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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Classic Bedroom Collections: Our Mackenzie Sleigh Bed | Pottery Barn

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Furniture manufacturing

in indonesia is a long-establsihed craft.

Our manufacturers employ local craftsmen,

artisans really,

who create beautiful pieces.

The Mackenzie collection features a sleigh bed,

a double wide dresser, a single dresser, and a bedside table.

We've updated the traditional sleigh bed design

which dates back to the empire style of the early eighteen hundreds.

Versions of the sleigh bed sprang from

France and America at roughly the same time,

with inspiration for the scrolled foot and headboard

coming from the early Roman and Grecian empires.

The bed features the curve of our traditional sleigh bed as well as Queen Anne turnings,

with a new beefier construction, more interior room,

it's high up,

and has more functionality.

Really well proportioned...

The bed offers adjustable heights for the mattress

so that you can use it with

for without a box spring.

The headboard's particularly high to showcase the sleigh silhouette

and the rich mahogany finish.

One unique feature of this collection is the exclusively created fourteen step old mahogany finish,

which derives its inspiration from

British colonial furniture.

The Mackenzie collection

is for someone looking

for the ultimate bedroom suite.

A customer who wants a traditional bed with modern style

and comfort.

The Description of Classic Bedroom Collections: Our Mackenzie Sleigh Bed | Pottery Barn