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GLOVER: Were going to have an orbital flight test, a test without the crew in it, of each

vehicle, and then were going to have the first flight with crew in them, to prove that

these systems are ready to fly people to space.

TRUPATHY: These demonstration missions are important for astronaut safety because, you

know the folks around here that I work with, we all asked ourselves, would we be comfortable

flying our own family on board this vehicle?

And the answer has to be yes, and so because of that we need to make sure we test these

as much as we can.

FERGUSON: Since were dealing with a new generation of people who are putting human

space vehicles together again, I think its important to impress upon them every day that

there is not a day where their attention can waver.

GOOD: We can test them down here on Earth, we can put them in vacuum chambers and acoustic

chambers and, you know, do thermal tests on them, but theres nothing like going up

and putting them in the real environment.

VEGA: That will give us a lot of insight on the vehicle performance, the functional systems,

even the abort system will be active on that vehicle.

HOPKINS: Thats why these initial test flights are so important, because you need to seeits

not just the hardwareits also the software, its the people, its the procedures,

its the whole thing coming together.

WILLIAMS: Boeings supposed to land on land, SpaceX is supposed to land in water.

Those are two hugely different environments, so theres a little bit of interest in the

survival equipment thats located in the spacecraft as well, where thats going to

be, how thats going to work.

LUEDERS: This is a really critical aspect of the NASA job, is to continue to have that

dialogue with the contractors about, well why did you do that, you know why was that


SIMS: This is someones family member, husband, wife, uncle, aunt.

Its not an option to not be successful.

We have to be successful.

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