Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bigg Vu - Có Lẽ Nào (Official Music Video)

Difficulty: 0

Yuh, uh, uh

How can you not love me?

Hand some, rap well, quick on the motorcycle

Even though I know you're arrogant but I played the part giving you the options

With the backpacker dude doing banging ain't a problem

Now I know you're pregnant with Hai

Think back I was pathetic chasing you for that long

But now I drive a Merc and you're still walking

Before I said I love Linh because of the feelings

But you were pretty before, now you're like an orge

Learned my lesson, I won't propose just so you can leave me

Hot girls they're so full of themselves

Check-in everywhere, every alley

Just eating out Pho yet there's a new pic

Made your boyfriend to a cuckold

But you're still fluffy like a puppy

Bigg is like drugs, very addictive

Raping gangsta rap like story telling

But your brother still want to show off

Called me a jerk, but I let him be so he can keep his dignity

Yourfriend like to badmouth me

There's this one chick almost fought me

So when I see her I duck quick

Jokes around and she might take my blood

Your family didn't say but I know they don't like me

In hindsight I shouldn't have chased you

Loving you do me no good

Herding sheep is hardwork, but herding you is harder


Your dad says I'm skinny

Even your neighbors say I'm slimy

If you don't love me then give it back so I can go

Girls like you are a dime a dozen back at home

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