactly the same. The person who just doesnt care much about their thinking or

their thoughts coming up in their mind, this is Buddha. This is Buddha. The person who

cares much or deals with a kind of thinking or thought ishe or she is a sentient being.

That is very different, but no different at all. But the thing is, how you deal with thinking

and thought, that is.

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