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hello what goes here is comedy and today is about the bipolar disorder

bipolar disorder type 1 first what is it? It is a mental illness

which can definitely be chronicle so can stop for a long time

and the sooner it is diagnosed the higher is the

chance that I do it with treatment not chronized not so cool so

ksekuchen is horny but this is not really even sometimes and yes what the

means basically alternating high and low-episode (depression) the high-episode (mania) go

so in the extreme that you can not really enjoy the ones and the

Deep phases are normal depression but which may be still light

can behave differently and in any case not so cool

diagnosed is usually very very difficult only that is so if one

you have a depression one has a depression and not a bipolar

disturbance and when one is in the high phase many doctors also diagnose

simply a schizophrenia and be several types type 1 is the most extreme because

it's more extreme there's strong high-phase strong one calls it that

mania mania and depression as well as formerly one called depressive thus the

disease but mania is halt the high phase and depression the depth

the mania is being translated here actually means a forced

high-phase the mania associated with strong euphoria speech

fast thinking processes at least for the person so perceived thus

as very fast and high many also think that they are just the enlightenment

her life or several consecutive and the thoughts go

really in extreme and often the patients are then also in thought circles

caught in which they always think the same course and always

again so briefly forgotten in the memory of the memory and the new record again

which always repeats itself and one thinks that one thinks fast

and feels even like god yes so if you want to be god or

so bought by a bipolar disorder type I and the problem is that one

since do not get yourself out of a real manic phase is then there

it is still and the depression is a deep phase which can also be seen in a bipolar

disturbance type 2 * still much more extreme where it then goes so far

suizidgedanken but must not occur in any case and simply extreme deep phases

and bipolar disorder type 2 is associated with hypomanic phase hypo

manic phases are small high phases which minimally knock out minimal

type 1 up down where and and the alternating partially also faster

from there is still a type is then so fast changing phases is occurs

but rarely on there one has then from one minute to the other simply one

high phase then everything goes away and deep

itisbecker the sounded it all not sooo cool

yes I have this disease bipolar disorder type 1 and have learned thereby too

which was diagnosed more than a year ago and is now also

well healed so I still notice that I have this disease but

had no more outbreaks meanwhile no drugs at all

more neuroleptic the whole was so thread-lost

in a moment they could move after the change so again

exactly there I was in the clinic and I've really extreme much kifft extremely much

two thirds of the patients are drug addicts alcoholics anyway

and the other substances are excluded so that is already very

typical as the disease also develop a seeker disease and I

would have strong cannabisconsum to it again and again sometimes so

very we the viennohren and so what so it was really a crazy time

and then I have arrived where no one wants in the class

it ranges from the shit and the knew what they should make so the

Mania went so extremely honest had here with really great

intelligent felt everything was funny and so they want me crazy

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