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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LIVE ENGLISH with MISTERDUNCAN / SUNDAY 3rd FEBRUARY 2019 / IMPROVE YOUR LISTENING

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Oh can you see what I was doing there I was skipping with a skipping rope

did you know that the word skip can be used in many different ways skip can also

mean to jump past something or to avoid something you skip past it you might

skip a lesson that means you don't go to the lesson you avoid going to the class

you skip the lesson as you can see I am now skipping in the garden and between

you and me this is a very vigorous exercise it looks easy but it isn't I

hope you are not going to skip the thing that is about to happen because yes it's

a Sunday afternoon it's just after 2 o'clock here in the UK and this is live English

it sure is baby here we go again

it's a Sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve your English yes

here we are once again and I hope you are feeling SuperDuper on this Sunday

afternoon hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are

you okay I hope so are you happy well are you happy I

really really hope so so here we are all together today and it is a super-duper

Sunday and it's absolutely gorgeous outside it is so lovely outside I can't

begin to tell you how nice it is outside I can't I can't resist showing you the

view now last week I I mentioned that I really missed going outside so today

we're going to have a look outside and it is so bright and sunny at the moment

oh look at that it's incredible what an incredible day there is the view right

now outside the window of my studio a live view looking into the distance and

you might be able to see in the distance there is some snow on the mountains and

those mountains are actually in Wales so we are looking across towards kind of

towards the west of where I live and you can see lots of mountains and they are

the Welsh hills and they are very high in fact they are so high you can see

that they are covered with snow so that is the view right now it's very cold

outside but we are having an absolutely gorgeous day today it is pretty nice to

say the least and I hope where you are everything is

alright as well so here we go again hasn't this week been interesting it's

been a very interesting week around the world lots of extreme

whether including here in the UK now certain parts of the UK this week had a

lot of snow although here where I live there was very little snow so we escaped

the snow today but this morning the weather was so nice and I really wanted

to go outside in fact I was toying with the idea of going outside now there's a

very interesting expression toying with the idea if you are toying with the idea

it means you are considering it it is something that you might do you are

considering it in your mind you are toying with the idea you are thinking

about doing it you are considering it so I think I was on time today was I was I

on time today because last week I was incredibly

late but today everything is okay there are no technical problems

everything is SuperDuper today and I hope it will remain so well it's nice to

see you here of course we have the live chat we can't have a live English stream

without the live chat so let's have a look at the live chat right now shall we

who was first oh hello - gee Luciano for being first congratulations hello to you

and of course you get a super-duper round of applause well then well done

indeed so thank you for having a very quick finger in second place we have

Julie Jie hello Julie nice to see you back again Anna is here Martha Hasan

blue thunder says it's another Sunday another fun day yes it is it's time to

improve your English listening skills we also have mr. Bruno hello to you as well

lots of people on the live chat hello from Malaysia yes

Hiroko Belarusian is here how are you feeling today Belarusian I hope you are

feeling better because last week you told me that you weren't feeling too

well so I hope the thing that you are suffering with at the moment is not as

bad as it was seven days ago Pedro is also here of course don't forget

Belarusian and Pedro are the moderators on the live chat

sue sue Ana or Sri Jan is here as well also I think that's Lena

watching in Russia dosia quick quilling car where are you watching at the moment

is it your first time here if it is your first time watching me today or joining

in on the live chat don't be shy you can say mr. duncan it's my first time here

and I will give you a special round of applause hello also from Indonesia says

bumble bee also we have Trung GT Luciano and also Ana Rita is here as well

Francisco Attila also Sathya Guadalupe is here as well

where are you watching at the moment I'm very interested I'm always very

interested to find out where you are watching in the world and if you would

like to send a photograph to me maybe you would like to send a picture to me

showing yourself watching my live stream you can do so there is absolutely no

problem whatsoever also mustafa is here on the live chat

and Tomic hello to Tomic hello - shadow 46 oh I must say your name is very

intriguing shadow 46 also we have lots of other people sue cat is here hello

sue cat nice to see you here today all

we have Shaheed also here here I hello to you as well wow so many people

watching right now are of Al Araf says I love you mr. Duncan I am from Iraq a big

hello to Iraq don't forget if it is your first time speaking on the live chat

please let me know and I will give you a special SuperDuper hello back

Chandra Kant is here as well Chander crunch and ik rent I hope I pronounced

your name right where are you watching Jamelia is here

it apparently in Algiers it is a very cold rainy Hali day so you have frozen

ice falling from the sky Rho sir is here Fatima also we have loot chair and Manoj

satury no Modi body that's a very interesting name there also CAD knee

hello mr. Duncan I watching from Kenya Wow

thank you very much it's nice to know that I have so many viewers watching

around the world including Kenya so it's nice to see you here great to see you

here on the live chat I think that's almost it for the live chat today let's

have a look today is the day after Groundhog Day Oh Thank You Michelle for

reminding me yes now this is something that doesn't

happen here we don't have it here but in the USA there is a place where they they

have a special ceremony every year on the 2nd of February and what they do is

they they ask an animal called a groundhog they ask it if there will be

more winter or maybe more summer so they are asking when when summer or

should I say spring will arrive so they asked the animal and the animal will

whisper in someone's ear whether or not they have more terrible winter weather

still to come or maybe spring will arrive early so yes

Groundhog Day it is something that happens in the United States every year

also it's the title of a movie starring Bill Murray as well a very good movie

Carla is here on the live chat hello mr. Duncan from you dean in northern italy

we have sunshine - yes we are having a lovely day today I can't I can't begin

to tell you how lovely it is outside I was thinking of going outside for the

livestream but I decided not to because I realized that it was far too cold so

don't be don't be fooled by the weather it might look lovely outside there it is

that is a live view right now outside the window so it might look lovely but

it's absolutely freezing it's only about two degrees at the

moment outside it is very cold and I was outside this morning doing a little bit

of filming but I've decided to stay in the house I've decided to stay in my

lovely warm studio the live chat is very busy thanks for joining me oh by the way

did you see my special live stream during the week did you see my special

live stream during the week I was actually on Facebook I did a short

Facebook stream for about 40 minutes during the week just something that I

decided to do on the spur of the moment so something that wasn't planned so I

was actually on Facebook this week live for a very short time but usually I am

here on YouTube every Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time

jessica is here I have never heard of Groundhog Day is it a habit it is so

weird yes it is a strange thing I suppose you

could call it a a custom or a tradition so something that has been done for many

years we call it a tradition or maybe a custom something that is done in a

certain place or a certain area at a certain time can be described as a

custom custom ban is here bank we watching in Vietnam hello to you we also

have oh we have mr. Jarek hello mr. Jarek this is mr. Jarek from Poland how

are you today are you happy I really really hope so

yes I'm super duper and thank you for saying hello mr. Jarek isn't that nice

we have also Pahlavi know what is the difference between belief and believe

well the belief is the thing that you do believe in and if you believe it then

you feel that it's true so belief is the thing that you feel and

believe is trusting something or maybe you have faith in something you believe

it it is your belief quan says good morning mr. Duncan I'm watching you from

Colombia Eduardo is here hello everyone from Mexico hi Mexico a big hello to you

and I know that I have a lot of people watching at the moment in Mexico so a

big hi to you as well satury know says when I worked in the US a groundhog a

groundhog would stick its head out of its den and if it went back in it would

mean that it would be a long winter now as I understand it the groundhog has to

see his shadow so if he does see his shadow I think

that means you have an early spring but if he doesn't see his shadow I think

that means you're going to have another six weeks of winter I think so I might

be wrong there perhaps I should have researched that

before coming on what is the meaning of the word ironic ironic means to do

something that is the opposite to what the meaning normally is so if you do

something ironic it means the opposite or maybe you give something the opposite

meaning something is ironic ironic lucha says good morning mr. d'Ancona from

Verona a lovely city in Italy oh thank you very much a big hello to Verona as

well oh my goodness so many people on today thank you very much it's nice to

see so many people here on the live chat of course coming up later on we have yes

he's back he will be here after harpus - we are talking mr. Steve

yes mr. Steve will be here after half pistou

it's a Sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve your English we are talking

about a few different subjects today quite a few things today first of all I

don't want to be too sad today but we are talking about something that is a

rather sad and maybe some might say depressing subject do you ever feel

lonely now apparently here in the UK there was a report published last week

that says that more people than ever before now consider themselves as being

or feeling lonely so more people than ever now I wonder why this is so ok do

you know do you know why people are feeling so lonely these days so

apparently here in the UK there is an epidemic of loneliness more and more

people feel lonely and isolated they feel cut off from the rest of the world

so do you ever feel lonely also today something nice something positive have

you ever won a prize ah yes a very interesting question indeed have you

ever won a prize have you ever won a competition or maybe you've won a

special award maybe it work or maybe you took part in a competition and maybe you

came first so have you ever won a prize perhaps you entered a competition and

maybe you you were picked from a group of names so maybe you won a prize in a

competition maybe you were the winner of a contest

perhaps you entered a singing contest and maybe you came

first maybe you came in first place so that is today's question have you ever

won a prize have you ever weren't anything in a

competition and also the other question today is do you ever feel lonely do you

ever feel lonely I think loneliness to be honest I think

loneliness is a normal thing I think it's something that happens in

everyone's lives I think from time to time we all feel a little bit lonely on

a sad note now I don't want to be too sad today but on a sad note it is a sad

anniversary today because it's 60 years can you believe it

60 years since the singer Buddy Holly died in a plane crash it was on this day

the 3rd of February 1959 Clear Lake Iowa in the United States that Buddy Holly

was killed in a plane crash along with Ritchie valance another singer and also

another singer called the Big Bopper and there it is there is

the very sad sight of the plane that crashed on this day in 1959 killing

Buddy Holly also the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens and just to show how

fateful that date is or was here is the poster that was advertising the concert

that they all appeared in which took place the day before so there was a

concert that took place starring the Big Bopper Ritchie Valens and also Buddy

Holly and they were all on the plane that crap

the following day as they headed home so a very sad event and of course Buddy

Holly famous for many songs many classic songs that'll be the day

that'll be the day when you say goodbye that'll be the day when you make me cry

also it doesn't matter anymore I guess it doesn't matter anymore

and can you name another Buddy Holly song can you name another song made

famous by Buddy Holly someone might say that mr. Duncan you look a little bit

like Buddy Holly we think you look slightly similar in features to Buddy

Holly I'm not sure about that I I don't know if that's true or not but can you

name another Buddy Holly song as I said a sad anniversary today 60 years since

Buddy Holly was tragically killed in a plane crash so very sad we are going to

have a look at something very soon because it is a special day next week do

you know what day it is next week on Tuesday it is a very special day because

it is the Chinese New Year and of course it is the Lunar New Year as well on the

5th of February and we are going to have a look at a special video which we'll be

taking a look at that special event in a few moments time first of all back to

the live chat because sometimes I am accused of ignoring the live chat so we

will have another look at the live chat very quickly who is on the live chat

tatty is here tatty says I feel lonely now

oh don't be lonely you don't have to be lonely today because it's Sunday it's a

fun day and we are all here sharing our English Louie says have you

ever won a prize from YouTube after such hard work

after such hard work for 12 years can you believe it

I have never received my my award from YouTube so when I passed 100,000

subscribers I didn't receive an award I didn't get my play button I didn't get

anything so no the answer to that question Louie is no no I I don't know

why I think maybe I'm not that important when it comes to YouTube in general

tongue says I don't even him I don't know what that means

sto s Dan is Lao says I feel extremely lonely I don't speak I haven't spoken to

anyone since 2009 what you haven't spoken to anyone in 10 years

well you're speaking to mean how so that must mean something pal Mira says many

years ago I want a prize due to my best knowledge of French

between students but now my French is very poor because I have not been using

that language at all this is something that I have talked about in the past if

you don't use something you lose it and the same thing applies to language so if

you are learning a language and then you stop using it or you stop practicing it

then it will slowly fade away it's true tatty says I feel lonely now because I'm

far from my family I think so I think if you are a long way from your family if

you are a long way from your loved ones maybe you are in a different city or

maybe a different country it can be a very

lonely experience a croute meant says you are very important you have

done many important things I would be glad to meet you if you ever come to

Ireland thank you very much a croute meant at AK root Minh I hope I

pronounced your name right there I thought I have a feeling that I've

mispronounced it Anna says why don't you receive any prize from YouTube for your

subscribers it isn't fair I don't know why but I've never received a play

button or or any prize at all any award from YouTube ever I don't know why also

Emma is here we will give you the best teacher award mr. Duncan oh thank you

very much that's very kind of you Tomic says i won a prize at work for the

best performance in december i was awarded a free lunch at our cafeteria

congratulations Tomic now there is a special reason why

I'm mentioning this today because there is something that I'm going to talk

about with mr. Steve because mr. Steve had a nice surprise this week a nice big

surprise but what was it find out a little bit later on right now we are

going to have a look at one of my lessons and this is connected to

something that we are going to talk about this week because the Chinese New

Year is on its way it is and so here for you now we are going to take a look at

one of my lessons all about the Lunar New Year and the Chinese New Year

hi everybody my name is mr. Duncan and my name's mr. Lomax

well February is here again and for many people this is a special month because

it's the month of the Lunar New Year yes this month will see millions of people

welcome in the new lunar year including those living in China

each Chinese New Year has a special symbol to represent it these symbols are

all animals that is true besides China the Lunar New Year is

celebrated in other countries too including Korea Mongolia Tibet and

Vietnam due to the variation of the moon's orbit around the earth the Lunar

New Year never occurs on the same day it can occur in late January or mid to late

February depending on how each new year is calculated some lunar new year's are

shorter and some are longer which means that each lunar new year occurs around

the same time every year but not on the same day it is worth remembering that

the moon orbits the earth every 27.3 days there are some common customs that

are observed during the Lunar New Year celebrations the giving of money

normally in a red envelope new clothes are normally worn on the Lunar New Year

Day family reunions normally take place during the Lunar New Year celebrations

colorful decorations are normally put up lucky charms are often placed on the

front door of each house this is especially significant in China

fireworks and firecrackers or normally let off as

the New Year arrives so as to ward off the evil spirits do you know what is

ironic mr. Duncan know what the fact that you are making a lesson about a

part of the world where your videos are blocked yes it is ironic that my videos

are blocks in China and Here I am talking all about a Chinese custom isn't

the world a crazy place well mr. Duncan that's just about wraps

this lesson up but I have one question for you fire away

will I be appearing in more of your lessons

would you like to yes that would be cool what do you think

did you do it's a Sunday it's a fun day it is time to improve your English and

of course it's a Sunday and it wouldn't be Sunday without the guy who always

looks so happy especially this week because he has had some very good news

yes it's mr. Steve to be back here yet again

on this very cold and dry Sunday afternoon I've been outside mr. Duncan

skipping what do you think that I think that's pretty amazing I must admit I

think that's pretty amazing you look slightly red yeah oh because it's very

cold out so it's about minus three outside minus three centigrade that is

not sure what that is in Fahrenheit but it's minus three out there it's below

freezing three degrees below the freezing point of water okay and I was

away this week on a conference a sales conference for the company I work for

and they're trying to get us fit okay they're putting a lot of effort into

physical and mental health and well-being at work at the moment so

keeping your body healthy and also your mind healthy it's the corporate

responsibility so they are feeling responsible for your physical health as

well as well as your mental health so that you're well and can perform at your

job as well as possible which i think is a good things good idea it's a very good

idea so this week when we went along there was a little table well they want

us to have an app on our phones and they're trying to set up competition to

see how many steps you can walk every week there's a car I think you're

supposed to do 5,000 steps a day or something to be healthy I'm I found

something like that it's a lot five thousand sounds like a lot that

that's like you've got to walk about what a mile I don't know it well you

think just walking around normally in your day I think you probably quite

easily do that but our jobs in sales a very sedentary so we're sitting down a

lot in the car that's a great word by the way said enter it means you don't

you don't you just sit down you don't you don't walk very much so do very much

activity so for example if you work in an office if you sit down in your job

maybe you are a bus driver or a taxi driver or like me I mean sometimes my

job is very sedentary because I have to sit in front of my computer doing the

the editing for my for my lessons sedentary or sedentary job yes it means

you don't do so it's not supposed to sit down for long are you doing nothing no

so they're encouraging us to use this app on our phones and then there's a

little competition to see how many who can walk the most number of steps in a

week and they're giving out for prizes but they were giving out as well was

skipping ropes hmm which is unusual and they were giving out these free skipping

ropes and you think skipping is such an easy activity you skipping in this

country at least is associated with something that girls would do yes isn't

it it's seen as a bit of a sissy thing for a boy you're a man to use a skipping

rope well you can skip along like this stick to do to do so you can skip like

this this is skipping as well but also skipping using a skipping rope like like

at the beginning of today's lesson I was using a skipping rope that's right and

of course boxers use it to keep fit don't there you will see boxes with

skipping ropes and I'll tell you it is a very tough activity because it's not

easy skipping it uses my goodness I haven't done it for years and I was

doing it out so I can do it for more than about five minutes I was completely

out of breath and today well I tried it first on Friday but all the car or my

calves are aching us so Steve's legs are now aching just from a few minutes of

skipping so it's it's a very it's a very strenuous exercise cardiovascular is you

know it's very good it's as good as running and I want to use it because

when it's raining I like running but and but but I've got an ankle problem so

I've got to be careful how much I do but skipping is going to be a great way of

getting some quick cardiovascular exercise in 10-15 minutes done I think

it's gonna be great you just go outside in your yard and just do some quick

exercise yeah and I bet you can do it indoors as well if you've got as high

ceiling talking of work you had a nice little surprise this week you had you

had something occur in your life that gave you a nice moment of time a

lot of a lot of praise a lot of applause mr. Steve this week in his company came

top I'm the best I'm number one numero you know the Big Cheese yes of mr.

Duncan aye mr. Duncan's giving me my own

microphone now yes okay we don't we don't care about that and he's worried

I'm going to shout to world I did I did say don't shout or at least at least

give me a warning I've been working hard all year and I am Number One so

Salesforce not up not just in the area not just in the area but the whole

company so the whole UK company eating the ball oh oh scheming and secretly

selling Lots without telling people I was number one oh oh it feels good mr.

Duncan you know you know a few weeks ago we were talking about you how how modest

you are not today not today but not only that not only his mr. Steve come top in

the whole of the company so not not just two or three people but everyone we give

also you've also won a prize you don't get a

lot but well when I say yes once we aren't won a holiday that's the prize is

well yes it's a holiday that's a lot I know what do you mean it's not alone you

can take your partner with you which is great so that's our holiday this year so

Duncan so not only not only is mr. Steve going

on holiday but also you can take someone else with you

and so that means I'm going as well so Carden we've got we've got a free

holiday you think you're going oh I see what we're doing now you're going to

pretend that I'm not coming with you is that what we're doing I've got a few

other people in mind but I suppose you could come we don't even know I'm only

joking we don't even know where we're going we

don't know yet we don't know where it is where it where it will be but but at the

moment we're not sure but the one thing I'm worried about is is we might go

abroad because I haven't got a press sport at the moment my passport has

expired so there is something to look forward to apparently it's happening in

June in June and we will be able to film and maybe we could even do a live

broadcast don't say when no I don't know when it is no we don't know when it is

yet when all where we don't know when or where but it will be a holiday and it

will be free and we're both going on it isn't that nice so so I must admit I

feel quite quite excited but we haven't been abroad on holiday for many years

probably about seven years I would say it's longer than that we haven't we

haven't been on holiday for nearly about eight years because we're so busy you're

so busy all the time dedicating yourself 100% to the world of English and

teaching well of course we have been we have been on short trips in the UK but

it's been a long time since we've been abroad I mean we've been to many

countries we've been to we had a nice holiday didn't we in Madeira we did many

years ago Portuguese Island Madeira also we went to Turkey we've been to Turkey

twice very nice you you also came to see me in China I know when I was living in

China you came to see me so we've been to some rather nice places also Greece

we've been to Greece I think mr. Steve wants to look at the

live chat the live chat is now on the screen yes because Greg says traveling

with abroad as opposed see I said we're travelling abroad

yeah so if you say you're travelling abroad it means you're going to another

country but Greg says traveling with abroad okay explain well that's a

different meaning altogether he's joking because traveling with abroad abroad is

a slang word for up for a woman oh I see traveling with abroad also going away

with a woman maybe maybe a favor maybe if this was the 1940s maybe well I

don't know backs in America they still use that phrase I don't think I don't

think anyone uses Coleman but it's a good idea though it's a good idea yes

traveling with abroad so so mr. Steve is not traveling with a woman unfortunately

he's going to have to travel with me battery no no they did not raise my

salary it's just the pizza in this company it's more about the prestige of

getting it pristine yes getting that award rather than being actually

rewarded for getting it I like that word by the way prestige but anyway I haven't

had that for about seven years I had it seven years ago and I was determined

this year that I was going to beat everybody yes every now and then you

just all the planets align everything what what I mean by that is that

everything comes together yes and you can you everything comes together and

your targets and everything and you can you know you're going to get it if you

work hard for some years you get your targets and you think if there's no way

I'm ever going to get those and then some some environmental factors like

something might be against you you in your area for some reason but some years

everything comes together all the planets align and you know you go for it

so so sometimes it just seems like everything just works out for you yes

that's good we've got a few questions on the live chat

of course I welcome your questions that is no problem let's have a look oh one

or two congratulations first of all congratulations to mr. Steve from Inigo

thank you is very kind thank you are you going to go to Scotland I don't think

we're going to Scotland I'd like to go to Scotland it might be abroad I think

it's going to be overseas overseas so when we say abroad just going to

Scotland wouldn't be classed as going abroad hmm we going to be a different

country hi mr. Steve you are right five minutes of

skipping equals one kilometre of jogging really that's good

ah Valentin thank you very much because I could tell that it was using a lot of

energy because I was getting very out of breath hmm

so five minutes of skipping equals one kilometer of jocking that's it so mmm so

if I do ten minutes of that that's high cardiovascular it's very time efficient

way of keeping fit so mmm Ivan asks Ivan asks a question what does

it mean expired so if something has expired it means it has run out it no

longer is useful it's no longer useful or it no longer works it has ended so as

I said earlier my class sport has expired

it's gone past the date where it's valid yes or can be used or can be used and if

you have a you can have a pharmaceutical product that has expired if you look on

the dates of most medicines as a date and after that date you can't use it so

it's expired and also food as well food food can expire normally if the food

will go bad it will expire so you can no longer eat it so expire means to end or

maybe the usefulness of something has ended it has expired

also you can use the word expire to mean die yes okay

if a person dies we can say that they have expired that's right but usually

there's a certain date and then after that date you can no longer use that

thing like a passport for example so your passports they ran out on the first

of January it's expired you can't use it after that date that's it it's no good

it's no good I've just been asked why don't you come to Japan says Emma I've

never been to Japan but can I just share something with you I've always been

fascinated by Japan I've never being there and talking of Japan in the news

today Japanese car company miss San has announced that is not going to build its

big SUV here in the UK it's been a very big news story here in the UK so has

indeed did you know that Nissan is the largest car producer in the country in

this country well I didn't know that but I know that we took we've got a lot of

Japanese car plants in the UK yes this is in Sunderland isn't it it is which is

in the north of the of the country and I think it was back in the nineteen late

1980s that Nissan decided to build a plant in the in the UK and Sunderland a

factory a factory a giant factory because we were obviously went into

Europe in the 1970s and it was a good place to manufacture cars and that where

you had that whole of the European market in which to sell in and at the

time they got some big incentives to come here didn't they

Margaret Thatcher I believe but during the late 1980s we were encouraging

companies from overseas to come to our country to set up their factories and

for many years this worked very well didn't it yes it has done because yes

but of course things over the years have changed for various reasons first of all

changes in technology Steve technology yes the way cars operate the way they

work we'll talk about that in a moment also economic problems as well so the

economy of this country has changed over the years during the 1990s there was a

big recession and then everything got better and need I remind you all about

2008 everything went wrong the banking crisis everything went really badly

and it hasn't really recovered since then has it it's getting better

slow you mean they're there yes and are now of course we have big B word brexit

so also that is causing a lot of uncertainty so nice on the car company

Nissan have decided not to build their new SUV it's a big car sport utility

vehicle yes the very that the fastest-growing sector of of cars in the

world everybody wants everybody wants an SUV that's it started in America they

just over inflated versions they're just bigger versions of saloon cars yup

they're just big giant cars for people to drive around it but the problem is

and this is the point I wanted to make when it when it comes to car technology

is is the fuel that cars use over the years has changed that's right yes but

because diesel of course was became very popular because they got there were tax

incentives yes for company cars in particular for

people to use have diesel cars as company cars and paid less tax so in the

beginning we had petrol petrol and of course diesel is and of course what

happened was that ran the 1980 nineteen nineties I can't remember when it was

now co2 was the big problem with global warming and emissions and co2

petrol cars give out more co2 yes than diesel cars although diesel cars

actually give a better in terms of economy yes but now because of the

particles these little particles in diesel they diesel has now become very

unpopular because it's the small little particles that cause all sorts of

problems with your lungs and you don't get that so much with petrol cars it is

there but not so much and then there was a big scandal around Volkswagen who

diesel cars have if you noticed the the economy and the co2 the particle levels

the emission levels of diesel cars what was being published by the manufacturers

turned out to be false yes but but at that time as well car manufacturers had

to to stick to certain regulations as to how much pollution the cars produced

that's it and I think someone is just mentioned that on the live chat topic

eager cut Apogee you just mentioned Volkswagen Thank You Geoff chocolate oh

oh thank you Jeff Jeff has sent Jeff has sent a donation five dollars thank you

very much very much that is a prize for mr. Steve I think that's for you I might

put it towards the the Ford Mustang of course yes so yes diesel diesel cars

have never been particularly popular in America but they became very popular

here in Europe hmm because they gave they give much better economy and the

biggie the bigger the car the advantage to diesel becomes greater because you

get much better economy but their diesel is now totally out of fashion one

because manufacturers not just Volkswagen but they were the first ones

that were found out to be falsifying their emissions because they do their

emissions testing in very controlled condition yes let's just keep keep the

tailing down that keep the technical stuff down so all I'm saying is petrol

was originally the popular one yeah diesel was really for lorries and

Buzzy's so so we have buses and lorries but but then later cars started using

diesel and then we realized that petrol and diesel were bad for the environment

particularly diesel so they got car manufacturers to change the way they

constructed cars and the way they worked and so in certain parts of the world

diesel was popular and in other parts of the world it wasn't and so that's one

thing that's changing here and that's one of the reasons why you have that big

car factory by miss Ann built here because a lot of diesel cars were being

manufactured well these SUVs that they wanted to

manufacture we're going to be predominantly diesel yeah and because

diesel is no longer popular hmm for various reasons rightly or wrongly I

think it'll turn back I think diesel will become popular again because if

you've got a big SUV you're going to get very poor miles per gallon from a petrol

powered SUV it probably at least 10 to 15 miles per gallon less I would say

I've just switched to a petrol car because I've had to with work and I used

to have a diesel car and I was getting over well over 50 to the gallon and now

only getting about less when you say 50 to the gallon you mean you could travel

through 50 miles yes on one gallon of petrol that's it so you know I think

diesel will come back unless electric anyway I could talk about this all day

mr. Duncan but other things to talk about the point I was making though was

was the fact that because of the change in in the way people use cars I think

there are more cars on the road than ever before certainly there are more

electric cars now on the road and also because of the changes of habits as well

that some cars become unpopular and some cars become more but usually political

it's all politically driven but it's interesting that your car is a hybrid

now you've got a car that runs on both petrol and electricity that's right and

the economy is absolutely useless it's hopeless yes what do you mean by

economy a very poor economy yes what do you mean by

poor well I don't get very many miles per gallon so when you drive the car the

fuel efficiency is is bad because you're carrying around a load of heavy

batteries yes the worst thing for economy is weight hmm

but somebody's just can you just go but somebody made a very interesting moment

on the that attracted me there there we go mr. J hmm says that their favorite

car is a Ford Mondeo okay now I had two Ford Mondeo s in a row many years ago

and I still it was I still think it was my favorite ever car okay Ford Mondeo it

was it just drove beautifully it's just a wonderfully driving handling car I do

remember it yes I remember your Ford Mondeo that's right but it was also a

slightly sporty version so he had a nice engine it had those lovely sports seats

the most comfortable seat I've ever sat in they are the most they were the most

amazing thing they were so I think one of my favorite cars that you've had in

the past is a Ford Mondeo it was a great car it's it's inexpensive hasn't got any

it hasn't got any sort of snob value to it it's an everyday workhorse car big

car you can get lots of people and it lots of things in it does the job and it

does it very well in fact in most tests comparison tests often the the Ford

Mondeo comes out better than much more expensive cars like the Volkswagen

Passat because it's just a well but all ford cars are good they're all good cars

you can't go wrong with it anyway we're not being we're not being sponsored by

Ford no but yes very good cars we have a G we haven't just mentioned Ford we

mentioned lots of other we have companies today so anyway but but if any

car manufacturer would like to sponsor us you are more than welcome Steve loves

cars very much so Emma asks are there many electric cars in the UK no they're

becoming more popular but because they're so expensive

they're much more expensive than a normal

diesel-powered car and most people aren't prepared to spend that money yet

because unless you're going to get that economy back okay it's cheaper to charge

up your car but is it as I've discovered you're not cheap to charge up your car

but the thing is with you yours isn't even electric it's a hybrid so it's a

mixture of the two so if something is a hybrid it means you've taken an element

of one thing and an element of something else and you've combined it it is a

hybrid so your car runs on petrol and electricity yes but you've discovered

rather shockingly yeah that your electricity bill doubled doubled and the

battery in the in the car I've got is supposed to take you 22 miles but it

never does I'm lucky if I get 12 even driving it if you try going up a hill

it's just literally counting down the battery runs out virtually instantly

they are useless okay unless you are only traveling 10 miles to work and back

and you're getting very cheap rate electricity to charge it up with

otherwise their complete waste of money I would never have bought it it's a

company car but you save lots of tax on on electric cars in this you in this

country very good point from Inigo hybrid cars are only worth the money for

urban use yes so that's what you say so if you only commute around the town and

if you just use the car to go shopping and then you go back home you don't

drive many many miles to get somewhere yes I suppose the electric car is okay

but as you've discovered because you do many many miles in your car yes so it's

not really useful it's not good so so you've actually almost stopped using the

electric I've stopped it because I worked out it was costing me because I

thought yes I thought I get more miles per gallon which you do get if you

charge the battery up you do get a five or six more miles per gallon but

you don't get that cost back in the electricity that you've put in anywhere

near you better and if you've got hills the elect the elect the batteries used

up just so dramatically quickly far more than than using the petrol so yes and

you you wouldn't buy what no you wouldn't buy one yourself unless you did

very very small miles yes and you could charge it up using cheap electricity but

in this country in this country if you have a hybrid car as a company car you

save a lot on tax because we get taxed heavily and you have a company car you

get taxed very heavily so you have to pay a lot of tax you pay a lot of tax

but if you have a hybrid car you pay about less than half the tax then if you

were to have say a diesel car or an electric car which is why I went for one

someone just mentioned something here what a nice expression workhorse car yes

is actually a good word isn't it workhorse yeah if something is a

workhorse it means it can do heavy or strenuous things it's very good for

doing something over a long period of time yes or if you want to do something

that that means it has to be tough and strong it can be described as a

workhorse you've got you've got a lot to do so yes

in a workhorse car is he's got to do lots of miles it's got to be reliable

it's just got to do the job and you haven't got to worry about it you can

take the miles and it's a pound up and down the motorways yes but you can

describe anything as a workhorse yes you can now you can say a person a person is

a bit of a workhorse or maybe if your computer is very powerful and it can do

many things you could describe your computer as a workhorse I think I think

my computer my computer is a workhorse because it has to do lots of things work

work something that works hard and is reliable like a horse would be

lovely we've had lots of messages today mr. dent

it's a I tell you something it's a busy one today we are talking about other

things today now here's one for Steve mr. Steve do you ever feel lonely well

no I don't I would know I would say that you're not a lonely person I I think I

would say that you like being with other people I do I like being with other

people and I like being on my own so I rarely feel lonely when you were in

China I probably was a bit lonely then well the Duncan I was lonely when I was

in China to be honest that's right because I was in a strange place that

was in a strange place I was in a strange land far away from everyone and

well I felt very lonely when I was away from mr. Steve but I think it's normal

alright personally I think it's normal to feel lonely I think we all feel

lonely from time to time I think it's a normal thing to be honest yes you know

we can't always have company we can't always be surrounded by people and

friends and and always be with lots and lots of people in a crowded place so

sometimes we have to be alone to be honest with you this is where you and I

are very different because you you love being in company you love being with

other people I do but I also like being alone okay but I think you do crave

company I think you like being with people you like socializing I do whereas

I think I'm the opposite III I would not describe myself as a

social person so I find myself in social situations sometimes I feel very awkward

or very uncomfortable so I'm not very I mean a lot of people are surprised they

think I'm lying when I say this but I really don't like

social situations I like to be sure of who I'm going to be with so I

don't like going to a place or going to a party if I don't know the people there

I feel really really anxious out of your comfort zone very much very much out of

my comfort zone so I think loneliness is normal but to be honest I do quite like

being on my own I like solitude so sometimes you go out and I can relax and

I like my own company I can always find something to do and if I'm not doing

something I can always go outside or maybe watch some TV so to be honest I'm

I'm quite happy being on my own I quite like it and then when mr. Steve comes

back I feel even more happy I feel very excited because Steve is back with me

isn't that nice can I can I put this up now mr. Duncan

now we're talking about lonely loneliness would you like your camera

are you lonely mr. Duncan I think mr. Steve wants his camera so are you ready

to go on your camera like what it was for both

of us really oh yes oh really oh okay well it's a sort of yet but I

can do I didn't know that which camera am i on mr. doe okay let's well we're on

the big camera here we go we've got those three words as alone

okay just the use of the words alone lonely and the other word alone

okay there are three there are three different words that have similar

meanings so alone and lonely so if you're alone it means you're not with

anybody huh or any anything else any other animals he was alone in his flat

mm-hmm but being alone doesn't necessarily mean

that you're unhappy about it if you use the word alone it doesn't mean you're

unhappy okay doesn't imply in unhappiness whereas lonely implies

unhappiness if you you're never happy if you're

lonely lonely means you're you're you're on your own and you're unhappy about us

whereas being alone means you're on your own but it doesn't mean you're

necessarily unhappy huh so don't confuse those two phrases so alone is the state

of just being on your own yes you're just at home you are at home you are

alone there is no one else there but you don't you don't necessarily feel unhappy

about the situation no you could say I don't feel happy being alone that so in

other words you're lonely but if you would just say last night I

was alone it doesn't mean you're unhappy about it you could say I prefer to be

alone hmm whereas you wouldn't say I prefer to be

lonely because being lonely is an unhappy state of mind so there is a

distinction there is a distinction between the two alone the the state of

being on your own just one person and lonely is the feeling of being lost and

lonely so you you feel unhappy it's generally speaking it's a negative word

lonely but you can use the word alone not just to refer to a person but also

to a thing an object so you could have a house that stood on it's stood alone a

house that stood alone so there aren't any other houses around mm doesn't mean

it's an unhappy house no it just happens to be a house that's on its own so

that's that so and you mustn't use the word alone in front of a noun so you

can't say an alone man or an a lone woman you would have to say a man on his

own or a man alone so you can't put alone in front of in front of a noun

because it doesn't make sense you can't use it that way so agree mr. Duncan

that's it yeah yes in its broader sense alone is just singular yes so when we

say something is alone it is singular one thing one thing that might be in a

space where there is no other things around okay so that's that and then

we've also got whereas in America they have to score it I've because I've been

in the garden skipping and the cold air is it's got into my lungs and my throat

and it's making me cough we have loans them we have noticed lonesome is a word

that sometimes Jeff might back us up on this if that lonesome is there is it

what it means lonely but it's not a word that's often used in the UK it's it's a

word that I presume is still used in the US the dictionary says it is lonesome

lonesome you're on your own you're lonely you feel unhappy there was a

famous song by Laurel and Hardy the trail of The Lonesome Pine in the Blue

Ridge Mountains of Virginia on the trail of the lonesome I was going to say that

suggests that lonesome or lonely pine so there we go referring to a tree that's

on its own it's probably not unhappy because it doesn't know what an unhappy

is so here's the other word that is cat the third word lone so that lone wolf is

an idea is it is a phrase but lone if we just let's just talk about the word lone

that's similar to alone you can sometimes use them interchangeably but

when we refer to the word lone it just means a single thing that's on its own a

situation where where is that there is only one object involved whereas

sometimes you can have when we're talking about alone it's slightly

different so loan is a single thing unaccompanied but

it's used in a slightly different way in a sentence so when we're using the word

lone wolf that that means a wolf that's on its own doesn't mean it's unhappy you

can have a lone sailor so a sailor that's at sea on his own you can have a

lone gunman so it just refers to a single object that's on its own you'd

have a lone tree as well or a lone pine as mr. Duncan described so when you use

the word lone it's only is referring to a single object that's on its own what

about but whereas this is actually a lone wolf actually is a phrase that

refers to somebody that's on that spends a lot of time on their own so maybe

maybe not so a wolf spends a lots of time lots of time on its own hunting for

food if you describe a person as a lone wolf it means a person who spends a lot

of time on their own and maybe is very independent a very independent person is

quite happy to be on their own yes so you use somebody at work you could

describe them as a lone wolf yes they just sit at their desk all day working

away they don't really interact with anybody asked are quite happy and so a

lone wolf will often hear this is well used if there's a shooting such as the

assassination of Kennedy so when Kennedy was assassinated they

say was it a lone gunman yeah so a lone gunman lone gunman means one person was

responsible yes one person was involved whereas when you use the word alone it

could refer to a group of people they were alone in the woods it could be five

or six people altogether alone whereas when you use the word lone it is just

one person or one thing on its own that's the difference there hmm

but lone wolf it refers to a person it's an idiom isn't it

yes it is a kind of idiom because you're not really sort of using the the proper

term so you're not using that expression in its proper term so it would be

described as an expression or an idiom that the other one we forgot was

someone's just pointed out on the live chat The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger yes a popular TV character with his boyfriend Tonto mr.

Duncan the first gay characters on TV exaggerating they're a bit of Brokeback

Mountain a bit of Brokeback Mountain going on there I think but they at the

lone ranger somebody who is looking after some land and area protecting an

area of land and they're on their own they're quite happy to be that's the job

yes they have no choice so that's lone alone and lonely yes so lone and alone

doesn't necessarily mean unhappy lone is when it's a single thing that's on its

own or you can use or we can use alone lonely means you're on your own

and you're unhappy definitely means you're unhappy yes so there are some

distinctions between those words and even though people tend to put them all

together now something else we've mentioned we're going to have a look at

this very soon we are going to talk all about the Chinese New Year also it is

the Lunar New Year coming and of course the Lunar New Year the Chinese New Year

this year is the year of the pig mr. Jarek says they're wolves live in herds

usually yes they do but they occasionally have to go off on their own

to hunt that's where that expression comes from mr. steve has a pig he's

saying I'm a pig mr. Duncan mr. Steve has a pig on his shoulder because next

week it is the Chinese New Year the Loon a new

and it will be the year of the pig in Japan it will be the year of the ball

and I'm not referring to mr. Steve boor of course has two meanings and use every

meaning yes well you have some words and expressions to do with this particular

animal later on we'll have a look at those but first of all we're going to

have a little break we're going to have a look at one of my fault English

lessons we are also talking about prizes today aren't we Steve prizes have you

ever won a prize later on I will show you a prize that I won many years ago no

I've never won a big prize I've never won money ever

I've never win money and I've never won a big prize but I have to say I have one

small prizes in the past and the other question of course is one we covered

earlier do you ever feel lonely do you ever get the feeling of being lonely so

if you are alone and you don't like being alone

you will feel lonely all of that coming a little bit later on but right now

we're going to have a look at one of my full English lessons and this is full

English number 24

one of the things I love about English is how some words sound made-up and

unreal some English words are amusing to say and hear words with strong consonant

sounds tend to be the ones that stand out the most words such as pimple bubble

nibble pump nanny wobble blink if you are trying to be humorous then the use

of certain words will guarantee that laughter will be heard we often make

embarrassing things seem less humiliating by giving them funny names

I need a wee-wee I need to take a poop the tents of certain English words could

also sound unreal or made-up for example the past tense of dive is douve the past

tense of forbid is forbade the past tense of forsake is forsook the past

tense of shrink is shrank the past tense of shine is shauna the past tense of

leap is lept another curious word is manslaughter this word means the crime

of killing a person without premeditation or malice aforethought a

non intentional killing is manslaughter what is interesting about this word is

if you split the letters in a certain place then you get men's laughter which

seems very inappropriate given the nature of the original word manslaughter

man's laughter

do you like my new coat I bought it in the sales I thought I would treat myself

what is it about treating yourself to something new that makes it such a joy

sometimes it is nice to treat yourself to something it doesn't have to be

something large and expensive you can treat yourself to something small to

this new coat is not only my treat but it is also something I needed my

previous coat is now old and worn out which is not surprising as I've had it

for over 10 years I don't buy new clothes very often I might buy the

occasional t-shirt and maybe a pair of socks to replace a worn-out pair I'm

certainly no big spender the past tense of I is bought you buy something you

have bought something not to be confused with the past tense of bring which is


can you see what is hanging from this tree come on take a closer look don't be

shy what you can see here is a certain type of fruit

these are damsels a damson is a plum like fruit that grows in the summer both

here in Britain and across Europe their flavour is not all that sweet in fact

they can sometimes taste quite sour you might even say that the damson has an

astringent taste which can be quite harsh and bitter

despite that damsons do make great Jam which is exactly what I will be doing

soon with these particular damsons hanging here there are enough damsons

here to make over 30 pots of jam which is more than enough to keep me going

until next summer at the end of this season I will cut this damson tree back

a little as it is starting to become too large and is in danger of over growing

to cut back a tree or bush so is to prevent it becoming too large is called

pruning this damson tree needs to be pruned I will prune it I will give it a


and of course there are many many more video lessons on my youtube channel for

those who want to get in touch with me you can write to this address and also

you can follow me on Facebook as well

doo-doo-doo-doo it is a Sunday it's a fun day and it's time to improve your

English yes we are live on YouTube it's mr. duncan and mr. Steve are you okay

Steve I'm very well Steve has had a super week this week he's had a

brilliant week haven't here because you're quite excited because this week

you won a prize now for those who missed it

let tell us again what what's actually happened what's actually happened Oh mr.

Duncan I'm too modest to keep on saying what's happened I was what we call rep

of the year now don't give too much away because we don't want to talk about your

your job in detail mr. Duncan so yes I would yes anyway we've said it we've

said it so in in Steve's company he was the top the top of everyone in the

company and because of that he won a prize and he's won enough lovely holiday

we don't know where and and not only has Steve win a holiday but he's taking me

as well so we can go together if you behave yourself mr. Duncan I always

behave myself what are you talking are you suggesting

there may be a bit more housework wouldn't go amiss I can't do any more it

takes it takes me it takes me a whole day to clean your dirty when you want to

come with me on my free holiday the prize you've got to earn it you know

there's a few people who'd like to go with me on a holiday I really don't know

what I have to do now I'm very worried you know step out of line and maybe I

take somebody else does it involve rubber gloves and Vaseline

don't be disgusting mr. Duncan I hope not it's a Sunday afternoon we saw some

interesting comments while we were watching while your video was playing we

saw a few interesting comments a live chat that's what mr. Steve's talking

about so there it is yes I will you picked out the one by Andrea so first of

all chico says alone lone lone plus ly equals lonely but

alone and lonely don't forget they are different things so alone is something

that is singular it is not surrounded by anything maybe a person is alone and

lonely is the feeling of being lost you are alone and you don't like it it's an

emotional state of mind and Andrea says does on his own mean alone yes if you

are on your own it means you on with no one else you are

alone you just yes you just use it slightly differently in a sentence so if

you were at work for example you were working by yourself you could say I

worked on my own today but you wouldn't say but all you could say I worked alone

hmm so they do mean the same thing but in fact if you but there's a subtle

difference I think in in in the implication of what you're saying yes if

you say I worked on my own that doesn't mean that means that's doesn't mean that

there's necessarily a bad thing or an unhappy thing but if you to say oh I

worked alone by using the word alone instead of on your own it implies a

certain unhappiness in there I think so yes if you do something on your own yes

then there's no real implied unhappiness and what you're saying so the context is

slightly different the context is slightly different also it depends on

what the context is so I spent the whole day alone now that can be negative yes

because of the way you're expressing it so it's not just about the words you use

but also the way you express it the expression itself I spent the whole day

alone but if you said I spent the whole day on my own that also could be

negative that's it every subtle difference in in every sentiment oh you

could say I spent the whole day alone well yes I'm saying that I'm alone but I

was glad to be alone so it's not necessarily the word

that you use but the intonation the way in which you say it yes that's it and

you can't use alone at the word that you can't use the word alone in in front of

a noun muta muta Toto a semantically that

wouldn't be right no muta Toto is here hello mr. Duncan

mr. Steve you two are the great teachers I've ever forget I'm the English teacher

and mr. Steve is my is my wonderful co-host so mr. Steve is here is the

co-host and I'm I'm the person that teaches English on YouTube but but you

enjoy doing this now don't you Steve yes I do

mr. cherrick says that he's had a prize by singing in a choir uh-huh

collectively so yes not a personal one but the the choir got a prize hmm did

you win a competition or were you the best out of a certain region or area of

choir so yes if it's a it's still a prize I'm just remembering something

Steve what's that mr. Dave just made me remember something remember that time

you took part in that singing contest oh yes

and you came first I came first yes you won this wonderful trophy but the

problem was there are only two people taking part yes do you remember that I

do remember that there were only two of us so it was a 50-50 chance I just think

that is brilliant we went all the way to Litchfield

I know mr. Steve was singing in this contest and there were lots of different

categories yes and your category there was only two people taking part so the

chance of you actually coming first was fifty-fifty and in fact you did and you

came home with this big Cup it was a giant Cup which obviously many years ago

that that particular competition was very popular and there was a lot of

people that you would take part probably twenty or thirty people it was probably

a very valued prize but because singing has become that type of singing those

types of singing competitions where it's not pop songs this was a singing

competition sort of more classical music isn't

popular anymore there were only two people in that particular competition

singing I was singing leader I think which is which is a type of German song

okay and that's not popular anymore okay but yes that was funny mr. Bruno says I

once won a ride in a hot-air balloon it was a mean it was a beautiful experience

now to be honest with you there are two things that I would never like to do can

you guess what they are Steve go up in a hot air balloon is that one of them one

of them is go up in a hot air balloon is the other one a helicopter I would never

ever go in a hot air balloon I don't know why there they always look so

precarious they look so fragile when I return the sky they do I think I think

the thing is if something goes wrong with a hot-air balloon it tends to come

down quite slowly I think if a hot-air balloon goes wrong a hot-air balloon

comes down slowly well if if for example it has to stay afloat you have to have a

burner don't you have you ever seen a hot-air balloon crash I know they can

spectacularly crash but usually they you know if for example the burn that stops

working yes I usually sort of drift down fairly slowly but you might hit some

power lines yeah a helicopter I mean once that's gone wrong it's you're just

gonna plummet to earth aren't ya you never want to lose control of a hot-air

balloon because you could go anywhere you could crash into the side of a cliff

but sometimes the the hot-air balloon will catch fire yes they do there and

then it burns and then that the basket where all the people are standing that

it just crashes to the ground like a stone so no I don't I don't want to go

in a hot-air balloon also helicopters scare me I'm very

scared of helicopters Notah says I don't trust hot air

balloons helicopters or airplanes well I actually I'm okay with aeroplanes as

long as they're big one so yes we both share this opinion we

don't like small aeroplanes so tiny light aircraft like like the Cessna yes

a Cessna is a type of light airplane and that they're always crashing so no I

don't think nothing nothing well you know what you know what I mean

I don't mean they're always crashing but yes they crash more often well than

jumbo jet I'll tell you said well they do yes because big commercial airlines

have to follow incredibly strict rules and regulations before they can fly

there are aeroplanes out of airports particularly in in in the UK Europe and

America you're not allowed to fly a plane in or out unless you follow very

very strict rules whereas the smaller planes I don't think the same

regulations apply because obviously there's less people in them and one

thing I've noticed and we've both noticed and they've been a lot of a lot

of reports recently about this that lots of people have become very wealthy often

get o or go up in small aeroplanes small private planes or helicopters so in a

number of incidents of these crashing and all the people dying is is that this

seems to be one almost every week yes well recently there's the the chairman

of the owner of Leicester City yes so he was taking off he took off actually at

the stadium that he owned and and the the helicopter crashed in the car park

just outside but yes because part of the helicopter failed and and also there was

a terrible story last week of the football player who would appear has

been lost over the English Channel a light aircraft yes just plunged into the

sea would appear so so I would never ever go on helicopters

or in a hot air balloon or or in a light aircraft

I don't mind big airplanes it's strange isn't it I don't mind getting on a

aeroplane but statistically it's it's fast safe far far safer to go up in a

commercial aeroplane that it is even driving a car because I mean every year

on the roads in the UK there's about five or six thousand people die on the

roads in the interest in the UK alone well if that number of people died in in

commercial aircraft that's a bit of outcry you know nobody dies in

commercial aircrafts quite often I mean when they do crash a lot of people die

all at once which is why it makes the headline news but if you look at the

statistics travelling by Road is by far the most dangerous thing that any of us

ever do on a daily basis soon as you get in that car that's a very very dangerous

environment to be in far safer to go up into commercial aeroplanes but I don't

know about helicopters and because less people don't know what this how many

people die in helicopters per number of journeys you'd have to work all that out

but but yeah certainly travelling by cars probably the most dangerous thing

that any of us ever do on a daily basis and you don't realize it and yet you

would never think that no you would never think that the thing that I'm

climbing into now the car that I'm getting into is more likely to kill me

than getting in a large jumbo jet far more far more and and and according to

the insurance companies if you travel more than 20 thousand miles a year in

your car which I do and anybody that's in sales or does a lot of van driving or

anything like that if you travel I think it's twenty or

twenty-five thousand miles a year in your car that is classified as the same

risk as a deep-sea diver commercial deep-sea diver well and we all think

that's a risky profession but statistically if you do more than twenty

thousand miles a year you're in the same risk category in terms of how the

insurance they industry would would would put your risk

so yes exactly but I've been in a small aircraft a twenty five seater aircraft

and I'll tell you it was the most frightening experience I've been in them

a few times when you go in a small plane every little you feel every bump and

every little every air pocket and coming into land

don't blimey what I came into land once in Birmingham and there was a strong

wind blowing and we all thought we were going to die it was the scariest thing

I've ever I've ever been in so you can see why they would be more dangerous did

you scream no but the air steward air stewardess screamed she was sitting by

me it was a very small plane and she screamed I mean you don't want to hear

the air stewardess screaming that is you're coming into land that's the worst

thing possible I don't know if you're on the plane and you see the aircrew like

the stewards and stewardesses screaming and running around it's not very good

for the passengers yes that's all I can say yes

jarick says if something happens in an aeroplane that's why we that's what

we're frightened about with aeroplanes I think jarick mr. jarek has got it there

absolutely because you know there's nothing that you can do if that plane is

crashing or something goes wrong you know there's nothing you can do it's

you've got no control over that situation but in a car you obviously

have more control but in reality in reality if you look at the statistics

then no you haven't because lots of people die on the roads every year and

some countries it's a lot work when do you think five or six thousand people a

year die in the UK we're quite a small country yeah that's a lot of people

dying every year yes that's a lot of people from falling out of the sky no

wonder that driving how they survive but you still might fall out of the sky if

you go over the edge of a cliff where the regulations

the driving tests are a lot more lenient anyway then let's look at the live chat

because we're running out of time my husband used to parasail oh my goodness

that's another one oh that's where you just strap strap a parachute to your

back and then you you run off the side of a cliff the edge of a cliff I

couldn't do that well you run with the parachute and then it takes off with you

I could never do that the other one is hang gliding hang

gliding it's where you hang your body from from a very flimsy piece of cloth

it looks a bit like a paper airplane yes but then you just hang from it no way I

like big planes I like jumbo jets I like commercial airlines I feel very safe a

lot of people ask me mr. Duncan are you afraid of flying and I always say no I'm

afraid of crashing that's the only thing I'm afraid of my flying is okay sue cats

uncle owned a Cessna oh okay and she was she rented my shoes that must have been

very exciting when you were young because you're not really thinking about

the weather it's a frightening experience or not you haven't probably

not old enough to get all these fears in your head about aeroplanes we're also

talking about prizes and awards have you ever won a prize Emma says the only

trophy that I received was from my English school which was given for the

person who attended all the classes oh it sounds as if it sounds like Emma was

a very good student whoa I think so and notice says her husband used to

parasail and he stopped because most of his friends died

yes parasailing is very dangerous there is also the other one have you ever

heard of wingsuits I have wingsuits and this is literally

an item of clothing that you wear and it has little wings little wings under the

arm so you just run jump over the edge of a

cliff or drop from an aeroplane and then you fly with these little pieces of

material then you're sort of gliding on you gliding and falling at the same time

and so many people have died doing that because you're you're you're going it's

such a fast speed sometimes maybe 150 200 miles an hour and some of these

people have have actually smashed into the sides of rocky cliffs

yeah mountains can you imagine that imagine so you're traveling at about 200

miles an hour and then your body hits solid rock that's going to be a bit of a

mess to clean oh that's one hurt they're gonna scrape you they will scrape you

off the be like like one of those cartoons they'll be peeling you off the

side of the mountain I bother there was somebody he was it was

actually in the news quite a lot here for that particular sport I can't

remember what it's called and he was the the main sort of well-known person in

that sport and he died didn't he yeah because there was that there's a the

certain rock formations or holes in rocks that they try to fly through or

there are certain physical features on on mountains that you've got to try to

aim before yes if you're if you're one of these sort of wingsuit but I don't

know what they call it listen it is a wingsuit a wingsuit that's exactly what

though and of course if you if you miss but anyway these are people who we're

wimps really these are people who like to they were what we call adrenaline

junkies yes I'm not they like they like dangerous sports that give them an

adrenalin it's like people who like to pair to parachute out of an aeroplane

that's another thing I would never do bargaining tobogganing that's a

dangerous sport what you jump you jump out of an airplane in a toboggan no it's

that would be day yeah it might be a new sport for 2019 it's where you go up in

an aeroplane and you jump out of the plane in a toboggan

bungee-jumping now has another one isn't it would you do a bungee jump nothing

like that anything anything that involves heights jumping from Heights

falling from Heights or being in an unsafe situation high up

never although the fairground rides or when you go to the what are those my

mind's gone blank mr. Duncan Alton Towers is a famous place in this roller

coaster yes roller coaster rides that sort of thing no their date but they're

not dangerous but they're scary well I would never do that well I have done the

but I don't like what the two people here I have I have never done it I have

done it I've never done it I have done it I like it I don't like it okay

there's not two people in here well I have done it I've been forced to do it

but I didn't enjoy it no it's fair to say we are not adrenaline junkies well I

just don't I just don't like being dead I prefer being alive yes I prefer being

alive and that's why I don't do things that are risky like jumping out of

airplanes chico says yes lots of people are scared of planes but barely anyone

is scared of cars but statistically you are far more likely to die in a car

5,000 millions of times more likely to die and it's crazy when you think of my

into play it's crazy yeah exactly yes well you never think

about it though you get in the car in the morning to go to work and you never

think I might never come home again a bungee jumping yes Luis mentions that

there was an article actually a news article not recently here in the UK I

think it was I think it was a woman who was a grandmother of about 86 and she

took a bungee jump because she wanted a bit of excitement in her in her life

latter years did she get did you get any excitement I don't know but she did the

book that she did the bungee jump something I would never do do oh I see

but she did survive there was a

the rider Oulton Park Alton Towers is a famous what do you call the theme park a

theme park theme park in the UK and there was one call I've been on it there

was one called the runaway mine okay it's a scariest thing I've ever done

I heard of the corkscrew yes what's that other one where it sort of shoot you

straight up in the air I don't know I don't know Amos ride you know wherever

you are you'll have these theme parks I don't like them they also call them

white-knuckle rides yes because when you're on them you tend to grip with

your hands and then your Nichols the the parts on your hat back of your hand they

go white they're white-knuckle white-knuckle rides amusement park theme

parks there's another name for these parks where it's just all scary rides

yes I thought I can't think what it's called now amusement park

no yes I don't think there was another word all right no that's so Alton Alton

Towers what would you describe that as a theme park theme park what an amusement

park yes it's gyah just lots of lots of scary

ride yes talking of scary mr. steve is here with

me today and they're talking about we are talking about the Chinese New Year

and the Lunar New Year because on Tuesday the 5th of February oh yes of

course it's it's February it's not easy to say by the way I always like to say

February with the R in the middle but a lot of people don't bother

they just say February February February I said my birthday is in February

hi mr. Steve's birthday is in let me just work it out 13 days 13 days it will

be mr. Steve's birthday oh and I still have no idea what to buy you

jameelah i yes says that she would like to go in a

hot-air balloon I have been in a hot-air balloon mr.

Duncan it was a tethered balloon okay so it it was it was tethered in other words

it had it was tied down to the ground so it was still attached to the ground it

was still attached to the ground but it went up a long way it was how is that

safer well because it can't float away we could still it could still catch fire

and crash to the ground yes but it's unlikely but it wasn't I

don't think hot-air balloons at that dangerous you do hear of incidents but I

don't think they're the most you know they're not as dangerous I don't think

as people as long as you go with a reputable company it's probably you see

hot air balloons there's going to be very little regulation around around

these so probably you can probably just set yourself up as a hot air balloon

company and take people for rides are you telling me that there are shops that

just sell hot air balloons I would imagine it's not that well regulated

hello hello I would like to buy a hot air balloon please I want to take my

family up into the sky and wave to the birds

whereas commercial air a commercial aircraft is heavily regulated for safety

whereas I would imagine the hot air balloon industry doesn't have the same

standards of safety as as commercial aircraft we are talking about the

Chinese New Year and the Lunar New Year because it's on the way it's on the way

everyone and it's the year it tried to run away there the year of the pig

that's an angry is the year of the pigs an angry pig yes yes that the clue is in

the the animal here right that's it you see that's why I'm waving a pig around

I've got the pig in my hand not because not because I love pigs they've got two

toes I've got two toes pigs a lot of people say that pigs

dirty animals but in fact they're very clean very clean they they brush their

teeth every night and they always take baths twice a day so there we go it's

the year of the pig and coincidentally mr. Steve has some words connected to

this actual animal I do now I think you should have you're your own camera here

but do help me mr. Duncan to toes pigs have got two toes apparently two toes

I've got hooves they've got a who they've got hooves but two toes - too

sore toes weight bearing toes okay yes don't sheep have two toes I don't know

if it pigs - yes I think I think she I think sheep have two toes you could well

be right two toes how many how many toes do you have mr. Duncan I have ten but

they're very very my toes are like fingers I have very long toes it's

freakish they're very scary well I never lost a finger you could cut a toe off

from sew it in place and you wouldn't know the difference yes I'm going to

when I die I'm going to donate my toes to medical science so if anyone loses a

finger they can attach one of my toes to their hand and it will just look like a

finger they do they're freakish it's pick time right so mr. Steve is now

going to to grace his personal camera tell me when and I can make it look very

slick is that it am I on you are so pig yes well just the use of

the word pig is you can be used in different ways

pig obviously is the it's an animal but if you refer to a person as a pig then

you're saying that they're disgusting if somebody is if you say you Pig to

somebody it means they're greedy or disgusting or they're behaving in a

disgusting or rude way Abba noxious and obnoxious person who doesn't perhaps

conform to social etiquette a pig so I mean we think of a pig as being a bit of

a disgusting animals sometimes don't we hmm because the way

they eat and they make a lot of noise so if you describe a person as a pig it's

not very nice you wouldn't like to be described as a

pig but it doesn't necessarily refer to the way you eat it also refers to the

way you behave in society or behave towards people it's also a slang word in

the UK particularly for the police so if you call the police pigs that is a word

that they would not like at all but it's a probably used by criminals to describe

the way that police behave towards them look out here come the pigs is what you

might say if you're a criminal you wouldn't say that as a law-abiding

citizen if you were to say that to a policeman to his face you'd probably get

arrested it also refers to a crude block of metal like pig iron pig iron is crude

iron that comes out of the smelter it's it's not very refined pig iron

so it's unrefined block of metal so there we go that's uses of the word pig

now mr. Duncan if you were to eat like a pig

your people might say that you pig out you pig out it's a slang word or you

could say make a pig of yourself or stuff yourself would be sort of synonyms

it means to eat ravenously quickly noisily like a pig would eat to pig out

or to eat some eat a lot of something after mr. Duncan's live show I'm going

to pig out on a cake it means you just stuff yourself with cake very very

noisily just like a pig would the children pigged out on icecream

so it just means that you you eat ravenously or noisily or quickly on

something have you ever picked out mr. Duncan

have I yes I normally if I'm on my own if I'm feeling lonely I might eat some

food to make me feel comfortable pig-out it means you're gluttonous yes I will

eat eat a pile of food pig out on a big cake to eat to eat a large amount of

food in one go you feel like you need to pig out stuff yourself stupid stuff your

face another another phrase you could use over eat over eat yes well here's

another one when pigs fly when pigs fly this is this is a sarcastic remark to

indicate that something is very unlikely to happen or will never happen

a synonym would be when hell freezes over you could use that instead but when

pigs fly you you might say oh do you think he will pay you the money back

that you loaned to him last month and you might say huh when pigs fly

so you've lent some money to somebody but you're not not expecting them ever

to give it you back I asked my boss if I could have a 10% pay rise and he said

huh when pigs fly so when you say though obviously pigs

are never going to fly it's something that's highly unlikely to happen they

haven't got wings so when if you use that expression when you're not

expecting and something ever to happen and you use it sarcastically that phrase

has been around since the 1600s so it's hundreds and hundreds of years old

something that's unlikely ever to happen used sarcastically now an American

expression pig in a poke if Jeff still watching I don't know whether they still

use that phrase there but it does come up if you google were ways to use the

word pig pig in a poker we've certainly seen films from America where they've

used this expression and means so buying something without

properly examining it first so if you buy something over the phone

for example and someone describes it to you and then you you buy it and then you

get it it get it delivered to you and it's nothing like it was described you

can describe that as a pig in a poke because a poke is like is a bag it's a

slang word for a bag and if you buy something that's in a bag without seeing

it properly that refers to the way they used to sell goods hundreds of years ago

then if you didn't see that object before you bought it you might end up

buying something that was worth a lot less than you actually expected it to be

worth people often sometimes describe internet shopping or if you buy

something on eBay or on an online site auction site and you don't see it

properly or the picture was didn't represent it properly and you got

properly and you got it you you it was delivered it you

described it as a pig in a poke something that was not as it was

described the car I bought turned out to be a pig in a poke there was lots wrong

with it that you couldn't see that originates again hundreds and hundreds

of years ago from the 1500s but it's not an expression we tend to use in the UK

so it's mainly an American expression and hopefully that you still use it

there someone will tell us now bacon is a meat a particular type of meat that is

derived from the pig bacon is it is it's preserved it's preserved pork salted

very salty they use salt as a way of preserving it preserving meat and if you

preserve pork with salt and preservatives then it subscribers bacon

and it's a it's a type of meat that is very popular here in the UK bacon and

eggs we've got a particular flavor it's quite salty a bacon Sam

which everybody in the UK loves a bacon sandwich

apologies if anybody is Muslim and watching because they definitely would

not be eating bacon but if you just if somebody brings home the bacon that's a

phrase which means which is very similar to a phrase we used last week the

breadwinner is somebody who earns all the money and enough to buy the food and

everything needed in the house so if somebody brings home the bacon they are

the person the main a person who earns money in the family so they earn the

living and it literally is me is meaning well it derives from a phrase an Old

English phrase when a prize was given this is hundreds of years ago they used

to give a prize and in this particular part of the country and I think it went

all over the country eventually for it was a prize given a big side of bacon so

a big a big hunk of meat of bacon given as a prize to a household

I can't limit I don't know what why they gave him this prize but they did and

that's phrase has stuck for all these years to mean somebody who who actually

is earning the money to buy the meat to buy the food in the family that you

could use it you could say for example that if a man and woman if the woman was

was earning most of the money you could you could say sarcastically oh oh it's

the wife that brings home the bacon in that family so rather than the man

earning that all the money it's the woman that's earning the money bring

home the bacon here's another one mr. Duncan I would help Orcas so this is

quite an interesting tale pork this is an interesting one this it is now pork

is the meat that comes from pigs and I don't know where this expression comes

from because as far as I know pigs don't tell untruths but to tell pork is means

that you tell lies it means that you're telling untruth

I know the answer tell pork is it says yeah okay in a minute mr. Duncan

it's a slang or derogatory but it to tell lies it doesn't mean