Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ИГРОВОЙ ЧЕЛЛЕНДЖ (коктейль смерти) Подсолнечное масло!!! УМЕР!?!?!?

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hello everyone and you are on the van rhine channel and now will be the coolest video

on before starting this please subscribe to my channel and soon we will be together

give a thousand subscribers thanks and so lead will be called deadly

cocktail now usually what our node is

orange milk toothpaste oil butter egg sour cream cat food liquid soap and

shampoos but you know what for a cocktail somehow I dont really have oil

oil liquid soap I myself invented it and so English is not very tight

so this is the name of the game and everyone known therefore we take a glass and lay

all these ingredients well and will wear well what drove

it was i forgot i forgot that there is this bullshit stood ok yes everything is closed

hanging out for years of oil and it's oil it started just class

Of course I understand everything, but the beginning of the cocktail very tasty faith will turn out 4

went too far son

yes again here again here I understand everything but if

although now something is a normal choice okay all all all all all all all all nothing

make subscribers so let's sign it looks like the price is big

some egg a

just broke your record you have to rejoice people here rejoices when making their way and

for some reason I have a recorder please let milk drop out and

oranges though I can not it drink it marvelous drink uhta liquid soap

up tough

at the beginning of the game yeezy easy subscribe to channels

I ask about it even more shampoo here I have his last

try whether I got caught shampoo shampoo believed it rapoo man

laugh I dont understand it will be necessary to cry the liver

all night in the toilet okay last attempted drove

want to lose an orange will go

normal topic

there are no attempts at night again performed so now and Denis and the mixer and we will

here it is all a mixer te you and smelly

smell write a comment please change or not you I even

I dont know, so I already included in general, here I am first hoo

that's what happened

well, what drove

I wont drink the lights, Ill write to you in I am death as death


I cant do it because its really nasty growth seems to have gone too far

in general, please subscribe to the channel like and wait for a new video clip

thank you all and bye

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