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Do we like AI music as much as human-made music?

I need to think about that.

Frankly, no.

People say it's impersonal, machine-made. Which is true.

It may feel a little threatening.

Can AI produce a song as successful as Duncan Laurence's?

In the AI Song Contest international teams compete... write the new Eurovision hit with the help of AI.

This series follows one of the teams and lets you discover...

...what the music of the future sounds like.

Do we like AI music as much as human-made music?

I love music when I know, or think I know...

...that it makes someone else's heart beat a little faster too.

Computer music has no one at the other end who gave it meaning.

That makes it meaningless to me.

Our relationship with robots and artificial intelligence is complicated.

People like to think of themselves as unique...

...and comfortably at the top of the food chain.

From there we run our gadgets, computers and smartphones.

But we don't like to be run by them.

Machine intelligence undermines our own.

So we regard it as a threat.

When they start to look like us too much, we're in the uncanny valley.

If we see emotion that is almost human, but not quite...

...most of us feel very negative about it. It's creepy.

We're like, oh, what is this?

Willie goes to see Janne, who works on the lyrics of the AI Eurovision song.

Janne made an app that can generate lyrics.

She taught the app by filling it with lots of other lyrics.

Some are 400 years old, weird old Dutch songs.

Songs from church, songs complaining about being a labourer.

Songs by Frenna, by Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.

She added lots of Eurovision songs too.

So now the app can write lyrics for us. Because they won't let me do it.

I can't wait to hear it. It's probably crazy shit.

Pepper. Will you shake my hand, Pepper?

Or do you want to sniff it? I'm a friend.

What it did is generate lyrics based on what it learned...

...from the Dutch ones we gave it.

It tried to turn that into something and that's what we're looking at.

look at me, look at me, we come with abbus

And then: why, why?

What is 'abbus'? - I don't know.

love is beyond no one Cornelius, Cornelius, Cornelius

abbus, abbus

This is so crazy. These lyrics are totally random.

I tried to look for chunks of text to use as is.

But that's not happening. - I understand.

So I took this and worked more context into it... build a story along the lines of some topics we had chosen.

I built a prototype for you, on the same system we had just now.

But with more context. So it has a better idea of what to write...

...and what we want our lyrics to be about.

It works like your phone when you type words.

It knows what word you mean before you finish it.

This works like that. You give it a line or a few words...

...and it completes the sentence for you, or the whole text.

Based on the Eurovision lyrics.

It goes up to 1,000. - Let's try 250 words. One column.

'I want to live.'

This bit I found here... let me see... This sentence.

'All this writing is fake'. - How dope is that?

We definitely want that one. That's some deep shit.

I'm going to click on 'generate'. - The best button ever.

I should get it on a T-shirt.

So what it does is, it takes this bit that we took from all the samples...

...and completes it with more text that hopefully makes sense.

Let's find out. - Can't wait.

This is awesome.

Starts good, doesn't it?

And then in brackets: (instrumental).

And here it comes:

We're definitely using this.

Pepper, talk to your bro, man. He is saying crazy stuff.

Slowly everything comes together:

The AI compositions, the melodies and the lyrics.

clipping as I saw you that you see books as my free play

did I know who I am or I...

The team works hard to produce a song that sounds good...

...but also uses AI as much as possible.

This means the generated music is only slightly edited.

Will it make any difference to us listeners...

...that most of this song was not made by humans?

Gas or induction, it doesn't matter, as long as the food is good.

Lots of people want the real emotion and the story behind it.

The fear some people have about AI can be compared... the fear of synthesizers 40 years ago.

It wasn't a 'real instrument'.

Same with computers that made electronic music later on.

That wasn't real music, not artisanal. But it is.

If you use all kinds of tools, like AI, to write a good song...

...just go for it. You're still the craftsman who puts it all together.

In the next episode the team will take their song to the recording studio.

I thought it would write a song for us. I really did.

Curious about this AI Eurovision hit song...

...or the ones produced by the other teams?

Listen and judge all the songs on

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