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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn Difficult English Words with Meaning and Sentence Part 2 - Improve Your English Vocabulary

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hello everyone I hope you guys are doing

great so this lesson is the continuation

of the last lesson so as I have already

given an introduction for this

particular lesson in the previous

lessons I'm going to you know skip the

introductory part and just get right

away into the lesson the lesson has been

prepared by me svetlana Mendel so the

first word that I have included in

today's lesson is Quint now this

basically refers to something which is

very charmingly old-fashioned let us

take a look at the example the girl was

elated seeing all the Quint gramophones

at the store now say this particular

girl she went to a store and then she

sees all these old you know old and very

charming and very beautiful things maybe

it was some antique shop so there she

finds this one very charmingly

old-fashioned gramophone instead of

seeing such a like a long sentence she

says that she's found a very quaint

gramophone so that is what quaint is for

you and that's how we can use it in your

sentences the next word is rash now rash

is a word that we use quite often we

often advise our friends like you know

that do not take any rash decisions

because most of the time such decisions

are the wrong ones so think before you

do any thing important don't be in a

hurry so that is what rash means now

hear it ref I have mentioned how it

refers to hasty and incautious let us

look at the example it it's always

better to think before taking any rash

decisions like I was saying you know how

we often advise our friends to not to

take rash decisions the next word is

repudiate now repudiate basically means

to reject or you know to refuse to

accept now let's look at the example all

the requests for extending the winter

holidays were repudiated by the

principal now he could have actually or

said you know that you know I reject

your proposal

I reject your request but he says that I

repudiate it so it's in a way it's kind

of an a fancy word that you can use in

place of reject like instead of saying I

rejected you can see that I repudiate it

so that is the thing the next word is

superfluous now this one means exceeding

what is necessary so if this is a very

simple word so I will just give you this

example I'm just going to read it out to

you the one that I've included here so

Sara bought brought a you know

superfluous amount of food for everybody

during the lunch break so see she

brought so much of food that it was more

than enough for everybody like it was of

course more than enough for her but then

it was so much more that everybody could

actually eat it so that is how the

amount of like the superfluous amount of

food that she is got the next one word

is truculent not truculent refers to

ready to fight or you know cruel

for example Warren's brother is so

truculent that no one dares to bully him

so this particular boy Varun has a

brother who is very truculent who is you

know if someone bullies his brother then

he'll just go and hit him and he's

always ready to fight and he doesn't

bother about you know if you're hurt or

not so this person is truculent okay so

that's why no one dares to bully Varun

so that is what truculent means the next

word is venerable now this one refers to

deserving of respect because of age or

achievement for example the venerable

shop owner apologized for the

misbehavior of the worker now this

particular shop owner is you know

someone who is you know deserves respect

because maybe it's a shop in your own

locality and you have seen this

particular old man ever since you were a

kid and now you have gone to his shop

and somehow you felt very disrespected

by his workers so he is apologizing and

you have that sentiment like you know

that you respect him you have always

seen him he's older than you and he has

achieved a lot in his life maybe so that

so he becomes very venerable for you so

that is what venerable is the next word

is umbrage now this one means resentment

or you know offense for example Arun is

often teased for his tendency of taking

on Bridgette silly silly jokes so we all

have these kind of people in our life

well not that sportive and they can't

take a joke suppose you just joke and

you play a prank and then they take it

very seriously so that person is very

you know you can say that he's very um

rich kind of a person the next word is

wonton now this one basically means

undisciplined and you know lewd and

lustful for example the boys in this

locality are detested by the elderly

people for their wanton attitude which

basically means maybe you know the

loafer kind of guys who are always

eyeing girls or maybe if teasing people

and they don't respect and those guys

like those or in anybody like those not

particularly guys so that's what one ton

means the last word that I have included

in this lesson is Zenith which refers to

the highest point for example right now

he's at the zenith of his career as a

musician so it's basically the up upmost

and the highest point of anybody

anything so it can be of your career or

maybe you know he was at the zenith of

the mountain so that means he was at the

highest point of the mountains it can be

taken in the either way you can use this

word in a different situation and in

different contexts so it completely

depends on you so that's it for today's

lesson and I'm going to pause the lesson

once again here and in the next lesson

I'll be talking about few more such

words I hope that this lesson is very

helpful for you and you are

understanding if in case if you are not

then please do give some feedback so

that I know how to improve the lesson

and how

to you know explain and better if I need

to include more examples then please do

let me know about that that's it for

today's lesson thank you for staying

with me till the end

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