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Hi everyone !

exceptionally we will speak in french today because we are

with Morgan VS who is a French Youtuber

and I don't speak English, it's complicated for me

but it's all right because

we are going to talk about "Le Nuancier des Alcools" which is the latest book from La Maison du Whisky

it's written in French and we will talk a little bit about it

You wrote it ?

Yes I did

What is Le Nuancier ? It's not a book, it's more of an educational tool

and the idea is to have a page for

each category of alcohol, it can be wine, beer

spirits, liquors etc.. and then to compare. So for example : whisky

Morgan, do you know the difference between scotch and bourbon ?

Between scotch and bourbon ? Too easy Didier ! Hmmm.. actually I don't know, I have no idea

Both are whiskies

Ok ! it's really usefull ! So, both are whiskies so maybe

the difference is the area of production. Scotch for Scotland

and Bourbon from the USA

Excactly but it's not the only difference

the raw material for scotch whisky can be malted barley for single malt

or other cereals in blends or grain whisky

In the USA, they use corn, rye and other cereals

they blend the cereals together before fermentation

they call it the Mashbill, we did a video on this topic, you can see it on this channel

Ok ! And if we do a blind test

can you recognize a bourbon from a scotch ?

Yes, if you're used to tasting them...

So you have the habit of drinknig ? That's what you're telling us ? But ok, go ahead

Tasting !

I know you are close to your community, explain us your problems

Ok, more seriously, I have no idea

first the raw material is different, the corn is sweeter

and a bourbon is exclusively aged in new oak barrel. We talked together of

the charred barrels which are burnt inside

so the taste is more woody, rich and round for american whiskey

meanwhile Scotch whisky is drier. So they are the two main categories

but you can also find whisky from Canada, Japan, from all over the world

Ok !

And do you know the difference between a Cognac and an Armagnac ?

No, I don't know

Do you have a preference ?

I prefer Cognac, that's what I like. And I'm a Calvados connoisseur

Calvados is the only alcohol that I master

Do you come from Normandy ?

Not at all ! But I love apples

Between Cognac and Armagnac, I know that Armagnac is not my cup of tea

I prefer Cognac but I'm not an expert

Once again

the difference between them is the production area, Cognac is produced around Cognac and the Armagnac in an other area

the raw material is the same : grapes

but there is more diversity in the grapes for Armagnac

For the Cognac they blend, it's the art of blending

they blend several vintages to obtain something consistent

So if you like a specific brand of cognac

it will be always the same

I only know brands like Rémy Martin

There are four main producers of Cognac

I tasted the Louis XIII

Nice ! In one of your videos ?

Yes ! It's one of the most expensive Cognacs in the world, right ?


But it's tough for me, my palate is not used to this kind of things

So, can we consider that Cognac and Armagnac are digestives ?

Traditionnaly, yes. Now Cognac is trying to reach out to cocktails

in order to widen their audience

All the production is sold at the USA or in China, we don't drink a lot of Cognac in France

Ok !

Only 2% of the production is sold in France

Amagnac is more local. They are more

on the diversity of terroir, different grape varieties, they often bottle vintage Armagnac

Ok ! And so, with Le Nuancier, if I search for an alcohol, you explain everthing about it.

There is a page for Cognac and another for Amagnac

Maturation, bottling, tasting note, service recommendations..

You wrote it ?

Yes I did, it's not like a classic book, only the ten first pages are really written out

to explain the major concepts

On the other pages, there are clear and short explanations and pictograms

Great ! Mezcal !

So at the bottom of the page you have the name of the alcohol

So when you know everything in this book, you can show off with your friends! Do you boast yourself sometimes ?

Because you know everything about alcohol ?

Well, I'm known to be Mister Alcohol with my friends

And you are also an educator so it's easy for you

We did a video on Morgan's channel about gin

So here you can find a Gin page

Morgan, do you know the difference between a gin and a vodka ? We will see if you learned something

You told me that we use a vodka to make a gin

we use a neutral alcohol

and then we add some flavours like citrus, spices etc

Juniper also

Yes, it's more or less a perfumed vodka

In both case, we start with a neutral alcohol

a neutral alcohol is distilled at

a very very high level of alcohol, it's almost only ethanol, so 96% ABV

That's what you like, right ? You told me that before we start filming

To do some shots yes !

No, more seriously, with neutral alcohol, you can dilute it to obtain a vodka

you can distill it again if you want something more pure

and to make a gin, we add some flavours like juniper but also

citrus like you said, spices etc..

There is something that I would like to know, what is the difference between a Tequila and a Mezcal ?

We often simplify by saying that a mezcal is a smoked tequila

And it's not the case ?

Well, in the process of production for mezcal

there are more artisanal producers

For the Tequila it's often bigger companies, so modern production methods. Meanwhile for mezcal they use ancestral methods

agaves are cooked in underground ovens

so you'll have this smoky taste and that's not the only difference, they use different kinds of agave

the production areas are different

it's a little bit like an AOC, official appellation

So for you, mezcal is better ? compared to Tequila ?

Is it more genuine for you ?

Non, I would say that Mezcal - Tequila is like Cognac and Armagnac

For the Tequila they try to keep a consistent profile

Mezcal is more craft, you have huge differences between the producers

The Mezcal is less known !

Yes ! Definitely less known

You can find some in very good cocktail bars

But there is not a classic cocktail made with mezcal. Normally you drink it neat

I personnaly know tequila for shots, but I don't know any brand or company in particular

except the San José (low quality tequila)

A lot of people don't like tequila just because of these brands!

All of us have already tried this kind of tequila

In tequila you have two main categories. First, the "mixtos"

for mixtos, it's not 100% of agave, you also have other raw material

and then you have the 100% agave, which is super nice !

I want to try it ! You make me thirsty ! We will do that at the end of the video

And finally sake. I know you did a video with Youlin on this topic

Before, for me, like the majority of the people

we grew up with the following idea : that sake is a spirit at 40% of alcohol that you drink at the end of a Chinese buffet

with the small glass

Yes, with a naked girl painted inside, you can say it

And I learned with Youlin that

sake is like a wine made with rice

and you drink it while you are eating

it's exactly like wine

I did a full meal drinking sake

and it was wonderfull ! Generally the sake is at 17% ABV maximum

Yes, the strongest ones are at 18 or 19% ABV

But generally its around 15% to 16% ABV

So, I really enjoyed the sake, it was a great discovery for me

Le Nuancier is classified by categories, and we start with the fermented alcohols

like beer and wine, and that's the category where we will find sake

So, with the classification alone, we already know that sake is not a distilled alcohol

Distilled alcohols come later of the book, like whiskies, rums, vodkas, gins...

and we end with macerated alcohols, like gins

vermouths, bitters and anise-flavoured alcohols like Ricard

I can't stand it !

Really ? Have you ever tried absinthe ?

I did a video about it and it wasn't a good moment for me

I don't like the taste of anise. I did a video about absinthe

and I threw up at 6, 8 and 10 p.m . I swear, it was a 89% ABV absinthe from Spain

You shouldn't drink Spanish absinthe

It wasn't the best choice of my life, it was tough for me and my team

Do you like abstinthe?

I love it ! I come from a french area called Jura

"I love it" he says!

this alcool makes me crazy !

But please tell me you drank it with water right?


Ah ! Because you need to dilute it !

I don't like Pastis, but the only way for me to drink it is neat

Ok ! strange, but ok !

It's weird, isn't it ?

But with water, I don't like it..

I drink Pastis neat, so I did the same for absinthe, but I quickly understood my mistake

after 2 or 3 glups I told myself that it will be a complicated video shoot, when it's at 90% ABV...

But absinthe was forbidden for a while in France, wasn't it ?

Yes it was, because winemakers wanted people to drink more wine

so the wine lobbies moved to outlaw absinthe

they said that there is too much Thuyone, which is a molecule that

we can find in absinthe, but also in Chartreuse

and other alcohols. They did some analyses and decided that there was too much thuyone

Ok ! interesting !

Thanks for coming !

My pleasure ! Huge pleasure !

We did a video together, so don't hesitate to watch it on Morgan's channel

It was great !

It's about gin, we selected some nice gins to make gin tonics

It was great ! You did some nice cocktails !

Well, it is easy to do a gin and tonic

You perfectly know the alcohols, and you perfectly know how to drink them !

Ahah thanks ! I have experience !

So, a little question for you

Do you know the difference between a pisco from Peru and from Chile ?

Obviously, the origin

but there are a lot a differences. I did two pages, one for each in Le Nuancier

How do you spell "pisco" ?

Pisco : P-I-S-C-O

Ok, I'll check to know the answer

If you know the answer, write it in the comments

give us a thumb up and follow the channel !

See you next time ! Thanks again !

My pleasure Didier ! Thank you everybody !

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