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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Richard Osman's House of Games - S03E01 (07 Oct 2019)

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to a brand-new series of House Of Games.

They've let us come back, which is very, very kind of them.

Every week on the show I'm joined by four contestants.

They're all going to be battling it out to get their hands

on this trophy. Shall we meet our four competitors this week?

They are Miquita Oliver. Hi.

Ed Gamble.

Kate Thornton.

And Mr Ade Edmondson.

Welcome, everybody. How lovely to have you here. Nice to be here.

I like the beginning-of-the-week smiles.

That's so nice. Miquita, welcome along.

The only person who read my memo that says Monday's House Of Games

is "dress in the colours of the set" today. The only one who got it.

Miquita, lovely to have you here. How is your general knowledge?

Are you a good quizzer?

OK, we'd play a lot of quizzes in my house but -

this is my family - but I'm always quiz master.

Oh! So I don't answer anything, ever. Uh-oh.

Suddenly... So, suddenly...

Suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted.

Exactly, exactly and now I know why. I feel really freaked out.

It's freaked out, right? Ed. Hello.

We play a lot of games in my house as well,

that's why we call it the House Of Games.

It is lovely to have you here, one of our finest young comedians.

Are you a competitive gentleman?

I'm very competitive but also terrible.

Oh, the perfect combination. It's a good mix. That's what we like.

Kate Thornton, how lovely to have you here.

Thank you for having me.

Now, at the end of the week someone's winning the trophy.

But at the end of each show, there's also a daily prize. Uh-huh.

OK, would you like to have a look

at the selection of daily prizes for today? You betcha.

You're going to have to choose one of these if you win.

Here are today's prizes. Oooh. There is... Thank you, Ade.

That's a professional, somebody who knows how to oooh

when you see some prizes.

Those roller boots have got my name all over them.

Mine have just broken.

I'll take the fondue set, that's cool.

The fondue set is a really good prize, I'll say that.

The golf umbrella - yeah. Electric toothbrush - yeah. And sunglasses.

Is there a new set of prizes every day?

There is a new set of prizes. Oh, good.

That is the question of a man with a little bit of confidence

in his soul. That man is Ade Edmondson. Lovely to have you here.

Nice, very nice to be here. It's our pleasure entirely.

Shall we just get on with it? Yeah. OK, we've got five days of quizzing

ahead of us. Every time I press this buzzer, a new game comes up.

I don't know what it's going to be, you don't know what is going to be.

Let's find out our first game on this week's House Of Games. It is...

Rhyme Time. Rhyme Time, nice and easy start.

I will ask you two questions at a time,

the answers rhyme with each other.

OK, fingers on buzzers, everybody.

First question of the week.


That is Ed. Is it? I think it was just Ed, actually. Ed.

Paul Weller and Penn and Teller.

Paul Weller, Penn and Teller?

Great start for Ed. Well played.

I can relax now.

Yeah. Don't relax too much.

Here we go, question two. Fingers on buzzers, everyone.


That is Ade.

Pork pie, Versailles.

Is it pork pie, Versailles?

It is pork pie, Palace of Versailles. Well played.

Who is this? And what is this?


That is Ed. Oh, come on. Clark Gable, snooker table.

It is Clark Gable, snooker table. Well done.

I love both those things.

Those are your two favourite things? They really are. "My hobbies?

"Oh, well, I like Clark Gable, I guess I like snooker tables."

Can I just say that I think I sprained my wrist from pressing

my button too hard?

We have our first House Of Games injury.

It hurts. Listen, we must not break Ade. We mustn't do it,

we'd never be forgiven by TV history if we broke you. Next question.


That is Ed. Lewis Carroll and Roll Out The Barrel.

Lewis Carroll and Roll Out The Barrel. You're so good.

Next question. Who is this and what is this song?

# And even at my door... #

That is Miquita Oliver.

Something Ben and Perfect 10. Tony Benn?

Nigel Benn. Yes! Cos it's Monday shall we give Miquita that? Yeah.

OK, Nigel Benn and Perfect 10.

Well played. I say well played...

Played. Yeah, played. I was definitely here.

Next question is...

And what is this song?

# Watch out

# You might get what you're after... #

Miquita? Danger Mouse, Burning Down The House?

Danger Mouse, Burning Down the House.

Absolutely right.

Talking Heads there, Burning Down The House.

Last question in this round - two answers, they both rhyme

with each other but what are they?

Oh! Ed. Fifa and Queen Latifah.

Fifa and Queen Latifah. Lovely end to the round, Ed, well played.

That's the end of round one. Shall we take a little look at the scores?

No. Kate? Let's just move on.

Here's how we stand after our first game.

Kate's slow but steady. What?

Oh, I thought I was number one, sorry!

Ade, you have one.

Miquita, you have two.

Ed Gamble, early leader with four points. Well played.

Let's play round two. Today it is...

Distinctly Average. Got my name all over it.

There we go. Finally, your sweet spot.

Distinctly Average is a pairs game.

The player in last place gets to choose their partner.

Kate, it is you today. Who would you like to play this game with?

I'm going to go with Ade. That's nice, that's nice.

You should have gone with Ed. He's obviously winning.

That would just make me look violently competitive,

and it is only Monday. All right.

Kate and Ade are playing together, Ed and Miquita are playing together.

Take out your...

Look at the young people doing high fives.

We're going to show them that experience and wisdom...

Tablets out, please, everybody. Oh, tablets.

I'm going to ask you a series of questions. You need to write down

the answer. The answer is always a number and I'll take the average

of the scores in each team.

First question. Write down an answer to this, please.

I've only just recently really discovered what a millimetre is,

so this is funny!

I heard that someone had discovered what it was.

I didn't know it was you. Yeah. Amazing.

How many milligrams does a pound coin weigh?

Has everyone got an answer?

Miquita, we will start with you. What have you gone with?

How many milligrams? 80. 80, OK.

That seems light to me, but I don't know what a milligram is.

Ed, have you gone up or down from that? I've gone up, but I've just

realised I was thinking of the old pound coins. Oh, no.

Which... I've gone 2,000. Oh, my goodness.

OK, so your average, Miquita and Ed,

is 1,040mg,

is what you're saying. That might be quite good.

Kate, what have you gone with? Oh, I think I've got this just so wrong.

I've gone with 100.

100, says Kate. Ade, have you gone up or down?

I've gone up slightly, but I think it's wrong. 250 I've gone for.

Kate and Ade, let's take a look at your average.

175 is your average. How many milligrams does a pound coin weigh

and which team has won the point?


The point there goes to Miquita and Ed, very well done.

I can't believe I wrote 80 and I won. Well done.

We've seen people win this round being, like, four million off.

Honestly, it doesn't matter at all.

You've just got to be the closest. Next question.

How many people in England? Well... That's a whole other round.

Yeah, and then how many of them need a cab at any given time?

What do you think at home?

How would you start to work it out?

Kate, what have you said?

I've gone large, having learnt from the milligram debacle.

I'm saying 200,000. 200,000?

OK, that doesn't sound... Does sort of feel... Your first answer

this round often sounds convincing.

200,000. Ade, are you going up or down from that?

Well, bizarrely, I've got exactly the same. No way!

200,000 is your average. I can work that out in my head. Well done.

Miquita, what are you thinking?

I feel like I'm not crazy now, this is all right. 350,000.

350,000. That sounds...

Ed... Are you OK? Yes.

I'm glad no-one else thinks they're crazy. 800,000.

800,000. 350,000.

Your average is 575,000.

That looks better, doesn't it?

Who is going to win the point? How many cabs are there in England?

Oh! Yay!

By thousands. Sorry!

Those roller boots are mine!

Well played. Was that it, really?

A point there for Kate and Ade, very well done. About time.

You were actually the closest, Miquita. That's true.

Screwed it up for you. I'm sorry.

The final question in this round.

Oh, here we go.

According to Guinness World Records.

Hmm. What do you think? This is a tough one, isn't it?

Erm... Erm, what do you think at home? Have you got an answer?

Shall we take a little look? Ed, we'll start with you.

How tall do you think this tallest sandcastle was?

I mean, this is... Again, I've gone what I think is quite big. Yes.

550 centimetres. 550 centimetres.

Miquita just made a face that suggested we are in trouble again.

Uh-oh. But they always do it in centimetres,

so that's five metres. Five and a half metres, right? About 15, 16...

It's big. It's big. But it's the biggest sandcastle in the world.

So it's going to be big. Yeah. About 18 feet.

Miquita, have you gone up or down?

Just a little up.

I've gone for 800 centimetres. 800, that's not crazy.

That's good as well. It'll bring us to somewhere normal.

It does. Average speaking.

So your average is 675 centimetres.

I think they've just seen each other's answers. Oh, right.

I've seen her answer!

It appears, it appears - we'll find out - it appears

that Kate might have gone rogue.

Ade, what have you gone with?

I'm not being judgmental, because mine might be rubbish, too.

I thought about 25 feet.

Oh, so that's 1,250 centimetres you've gone.

Kate, now...

Ade was not supposed to look at your answer,

but I'm glad he did because we enjoyed his reaction. Yeah.

What have you gone with in centimetres?

I thought, if in Dubai they can build the world

out of sand, then anything is possible. Yes.

Have they done that? They have. 300,000 centimetres.

That is, just so you know... Yes, a lot.

..that's about two miles high.

So your average is...

Can we have a drum roll?

..150,625 centimetres.

How high? What have you gone with at home?

Are you above Kate's answer? Are you below it somewhere?

What height was the world's tallest sandcastle,

built in September 2017? Who has won the point?

1,668. The points to Miquita and Ed.

Well done. Thank you. I'm amazed they got that.

Ade was very close.

It's about 55 feet. 55 feet high was that castle. Wow.

Let's take a look at the points at the end of round two.

Kate is off the mark there

with one point.

Ade, you have two. Miquita, four.

The leader still, Ed Gamble,

six points. Well done, Ed.

Let's move straight along to round three today,

see if Ed can keep his lead. What is it going to be?

It is going to be...

Z-A, Z-A. What we're going to do now, I'm going to show you

three clues at a time, we will then fill in the letters of those clues

from Z up to A. As soon as you know the connection between

the three clues, buzz in and tell me the connection.

Here are your first three clues. Fingers on buzzers, please.

What connects these three?

We're going to reveal them letter by letter.


That is Ed. Reindeers.

Are they reindeer? Reindeer. Yeah, they are.

Santa's reindeer.

Cupid, Vixen and Blitzen, well done.

See how it works? Yes. Yeah.

Your next clues.

It's a long one, that middle one.


George Michael songs. Kate. George Michael songs.

Is it George Michael songs? Yes, it is, because Too Funky...

Too Funky.

Well played. That's the stuff.

Here's your next one. What connects these three, please?

How are you doing at home on this round?



Yes, Ed.

Cricket terminology?

Cricket terminology.

It is. Duck, boundary and googly, well done. What's googly?

It's when you throw a weird bowl, right?

Yeah, it's like a spin bowl, something a spin bowler does.

Your next three clues are...

I mean, hello.

What word is that?


That is Kate. Rom-coms.

It is not, I'm afraid. Sorry, Kate.

Don't worry, you don't lose a point.

Ed. Not fair! Sandra Bullock films.

They are Sandra Bullock films, yeah. Same thing.

Speed is not a rom-com.

I mean... Speed! True, true, true.

Respect to you if you think Speed is a rom-com. It has its moments.

In some ways, yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Let's take a look at your next set of clues.

What's that X there?


Yes, Ade.

Types of cheese.

Oh, are they types of cheese?

Wensleydale. They're not. Oh.

They've thrown you a googly there, Ed, didn't they?

Let's fill them in.

Yes, Ed. Places in Yorkshire?

Are they places in Yorkshire?

They sure are places in Yorkshire.

I would have said places. Places. That would be right.

That is the end of that round. Good round for Ed, I think.

Shall we take a look at the scores?

Two rounds to go on Monday's House Of Games.

Kate and Ade, you both have two.

It really looks like

we've got Kate Adie on the show...

Yeah, it does, and I think you've worked out you genuinely have not.

Miquita, you have four points.

Ed, you have a six-point lead

with ten points. How about that?

It's going to be hard to catch Ed, I think, today.

That is a big lead, six points. We've got two rounds to do it.

Round four today is...

The Rich List. Tablets out, everybody.

This round I'm going to give you some categories

and you just need to write down a correct answer

in that category, OK?

But what you must do is write down a correct answer that no-one else

has written down. Ah! All right?

But I will also be writing down an answer, OK?

So don't match mine either.

Your first category is...

I'm looking for an answer that fits in this category, please.

OK? So you need to write down a correct answer in that category,

but if you write down the same as somebody else you will not get

a point. So you all write one down, have a little think at home.

Try and go for one. So, do you go for an obscure one?

It's hard, isn't it, with this list anyway?

Is everybody locked in? Yeah. Yeah.

Miquita, do you have an answer for this?

Yeah, what I decided to do was do a really obvious one,

because I hoped everybody else would go, "She'll obviously..."

Oh, I've done that.

I went for David Beckham.

David Beckham. Is that a correct answer?

Correct answer. Woo!

That felt good. If no-one else says it you're going to

get yourself a point. Ed, who have you gone for?

I've gone for Freddie Flintoff. Freddie Flintoff, says Ed.

Is that a correct answer?

It is a correct answer.

I wonder if anyone else is going to say it.

Kate, what have you gone with?

Andy Murray.

Andy Murray. Is that a correct answer?

It is, well done. Ade Edmondson...

But it scores nothing. Oh!

Oh, you're kidding me. That's what I nearly redid mine as.

Sorry, Ade. So, as it stands, you both win a point,

unless I've written the same as someone else.

I have written the same as someone else.

The good news is I wrote Andy Murray.

Oh! Oh! Safe and sound.

Erm, how did you do at home?

If you avoided those answers, have you given us one of these?

These are the correct answers you could have said.

I nearly went for Steve Davis.

If you said any of those and you avoided any of these,

you've got yourself a point. Well done. Next category.

Mm. So any Queen singles - that's just Queen themselves and not

in collaboration - that made the top 40, but not the top ten.

24 possible answers out there.

Really? What? Mm.

That's very difficult, I would say.

Ed, what have you gone for?

I don't even know if this was a single or in the top 40

or top ten. I Want It All.

I Want It All. Is that a correct answer for Ed?

It's not, I'm afraid. Number three.

Oh, well done, Queen. Well done, Queen.

Kate, what have you gone with?

Fat Bottomed Girls. Is that a correct answer?

It is a correct answer, very well done.

Well, it should have been top ten. Yeah. It's very good. Yeah.

Ade, what have you gone for?

I was a huge fan of Queen during their first album phase... Gotcha.

..when nobody played synthesiser,

as they proudly wrote on the album sleeve,

so I've gone for Liar.

Liar. Interesting. I don't know if it was a single, but it was

my favourite track off that album. Let's find out, shall we?

Is Liar a correct answer?

Oh, it's not, too obscure.

That was good, though, Ade. That noise went to my heart. Did it?

It ruined my entire teenage years.

Ironically played on a synthesiser, as well. Yeah.

There's a guy up there, Rick Wakeman. Yeah...


Oh, God, I mean, I think it might have been one of their biggest hits!

Radio Ga Ga.

Radio Ga Ga. That sounds like a hit. Is that a correct answer?

It is not.

It got to number two.

So only one point given in that round, unless, Kate, unless...

Oh, don't! ..I have written Fat Bottomed Girls.

Please don't have done that.

I feel... Genuinely, I hate this bit of my job.

The Show Must Go On. Oh!

The Show Must Go On. Was Show Must Go On a correct answer?

I wonder if I get a sound effect. I bet I don't.

We'll do it for you. Oh, thank you.

I'm going to say The Show Must Go On. Ping.

Oh, thanks, everybody. How do you know?

Let's take a look. These answers would all have won you a point.

God. Loads, aren't there?

Thank God It's Christmas.

They don't play that much at Christmas.

The Show Must Go On - I'm surprised no-one put that.

Tie Your Mother Down.

Don't do that at home, kids.

Who Wants To Live Forever was an answer. That's good.

Shall we get on to a question we might know some answers to? Yeah.

A good one for you there, Kate. Literally no-one got a point

apart from you. Which is not going to happen again for the rest

of the week, so I'm going to live with that moment.

You might have overtaken me now. Oh, don't, Ade.

I think I might be bottom. But, Ade...

You said you were going to be my friend!

But I am your friend and I'm also the woman that's got to live

the rest of my life with a two-mile sandcastle!

Remember that! OK, this could be the end of my TV life.

I'm coming on holiday with you, cos I like your ambition!

This week on Celebrity Grand Designs we're with Kate Thornton.

She has a very ambitious plan!

Last question in this round.

No sand left in Britain.

So the dancers. First names will be fine.


Look at Miquita, straight in!

This is my...

Champions of Strictly, not the celebrities.


Everyone locked in? Yeah. Kate, we'll start with you.

Champions of Strictly?

Pasha Kovalev.

Oh, I like Pasha.

Is that a correct answer?

It is. Well played.

If no-one else says it you get yourself a point.

Ade, who have you gone with?

I've gone for someone called Allyash. Yeah, Aljaz.

Is Aljaz a correct answer?

It is. Well done.

We know our Strictly here. Miquita...

No, we don't. Oh, no.

I was just trying to remember who Caroline won with

and I guess that's Pasha. But I called him Pascal, so that's good.

I mean, you might have dodged a bullet there, Kate, because Pascal

is an incorrect answer.

There isn't a Pascal, you mean Pasha. I know what you meant.

I know you meant...

But if it's a completely different name we have to take it. I get it.

Yeah. Ed, who have you gone with?

My Strictly knowledge is not good, but I know this is a name

of someone who dances. Brendon.

Brendon. Is that a correct answer?

I don't think he's ever won. He has.

He won the first one, with Natasha Kaplinsky.

Well done, Kate.

So three points, unless I have said the same as one of you.

I went for...

Kevin, I went for.

Let's take a look at the answers you could have given.

If you said one of these and no-one else said them,

give yourself a point. There was...

There's more people who have won it than you remember.

Very well done if you said one of those and no-one else did.

Congratulations, three points along there.

Tablets away, please. Someone get a point.

One round to go on Monday's House Of Games.

Who is going to be our first champion?

Shall we take a look at the scores? Mm. For our final round.

I think we still have a clear leader.

Ade, you have three.

Kate, you have four... Clear loser.

Ed, 12 points, how about that?

Well played.

Our final round is...

Answer Smash. Fingers on buzzers, everybody. I'm going to show you

a picture, a clue underneath, and you need to smash the answers

together. Buzz in and give me a correct answer, you get a point.

Give me an incorrect answer, you will lose a point.

Your first category is...

These will be the pictures.

So those will be the pictures, smash them into the clues underneath.

Here's your first one.


That is Ed. Andy Serkiss From A Rose.

Is it Andy Serkiss, Kiss From A Rose?

Andy Serkiss From A Rose.

Well done. Very nicely done.

Next one.


That is Miquita.

Orlando Bloomingdale's.

Oh, is it Orlando Bloomingdale's?

It is, well played.

Orlando Bloom, Bloomingdale's.

Here is your next film actor.


Michael Sheena Easton.

Michael Sheena Easton! I was going to say Sheena Easton!

Your next category is...

Oh, lovely. There will be tools, there will be clues underneath -

smash them together, please.


That is Ed. Hammersey? Is it Hammersey?

It is. Hammer and Mersey. Well done, Ed.

As if you needed the points. Your next tool.


Yes, Ed. Staple Guns N' Roses.

Is it Staple Guns N' Roses?

Of course it is, well done.

Staple Guns N' Roses. Next picture.

Yes, Kate. You put your hand up! I don't know why!

You put your hand up, that's nice.

The Allen Keys?

Is it the Allen Keys?

It's not, I'm afraid.

I don't want to risk it.

I've lost a point, as well, now I'm...

Ed, did you just say, "I don't want to risk it"? You're 50 points clear.

All right. BUZZER

Ed. Allen Key West.

That's literally what I was going to say!

Allen Key West it is. I was close. Why didn't you say it?

Cos I was scared, I'm a scared person.

Next category.

Those will be the pictures, there will be a clue underneath.


Yes, Ade. Carly Simon Says.

Is it Carly Simon Says?

It is Carly Simon Says, well done.

Next question... KLAXON BLARES

There are no more questions. There are no more questions

apart from the important question. I wonder if I've won.

Who's won? Who has won?

Ed Gamble, 16 points.

16 points for Ed Gamble.

Very well played.

Oh, that was good, wasn't it? Well done.

But you know what it means. It means you've got yourself a prize.

Yes, please. How about that? Take him. What do you fancy, Ed?

I think I will take the fondue set.

I think so, too. Ed Gamble takes home a House Of Games fondue set.

Very well played, sir. Let's take a look at the weekly leaderboard.

These are the points you will take through to the rest of the week.

I will see all four of you -

I'm looking forward to it already - same time, same place tomorrow.

We'll see you as well on the House Of Games.

I mean, obviously I'll pop this sticker off.

The Description of Richard Osman's House of Games - S03E01 (07 Oct 2019)