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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best Ear Cleaning Products Test

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- Today we get all up in them ears.

- Let's talk about that.

(groovy electronic music)

- Good Mythical Morning.

- Since we're about to talk personal grooming,

this is the perfect chance to remind you

that you can get some highly Mythical pomade,

lip balm, beard oil and more.

All part of the Mythical grooming collection

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- Moving on.


Moving onto our ears which you may have heard,

you can't hear without 'em.

- What?

- But just how much gunky goo is hiding

in your ears right now?

Well there are tons of strange ear cleaning methods

on the market but who has enough time

or enough ear wax to try 'em all?

Oh well we do.

It's time for Clean Up!

Clean Up On Aisle Ears!

- We've asked some Mythical team members to research

some strange ear wax extraction methods

which they are now going to perform

on other Mythical team volunteers.

- But no one volunteered. - So on us.

We've been volunteered.

- [Rhett and Link] Round one.

- Okay Ellie, I am donating my right ear

to your ear waxpert research purposes.

- Thank you so much

for supporting science. - What are you gonna do?

- So as your waxpert, I'm going to be doing ear irrigation,

invented by the Sumerians. - Cool.

- You're using this product?

- [Ellie] Yes so this is called Wax Rx--

- Oh gosh. - And it is essentially like

a tube of Windex. - Weed killer?

- Yeah weed killer, Windex, whatever you want.

All-purpose spray and its purpose is to get

the wax out of your ear.

- [Link] It's got like a radar on the end of it.

- [Ellie] Yeah well there's splash back.

- That doesn't look safe. - I just hold this up?

- It starts with these guys and you're gonna hold that

on your ear just like that, you're doing great and--

- Hold on, I gotta measure. - This softens the wax.

- How deep is, it's going that deep?

- That's like a hummingbird's tongue.

Oh man, I don't want to watch this.

I'm glad my ears ain't involved.

- Before we get going, let's watch a clip

of this in action so you know that it's a real thing

that I didn't invent.

- [Girl] Oh, oh, we got something, look at that.

Zoom in, look at that, oh my God.

Look at this.

(all yelling)

- What? - Oh.

- At first I was like it's an ear.

Wow, a little gargoyle came out of there.

- You hate it but you kinda love it, right?

It's kinda satisfying.

- I hope we get one of those from you, man.

- In preparation-- - It's like digging for gold.

- I was told not to clean my ears

so I haven't done it for over a week.

- Did you really not? - Over a week?

- I didn't. - I find that hard to believe

but we'll see. - I'm not holding this down.

- What's inside Link Neal's ear.

- Can you just insert slowly and if I,

I need a safe word or something.

- Let's pick a fun one like tympani.

Okay, it's in. - Oh, oh, okay.

- [Ellie] Does that feel okay?

- [Link] Yes.

- Are you ready for a spritz?

Three, two, one.

- Oh!

That-- - There it goes.

- Oh, oh there, oh!

- Is that okay? - Oh my word!

- I'm just gonna keep going.

We just gotta irrigate it out like a neti pot.

- I feel like I gotta hold my breath.

- You don't have to, you can breathe,

just breathe in and out.

- He breathes through his ears.

- [Ellie] Slowly.

(Link gasps and moans)

Through your nose.

- [Rhett] Just don't breathe

through your ears-- - And then out through

your mouth. - During this part.

- Okay, oh, okay.

Let it drain! - I feel like

I see something coming.

- Let it drain or something.

- [Ellie] No it's draining, it's coming right back out

so it's poppin' in and out.

- My underwear is getting wet.

(Ellie and crew chuckle)

- Oh no!

- Maybe-- - And it's really,

it's really warm.

- Maybe he needed a towel. - What's that?


- It's a towel right here, I didn't--

- Okay we're gonna go in. - You could have put the towel

on your shoulder but you know.

- See look, look at this. (crew laughing)

- Yeah I think you need to put the towel on your shoulder.

- Yeah. - Too late.

- I'll put it on my crotch now.

- Do you feel like wax is moving around?

- I can't hear anything. - Oh no.

You can't hear out of this ear?

- I feel like I've lost, I feel very dizzy too. (laughs)

- [Ellie] Oh no.

- Now I--

- Please repeat as needed to remove all wax.


- There's a little brown thing.

- Really?

- There's one little brown thing.

- Oh there's one, oh no no no no no.

(crew laughs)

- Yeah, gravity is still a thing.

- Yeah, here. - Wow, very dizzy.

- We have--

- Oh.

- [Ellie] A tiny piece of wax from Link Neal's ear.

- Oh.

(Rhett and crew applauding)

Mission accomplished.

- [Rhett and Link] Round two.

- Okay Emily, what are you gonna do to my left ear?

- Well, this is the, it's spelled Y-E-A-M-O-N

so I'm gonna call it Yeamon Spiral Wax Remover.

- Yeah, mon.

- Yeah or yeah, mon. - Yeah, man!

(Emily chuckles)

- Yeah, mon, yeah yeah, I like that.

I'm so ready. - So we got

thee different size silicone.

- I'm a little nervous. - It's soft silicone.

Nothing to be afraid of except for it's basically

fracking in your ear without burning the world

to the ground but I have a little light.

I can see what I'm doing and it turns.

Just touch it with your finger, it's nothing to be, ah!

(Rhett chuckles nervously)

- Oh try to get a rise out of him.

- It just turns slowly? - Yeah.

- That seems gentle. - Right?

Okay here we go, we're gonna, all right.

(chuckles) Okay here we go. - Oh wow.

Oh my goodness.


- Is that too deep?

Tell me when it's too deep?

- Rhett? - It feels great.

- [Emily] I think I'm getting a lot of stuff.

- Really? - Yeah.

- I traditionally have pretty dirty ears.

- Okay. - Oh.

That's nothing.

- Oh can you open that box?

We have some Q-tips. - Oh is the wax in there?

- (chuckles) The prestige!

- It's a magic trick.

- (laughs) Yeah, exact--

- There's no Q-tips in here.

- Oh here they are, here we go.

Or should I, I'm gonna do it with a cotton ball, all right?

I'm gonna just run this along the cotton ball.

- [Link] Ew, Rhett.

- [Rhett] Oh!

- [Link] There's a yellow film.

- [Rhett] Oh yeah, it's a yellow film.

- That's pretty impressive, it just--

- Yeah, I feel clean.

And also, you know what,

I'll use the special massaging tip later

just on my own time.

- Oh well let me, allow me to give you some privacy.

- Yeah me too.

- [Rhett and Link] Round three.

- Okay Chase, my left ear is all yours.

- Well thank you.

- It's quite the trust exercise.

- It's my favorite of your ears.

- Okay yeah.

- I've never seen it.

- You won't see it.

- This is the intelligent visual ear pic camera

so this is like that just regular doctor tip

to just see inside first. - Oh.

- So if I-- - I'll turn, okay.

- [Chase] I can get all up in here and stuff but--

- Oh wow, look at that. - This is like

an actual product.

I think we do have a clip of this if you wanna see.

- Sure. - What it looks like.

- I'm getting it on my phone.

This is where I'm seeing the image.

Okay so you can see right away, look, look.

That's actual ear wax.

- Ew. - I can't imagine

your ear looking like that but let's find out.

- Getting in and I don't think your ears are that dirty.

But I can-- - Oh wow.

- [Chase] Get in here.

(Rhett groans)

- [Link] It is a hairy cave in there.

- [Rhett] What in the world?

- [Chase] Yeah this is like a fleshy portal.

- Oh gosh, that is so gross, Link.

- I'm not seeing much.

- [Link] Oh what is that?

- [Rhett] I think that's a boil.

- Oh, ew, gracious.

Oh you're going deeper, okay.

- Is that okay?

- Yeah yeah, I can feel it on my tonsils.

- [Rhett] There's something back there.

There is something. - Is it moving?

- [Link] Trees, there's like--

- [Rhett] There's something way, way, way back there.

- Oh! - Oh wow.

- [Rhett] Yeah you see that, you see that?

- [Link] What is, it's an animal.

- [Chase] That's like a river of wax.

- It's a frickin'.

It's a road kill.

- I think it's like a bear.

- Push past the forest. - I'm trying.

- [Rhett] Oh!

Oh there, oh, oh! - Push.

- [Rhett] No look at that!

Oh gosh, look at--

- That's it. - In fact if we could just

get that in focus. - I can't get it to,

I have no focus.

- Is there a tongue on the end of that thing?

- [Rhett] It looks like the frickin' LA river.

- Okay so there's-- - Like barely flowing

and toxic sludge.

- I'm gonna switch to this one,

try to pull some of that out of there.

- I think it's clear that I need my ear hair trimmers

to kick into high gear.

- No ear hairs are good, man.

They protect you.

- I'm gonna grab some of this.

- There's tweezers on the end of that?

- No it's like a little spoon or a pick.

- Oh you're gonna scoop it.

All right, do it.

- Okay.

- Oh my gosh.

- [Stevie] I'm so scared about this.

- You should be. - Please, please--

- I'm glad it's not my ear. - Please be careful.

- I've done this once before.

- [Rhett] Look that's the gold part right there.

Literally it's gold.

- [Link] That's a bit deep but yeah, oh yeah, that hurts.

- [Chase] Oh I'm sorry.

- What is that, man? - Did you get something?

- No I'm gonna extend it a little bit.

- [Rhett] That's what you need to do.

Just make it longer. - You should be wearing gloves

for your own safety. - Make it longer

and more dangerous.

- That's sanitized.

- I don't understand why it can't--

- [Chase] Oh see now you can see it.

- [Rhett] Oh dude.

- Get that stuff right there.

Get that stuff.

Yeah get that.

Scrape it.

- [Rhett] What's happening?

- [Link] Oh there we go, now you're doing it.

- I feel like this is gonna end up on PornHub.

- What?

I don't wanna be, okay.

- Oh!

Gentle. - I'm sorry.

- [Link] Okay. (groans)

Oh my gosh. - I'm getting very little.

- I just think-- - I got a lot more

in my own ear when I tried it.

(all laughing)

Ooh look at all that residue though.

It's oily in there.

- Yeah that's because of the drops.

- I've still got wax-- - I feel like I could get more

out with just my finger.

- You can feel the pressure better

and you can-- - Look at that.

Look at that shiny finger.

- Just a lot of that oil, ear remover oil.

- That's what it is.

It's that ear oil that we spritzed in there earlier,

it's making a river of gold.

- [Rhett and Link] Round four.

- Okay Matt, I give you my right ear.

- Excellent, so we are gonna be doing ear candling.

- Oh gosh.

- Yeah with the Happy Ears Beeswax Candles.

So I don't know if you guys have ever done this before

but what we're gonna do is place--

- Many years ago I think we did.

- Long time ago, long time. - Maybe 10 years ago.

- So you know of the efficacy because this is magic.

You've done a lot of things that use science and whatnot.

This uses spirituality a little bit.

(Rhett laughs)

So you have to believe in it for it to work.

So we put this directly in your ear

and then we are gonna put like a little ash catcher

and then we're gonna light it on fire.

And then the fire summons some sort of demon magic

that pulls out the ear wax.

- These are different than the ones I've seen before.

- Yeah. - It's a much tighter spiral.

- Yeah yeah, they've really upped their game

in terms of making these.

So as the candle burns, it creates some sort

of suction that pulls out the bad spirits.

- Smells good.

- And it softens ear wax, that's the thing about fire

is it's mostly known for softening ear wax.

- And melts the side

of your head. - Mostly.

- Yeah, well, that's the side effect.

And then when we're done we're gonna just cut it open

and see what's inside and see all the wax.

- The head?

- No your head's gonna stay in tact

but the candle we're gonna cut open,

so first to give you a demonstration,

I think we have a clip with Jessica Simpson.

- Oh God!

- [Ken] Look, you're halfway down there.

- Halfway, I've been sitting here for 20 minutes.

- [Ken] Yo.

- Ken. - You look crazy.

I just have to show that you made your candle tray

out of a Papa John's pizza box.

- I didn't make it, you did.

- [Ken] Okay but it's green and red.

- Oh, why's it so hot?

- 'Cause of the fire, Jessica.

Because of the fire. - Yo, you look so crazy.


- So here's how we're gonna do it.

- Lay it down, Rhett.

- First, yeah, you lay your pretty little head down

and then I'm going to stick this into this hole

so that you don't get any ash on you

and we're gonna hold this at a 90 degree angle like that.

You wanna hold onto it to make sure it stays straight?

- Hold on was Jessica holding onto hers?

- Yeah I believe so.

- Can I light?

- Yeah, go ahead and light it.

Okay, you gotta wait a little bit, the fire.

- Oh it sizzle, it's sizzling.

- Yeah you're gonna hear a sizzle

and you're gonna hear some pops and you're gonna feel

a sort of a suction.

- That's your judgment dissipating.

- Exactly.

You might hear the voices of different spirits

deep inside of you from thousands of years ago.

- [Rhett] There's a lot of crackling happening.

- Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, that's part of the spirit.

- Now Rhett I don't know if you can see it

but there's a huge flame on the end of this thing

so don't drop it.

- Yeah yeah yeah. - On me.

- But let's get that deeper in there

'cause we're getting a little bit of smoke.

Yeah, just make sure the smoke stays in there.

We want it in your ear.

- So how long do we need to wait?

- It takes I think about eight minutes.

Three, two, all right. (Rhett screams)

All right he can let go of it.

You can lift your head up and now I'm gonna--

- What you gonna do? - Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- Now see, I opened up this one while we were waiting.

Nothing in here. - Completely clean.

- Just like a beeswax stalk. - Sure, all right.

So we're gonna first I'm gonna cut the edge off here.

- [Link] So that's the burning part.

- Uh-huh, and now this should contain all of your wax.

- Open that up. - Okay.

- [Link] You tell me this is gonna have ear wax in it see.

- It's gonna have all of the ear wax that was built up.

- [Link] Oh, pulling that open.

- [Matt] Look at that.

- What? - A little bit of ear wax

right there.

- [Link] You're saying that this white stuff is ear wax?

- No no no no no, don't worry about what that is.

That's totally normal and fine but you see,

you see the yellow stuff right there.

- Oh, that. - That right there.

- That's bees wax that melted down in there, man.

- Nah, 'cause like science is trying to lie to you

about stuff like that.

But this is real, man, this is, that is straight--

- It's not real.

In Good Mythical More we're gonna burn one of these

in a mannequin head to prove that that stuff

is still gonna show up.

- And I will say that the FDA does warn against

using ear candles.

Also doesn't recommend even putting Q-tips or cotton swabs

in your ears so you probably shouldn't put any

of this stuff in your ear.

We just did it for entertainment purposes.

- And boy was it entertaining.

- Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing.

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