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I met the devil for the first time when I was 15 years old

moved with my family to Wichita Falls in the summer of 2003 my dad had been

injured in a work accident and the resulting lawsuit allowed him in early

retirement to the small town life he had always wanted the new house was an old

house a white clapboard two-story structure with a wraparound porch and

vaulted ceilings that backed up to a small creek bed and I loved the feeling

of living in someone else's history stepping into the ruins of countless

other lives as far as I ever knew the house had no history of occult activity

afterward when years and distance had healed me some I went back there and

looked into it know seances or black masses were held there the previous

family wasn't ritualistically slaughtered nor were there ghosts it was

as far as I could tell just the house until the devil came to visit

the first time I saw him I was on the back porch my feet up on the railing and

a book open in my lap the Sun was setting Texas has the best sunsets I

think it's all the petrochemical shit in the air it's slow exsanguination

creating a fiery portrait overhead the reds and purples and bruised Pink's

seeping down below the tree line I was trying to concentrate on my reading JD

Salinger's nine stories if anyone was wondering when I saw movement in the

yard over where the property line merged with the cops of trees that separated

the house from the creek there was a figure standing there back among the

trees before you ask no I wasn't terrified there were no preternatural

chills running through me no supernatural foreboding as I recall it

was rather ordinary a neighbor out for a walk perhaps the figure waved at me and

I waved back and I returned to reading my book when I looked up again the

figure was gone that night in bed I had a dream I was

walking along an empty highway overpass at night the weather was bad wind and

rain lashing down amid the distant roll of thunder looking out across the

guardrail I could see the twinkling lights of a distant carnival

old-fashioned red and white tents glowed within the collection of ferris wheels

and roller coasters I could just hear the sounds of laughter and music coming

from the carnival and smell the faintest hints of caramel and butter

I wanted to hop the guardrail and be there disgusting

Lizabeth in the manner of dreams I don't remember being startled by the sudden

appearance of a stranger in the dark with me he was simply there and I

accepted it impossibly tall he leaned against the guardrail casually with his

hands thrust into his pockets the cowl of his black hoodie concealed his face

and shadow but I could somehow feel that he was smiling at me what is I asked

oops he gestured toward the island of light in the dark knew all people I'm

sorry I don't know why I felt the need to apologize who are you oh you know I

go by a lot of names mostly because you people can't agree on anything do you

live here is heavy bobbed in an imitation of a head shake

I live lots of places I can touch the world more easily from here I'm

everywhere it's dark here I said you want to go there don't you

those lights I came from there once long ago it isn't worth the price of

admission you know he moved closer to me but I can do you in how he held out a

hand his fingers were long and pale and tapered delicate like a woman's I'm

pretty good at getting in places the trick is finding a holy computer a chink

in the armor I can show you but you can't get something for nothing I looked

at his open palm what do you want what do you have to trade I love a good

bargain his words were sucked away by the wind and lost to die in my ears just

seconds after being given voice I don't have anything valuable to trade I said

he clicked his tongue well what have you done it doesn't have to be anything

valuable he paused to consider how about that button he touched a button on the

collar of my shirt yes that would be enough one old button for a trip out

there you want this button i fingered it accidentally why not

it's just a bug on the one hand I knew I was dreaming

and after all it was just a shirt button and the glowing warmth of the distant

carnival sang to me yet on the other something else seemed off about it

something small that picked up my sleeping mind like a nail pics of scabs

some sense of wrongness about the hooded man something old and black that mankind

has lost the words for the button came off with a reluctant pluck between my

fingers and I gazed at its white round simplicity I looked off toward the

carnival it looked too warm and dry and felt like home I held off the button

you'll take me there right nothing simpler

I dropped it into his palm and those long fingers curled around it I could

feel that hidden smile of his growing the man's fingers gripped my shoulder

pulling me up atop the guardrail nothing but inky black unfurled beneath us he

stepped off into nothingness me with him and my heart left into my head air

rushed around me and I felt the ground rising the figures fingers digging into

my shoulders like hot iron and I knew I was going to hit the ground and snap

awake but the carnival rose up ahead of me bathing me in the rosy light from

rows and rows of 80 watt light bulbs lining the entrance to the fairground

accordion music rang out and through the archway I could see other people

families and children rushing back and forth laughing and smiling the man from

the overpass was still there standing just back from the light of the carnival

arms folded across his chest didn't I tell you nothing simpler I do love when

it's easy like that one gets so tired of teaching musicians of view chords I not

adopt fully stepping toward the entrance what are you going to do with my button

doesn't matter I shook my head I was under the main entryway now the smell of

candy apples and boiled peanuts was overpowering the music was much louder

almost deafening and warm so hot under the glare of so many bulbs why was

everyone smiling like that call it a good-faith payment next time we'll trade

for something else he had retreated farther into the

shadows around the edge of the fairground I could barely make him out

when I turned back an alarm what who are you

You Know Who I am I'm what you don't believe in what you've always been a

little afraid of in the dark in your bed at night when you piss yourself and cry

for your mommy to come sit with you his voice had dropped to the thinness of

rustling leaves I'm the devil and now I know you J fear gripped me hot and wild

unashamed fear took me in that nightmare as I turned to run into the safety of

the carnival but were the lights and sounds of happiness had been now was

only flame and lightning crashed from the clouds above striking the ferris

wheel again and again and the people on the rides were screaming others were

running past me faster and faster with horrific grins ripping their faces as

they ran and danced laughing into the spreading flames my bed resolved itself

into cool hard familiar reality beneath me anchoring me to the world that was my

bedroom my sheets were soaked with sweat and the comforter was a knotted mess

around my legs and waist I sat up in bed panting clutching my head in my hands a

nightmare a fucking nightmare when I had

sufficiently calmed down I got up changed my sheets and sat at my desk

listening to the unfamiliar sounds of the new house settling around me in the

night the dream disturbed me and left me Restless i sat up a few more hours

before slipping back under the covers as the sky began to lighten but sleep

remained elusive when my alarm went off at 6:30 I got up and got ready for

school standing at the closet I rooted around for something to wear before

pulling a plaid button-up off-the-hook funny I thought as I pulled it on when

had I lost a button

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I wanted to tell the story of how I got my fifth grade teacher fired on accident

he's a douche anyway I'm not going to say his name but we used to call him

Peter skin this was a Christian school I know it's hard to believe but I did go

to Christian school there was a certain day a week we could bring a toy or

something or a book it wasn't show-and-tell it was like I don't know

fun time but anyway we could bring something so I brought a yo-yo some

people brought a book or I don't remember so anyway it was time to stop

well I couldn't get the yo-yo off my finger I only think you're supposed to

tie a knot it's just like a loose loop that you go through itself or something

but I tied a knot so I couldn't get it off and Peter skins like you know put it

away it's I said to put it away and I'm like I can't get it off my finger was

like purple I mean it was obvious I couldn't get it off I wasn't doing it to

be a smartass and so he's like pulls out a pocketknife he's like well maybe I'll

cut it off maybe I'll cut your finger off too I wasn't scared he he was full

of shit this is the same guy actually that humiliated me for cussing I've

always cussed I love it but uh so he found out I was cussing at recess or

something I don't know so he makes me come up to the front of the class with a

dictionary gives me a dictionary and he's like look up the F word and you

know there's like there's like 10 there's a lot of definitions like fuck

off fuck up you know what I mean so he's telling me to read all of them read the

definitions to the class well I started crying

because I mean I would cry if someone yelled at me or I used to cry all the

time let's just put it that way anyway I start crying I hardly make it through

one fuck but I wish I could go back and do it again man I'd read the shit out of

that anyway after he has a pocket knife out and he says he's going to cut it off

and I'm like I can't I can't get it off he sends me to the office while I go

into the office they're like what's going on

I tell them the story everything that happened including the cutting of the

finger and whatever and I was just I wasn't looking to get the guy in trouble

I was just telling the story the next day he was gone and we had a basically a

sub for the rest of the year and that's how I got my fifth grade teacher Peter

skinned fired so this has been another installment of story time story turn


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