Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month

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what happens when you leave a brain in

Champagne let's talk about that


good mythical morning and good mythical

early days of 2019 or as the ancient

Mayans called it seven years after

everyone is already dead

make sure you cheers the new year with

our brand new official DMM spilling

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store now some of you may have already

celebrated with a little glass of

champagne but today we're busting out

large receptacles of the bubbly

and visiting the spooky shelf that we

leave things on which we call the shelf

but we leave things on we've done coke

bleach open-air Guinness salt pool water

nail polish remover mouthwash and today

we're doing champagne it's time for left

on a shelf

champagne edition okay we're gonna be

presented with an item and then two

options for what happened when that item

was left in champagne for a month if we

get less than half right we have to

drink milk Moses and good mythical more

that's champagne with milk forbidden

brunch beverage listen to this okay I

have a urinal cake in front of me as a

point of reference but I'm smelling will

let you know that the one that is in

there is a different color is pink

because it turns out we couldn't even

buy that money anymore because of prop

65 because it might cause cancer link oh

don't touch it and that's why we've been

soaking it in champagne yes Oh remove

the cancer so what happened when this

was left in champagne for a month what

are our options from the mythical team

did the urinal cake dissolve and

completely disappear like links career

without me again again yeah good I don't

run out or condense into a thick gooey

mess like the horses my great grandpa

used to make glue how'd you guys know my

grand father was my great grandpa as a

glue maker condensed into a gooey mess I

think it's almost impossible for this

thing to dissolving completely disappear

because it's made to be under the urine

stream of drunk people yeah people who

got a lot of champagne just running

right through them and it's not I mean

good boys dissolve over time it does it

does dissolve over time that's what

releases but is it dissolving the

the erosion or is it dissolving because

of the the shifter so now I'm totally

going back on what I just sheer pee

force or just being wet what is it

I think gooey mess man I don't know

that's I don't feel strongly about it

though because there is some sort of

chemical thing so yeah I I'm never gonna

dissolve and disappear and I'm also not

voting for that now I'm gonna become a

thick gooey mess gooey mess here we go

reveal yeah yeah that's uh that's gone

that's a gooey mess no is it or is it

just gone no it would be completely gone

it's a gooey paint mess down there

yes oh wow there's some of it yeah look

at that

oh it's bubble gum now got a no never

you never know if he's actually joking

or not I mean it really is tempting

though round two broth filet mignon you

know you want you want to marinate that

in champagne for at least a couple of

days right what does it do to make it a

better tasting steak I don't know okay

these are the options that they're

presenting does it turn brown and appear

to be cooked like my aunt Debbie two

days into her daytona bender or develop

a bubbly exterior like my weird cousin

windle's gecko shocker oh nice

chicharrones ah yes yes I know what

those are

they have a butt it's like pork skins

interestingly you do age a most meat

that you get at the grocery store like

the most like steak has been aged to

some degree right you know in champagne

of course right but there is dry aging

and there's wet aging and I don't really

know I don't know what they put it in

when they wet it but it can be aged

easily for 30 days so I don't think this

is changed into a bubbly exterior I

think this just looks like a marinated

steak but which we've been at PR today

that appears to be cooked I think a

bubbly exterior could be a good thing it

could just be all the champagne bubbles

just like colonised on it and that just

it provides an effervescence that then

a something that you know when the chef

comes to your table he's like well the

reason why it tastes so effervescent is

because of the the bubble colonies which

have formed from the champagne marinade

you think that the steak has warts on it

now because of champagne bubbles

adhering to it that's not how bubbles

work if there's bubbles on it as soon as

we take it a new thing you're gonna go

bubbly exterior means warts yeah I think

it means that the the steak itself is

bubbled not that bubbles have gathered

onto the steak there's no there's no

there's no carbonation left in this I

agree okay so let's go with turn brown

and appear to be cooked final answer yes

look I don't see let's see a bubbly

exterior oh there's some pressure there

okay break this thing out and then once

you cut oh yeah see there you go it

appears to be cooked ah well it appears

to be a liver okay cut through it and

see if that if that goes all the way

through oh so soft it's like it's made

to me super tender look at that it does

appear oh wow it really soaked in there

you could probably just take a bite out

of it no no I wonder if now if we

grilled it what it would taste like you

know I said of course it wasn't

refrigerated so that would not be nice

yeah it's probably toxic but you know

what it's not toxic our score two for

two round three okay we've got some

rawhide which is basically just some cow

skin cowhide that has not been exposed

to tanning like leather okay and did

this rawhide after a month and champagne

go limp but keep its toughness like me

after two whiskeys because I know I'm

still a man this is totally normal or

dissolve into a thousand pieces like the

brains of every youtuber who ate Tide

Pods don't need time pods people see cuz

there's a little bit of give to this

there's a lot of take now I have heard

first of all cuz they sell this at the

pet store right

you're not really supposed to give this

to your dog yeah everybody says that

like the dog could get it in their

intestines and they're like causes like

an obstruction of justice or something

and that's right and you know what no

matter what we learned from this

champagne reveal that's the takeaway

don't feed rawhide to your dogs or your

children we should we should just end

this episode this has got to be go limp

and keep its toughness there's no way

this thing broke down

if champagne has the power to dissolve

it it should not be ingested right that

is our answer so I think it's just gone

limp but it's still like rubbery listen

this all right yep you did not dissolve

I believe there's a we read all three

for three it's thickened up man let's

investigate this thank you sir look man

okay pumped up it turned it back into

cow flesh hold that still I run a knife

across it oh yeah you know it's really

maintained its toughness leap there we


look at that take a plane that it

literally just it smells like champagne

it looks like a cow I mean it just looks

like fresh cow skin which is which is a

pleasant thing to stare at let's get a

close-up all right on a roll round four

ah the wonderful strawberry imagine

being the first person to ever see one

of these in the wild I was that was you

yes how do you react I was amazed that's

what we do in between you know between I

keep snappy I gotta give him happy he

can't face me strawberries we're so not

I'm gonna do it wait if the man

discovered the strawberry you gotta feed

it to him if you discover of all

strawberries deserves a little bite

every now and again

all right the mythical team has given us

these strawberry and champagne options

did it turn to a red pulpy mess like

anyone who crosses these two fists hold

fists up oh oh there you go go get it

turn white but stay solid like Michael

Jackson in the 80s I love Michael

Jackson in all its forms now here's the

thing I could see that the redness would

be removed exactly the redness of a

strawberry as the as the discoverer of

the strawberry I can tell you that the

redness of the strawberry is so so skin


in fact let me bite into one knew that

was coming and show you what the middle

looks like make it hat I couldn't just

turn it around I mean it's still a kind

of red but see the white metal don't

don't get upset

don't get upset there you go only bite

strawberry's left side of my face

I only only feed him the tips of the

strawberries and then I eat these later

holds fist up I think they turned white

there's no way they say cream white

let's see it I believe the champagne is

now red because did you see that special

oh I mean little pink but Oh kind of

white I I mean you want a white if I a

strawberry we just discovered how the

discoverer of the strawberry has now

discovered how to why defy a strawberry

taste it how is it

good I mean oh so juicy it's not bad

it's good yeah exactly it's that kind of

good what's that question about good did

all the strawberries go into this yeah

tastes like boon farm strawberry why um

that's greatness it's strawberry

champagne it's very good that's very

good so everybody wins the white or

strawberry and the red or champagne and

us for for four five all right we have

lambs brains yes after a month of

champagne did they keep their shape like

my championship sandcastle that made

mommy proud or crumbled to pieces like

my last play sand castle that time I

failed mommy you do it all from mommy

chromatid pieces are keep their shape I

mean nothing has lost everything has

just changed its appearance but nothing

has fallen apart let me use this Mickey

Mouse tool to gently poke the brains oh

that is very spongy you think it's

acceptable to fall apart

it is yeah I mean you feel it with the

Mickey Mouse whoa it's so soft I do now

what do you think oh I I don't see how

well here's the thing about keeping its

shape it's already it's already so jello

II that soaking it anything is not gonna

add any more water to it I actually

think it's gonna keep its shape I mean

technically your brain is just floating

in champagne right now right right now I

have a problem yeah so I think it keeps

its shape dude yeah for this for the

sweep for the Queen sweep yes

I'm green with you it kept its shape you

made mommy proud let's find out

oh it's floating we don't know yet we

don't know

can't it keep it it's bang first of all

all right make sure it keeps it shape as

you bring it out otherwise this is a

self-defeating victory okay yep

they kept it ladies and gentlemen for

the Queen sweep and if you want to keep

your brains in shape so come in

champagne they actually go harder keep

your brains hard I drink champagne if

there's about thing let's get let's give

it a good cut for the sake of science

good that make you hungry

you can't dissect yeah just feed me

strawberry don't talk to me like a baby


oh gosh later so there it is

look at that right there you got a


it's perfect it's just another

strawberry uh no thank you

and of course we also left links glasses

and champagne for a month huh oh so

that's where those have been I guess

they're champagne glasses now thanks for

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