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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Charles Junior

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(jet engine roaring)

(man speaking Spanish indistinctly over PA)

(bus rumbling)

-(brakes squeak) -(kids chattering)

(chattering continues)

I missed you so bad, Monkey.

Me, too, Mom.

♪ ♪

(clock ticking)

♪ ♪

Jett: Hi, Charlie.

Hi, Charlie.

Hi, Charlie.

How'd it go?

Fine. Great, why wouldn't it?

Oh, I have something for you.

I have something for you.


-(slaps) -(sniffs)

-(claps) -(clears throats)

How'd it go?

Great. (chuckles) Why wouldn't it?

How was Bestic? Aah...

Just as advertised.

Exactly as advertised.

Exactly as advertised.

Great, why wouldn't it?


(lipstick pops)

♪ ♪

-Ms. Kowalski. -Ronnie.

(indistinct chattering)

(elevator dings)

(door opens)

Bennie. Carl.

How's it feel to brighten everybody's day every single day?

You're sweet.

Charlie: Yeah, but those wells dried up a long time ago.

Uh-huh, yeah.


-Jett. -Junior.

Welcome back. Everything go all right?

Why wouldn't it?

Charlie: Listen, look, look-- Okay, we'll get to that later.

But for now, please, convey to Judge Prosky my level of disappointment,

which is in direct proportion to what he promised me on that boat.

Yeah, I gotta go. It's my mother's birthday.

Jett. You truly are

the last Coca-Cola in the desert, aren't you?


-Drink? -I can't stay long.

-My kid's got the flu. -Oh.

But, uh...

-I brought you something. -Oh...

You did it.


Quinn did it.

(chuckles) And you doubted she could pull this off.


Where is he? Quinn?

Mexico, but the less you know, the better.


Are you two, uh, back together? Is this goodbye?

I have to wait out my daughter's school year.

It wouldn't be smart moving her now.

We'll see how things shake out after that.

I still can't get used to your maternal side.

-That makes two of us. -(chuckles)

Look, I got to send this out to make sure it's the real deal.

-You understand? -Of course.

I should be able to get your money by the end of the week.

(sighs) How was Miljan?

Exactly as advertised.

I knew I could count on you.

I am very, very pleased, Jett.


-(sighs) -(door opens, closes)

♪ ♪




(water running)


Maria: Buenos días.

You're up early.

Did you get any sleep?

Hmm, not much. You?


(speaking Spanish)

(slams mug down on table)

Help you?

Are you Daisy Kowalski?

Who sent you?

Miljan Bestic.

What can I do for you, Mr. Evans?

Well, we would like for you to attend a meeting

at that address, Tuesday morning.

-Jett: Who am I meeting? -I'll be there,

along with a few people he's put together about a job.

-I get my own help. -Evans: You run the job,

but we run the show.

Was there something else?

I understand how you feel, but I'm not your enemy.

Then who are you?

I'll be acting as your handler.

Just remember, nothing's black and white.

What about a panda?

Point taken.

Skunk, zebra, killer whale,

soccer ball, keyboard, dominoes.

You know,

most beautiful women with more than five brain cells

have a problem with their beauty.

They fear they won't be taken seriously enough,

so they overcompensate.

Not me. I'm naturally prickly.

I can play this game all day, Ms. Kowalski,

but you know the consequences

if you don't do as you're told.

See you next Tuesday.

♪ ♪

Tucker: My name's Dwight Tucker, and I've been sober for three days.

-Group (murmuring): Hi, Dwight. -Tucker: Before that, I was sober five years.

Recently, I suffered some hardships at work.

A situation came up with my wife that

put my job in jeopardy.

Actually, it put her life in jeopardy and I had to...

risk my job to fix it.

I'm not one to shift blame, you know, I believe we...

create our own circumstances.

(murmurs of assent)

I got fired from my job for doing an illegal thing

to save my wife and...

She, I found out...

was unfaithful.

And when I confronted her about it, she...

blamed me for being too wound up.

Coiled up like a snake, she said.

But I, uh... I don't know.

I snapped.

I drove down to this rock dealer, and, uh,

smoked a pipe. (Tucker sighs)

I ended up back at home,

maybe a day later...

and I hit her.

I was out of my fucking mind. It was pretty bad.

(sighs) Sh-she's okay.

She moved out.

Needs her space.

(sign buzzing)

(Josie panting)

No, enough. Enough.

We need to stop.

I'm not sure I can.

I hate you sometimes.

-I hate me all the time. -(chuckles)

Don't be a smart ass.

I'm not the one who's married. I shouldn't give a shit.

That's why you're a good person, because you do.

I'm not that good.

I just hate feeling like a...


(knocking on door)

Who is it?

-Who is it? -Jett: Jackie, it's me.


-How did you find me? -Do you trust her?

Is it safe to talk in front of her?

(door creaks)

It is.

Which Baudelaire are you after?

One comes with the other, but it's Junior

-we're concentrating on. -Maybe I can help you.

-What am I missing here? -I have my reasons.

-I thought you quit. -I did.

So, why come back?

Rufus Quinton broke out of prison.

You wouldn't know about that, would you?

Quinn is dead.


(sighs) I'm sorry.

Junior killed him?

Not exactly.

Where does Charlie stand in all this?

That's what I don't know.

You start this,

you can't exactly pick and choose who gets hurt.

I don't care who gets hurt.

(electronic music blaring)

(lively chattering)

(indistinct conversation)

-(door shuts) -(muffled music playing)


Where's your father?

Hasn't shown up yet,

but between you and me,

not his sort of shindig.

Bit of a homophobe, I'm afraid.


Then, why did you ask me here?

I thought you might like to cut loose a little.

(scoffs) Life is short, Your Honor.

I don't know what you're high on, Junior, and frankly, I don't give a shit.

-Name's Charles Junior. -(scoffs) Don't test me.

Never mind prison.

The only reason you're not dead right now

is because of your old man.

-Commit that to memory. -Is that a threat?

-Sure sounded like one. -I don't threaten people, son.

Well, since you're here,

might as well take your payment, in full.

Do you think I was born yesterday? No, you're gonna get that to me

the way your daddy and I arranged. Not here.

Lord knows how many cameras you have watching us right now.



-(snorting) -(door opens)

(sighs, sniffs)

Always hanging out behind doors, Bobby.

Charlie, I swear, I didn't hear anything. I was just--

Don't move a muscle.

I'll be right back.

(music continuing)


Thanks so much for swinging by, buddy.

You are familiar with the concept of insurance, right?

I don't follow.

Well, you know, as in if something happens to me,

a new judge is assigned to your dad's case, and he nails him?

Whoa. (laughs)

What just happened?

Did something spook you?

You're kidding. Really?

You think that poorly of me?

Why would I hurt you?

Well, do you want me to call you a cab?

I want you to start this car for me.


You're putting me on.

I look like a valet to you?



(car chimes)

(engine starts)

(car chiming)

(footsteps approach)

Charlie, I swear I--

-(slaps) -(grunts)

-(whimpering) -Look, I don't wanna hurt you.

I wanna treat you nice.

I wanna trust you.

You can trust me, Charlie. You can trust me--

Listen to your brain and shut the fuck up.

Charlie... (whimpering)

Let me make it up to you. Let me show you

how much you can trust me.



-Pathetic. -(crying)

You disgust me.


Stop whining!

♪ ♪

(engine stops)

What the fuck?

(engine cranking)

(engine cranking)





Now, show me...

I... can trust you!

Show me!

(Bobby gagging)


-(gagging) -(grunting)


(gags, grunts)

(crying quietly)

♪ ♪

I see you already have your drink.

Not as good as you make them.

What would you like?

Chopin martini, up olives.

Not dirty, very cold.

-Bruised. -That's what I thought.



(glasses clink)

(sighs) It means a lot to me

that you'd have dinner with me as friends.

-You're being too modest. -No, seriously.

It's, uh,

not a lot of people I can have fun and relax with these days.

You don't seem relaxed tonight. What's on your mind?

(chuckles) The usual.

I pride myself on never reading the paper or watching the news,

-so I wouldn't know. -Lucky you.

The problem with the world is, news is always bad,

from ancient Greece onwards.

We all live in the same nightmare.

We just react to it at different times.

All right.

-What's good here? -Oh, sorry.

No, don't apologize. I agree.

Bad things happen, people die over and over.

That's why I don't keep track.

-How about the branzino? -Branzino's always dependable.

And they love explaining in minute detail

how they can serve it to you whole or fillet it for you.

What percentage of people eat it whole, I wonder?

-Mostly Eskimos. -(laughs)

Your smile drives me crazy.

Am I ever gonna get you in bed again

after I pay you for this job?

Well, that depends on you.

Tell me how to do it. Walk me through it.

You know that version Nina Simone does of "Save Me"?

Sure do. Better than Aretha's.

What about it?

You put that on the record player,

be cool with the slow moves...

And then?

How's everything here?

-Good. -I'm Martin.

If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask.

Where's Tony, the regular manager?

He's on vacation.

Hmm, so you're covering for him?

-You're new? -No, sir. I've been, uh,

managing the day shift close to six months now.

And, uh, may I compliment you on your beautiful dress, Miss?

Then what? After I put it on the record player?


see if you can get me to bang my head against the headboard

and cum all over the bed.

You're a wild card.

What about you?

To wild cards.

To wild cards.



Tell me something you've never told anyone before.

I used to be a boy.


-It could be true. -Oh, no.

But don't go telling Junior. It might excite him.

He has unpredictable tastes, that one.

Yeah. For the life of me,

I can't figure out how the boy turned out gay.

My experience, men don't get to choose

the direction their dicks bend.

Yeah, except...

with him, I don't even think it's about sex.

It's a power thing,

or he's just trying to get back at me.

It's almost as if he enjoys showing

how out of control he can get.

-(footsteps approach) -I don't know how to get through to him.


-You need to take this. -Who is it?

Your buddy, Curtis.

-But he called you? -He couldn't reach you.

Breaking news about Prosky.

Excuse me.


-You get a haircut, Bennie? -Charlie: He what?

-I did. -When was this?

I'm so sorry. This is a cell phone-free zone.

-Sir... -Yeah. Okay.

-Sir, I need to ask you to take it outside. -He'll be off in a minute.

It's not fair to other diners.

-Wired to the ignition. -Please, come with me.

♪ ♪




-I gotta deal with this. -You don't have to rush off

and get the Nina Simone record right now.

The judge I bought just suffered an untimely death.

-It's a substantial setback for me. -Who would do that?

The method suggests, this kid trying to force me to go to war with him.

-Who is he? -Mexican bedbug, Jacinto Salas.

What are you gonna do?

I'm not sure,

but I'm gonna send him a clear message.

(phone vibrates)



-Yeah, okay... -I'm so sorry, but this is simply unacceptable--

-(punching) -(grunting)

-(punching) -(grunting)


-Would you accept a rain check? -Of course.

Bennie will deliver to your house what we discussed.

(sighs) Then, after that, if you if you wanna see me, call me.

I do, and I will.


♪ ♪



Does everybody die?


Even Maria?


Even you?


What about God?

Apparently not.

Who is God?

-God. -Yes, but,

who is he exactly?

He's, well...

It's different for everybody.

What does he look like?

What do you feel?

I love you, and I love Maria.

That's what God is.

Why is your bed covered with money?

I was just cleaning it up.

Go get some rest.


♪ ♪

-Carl: You're stalking her. -(church bell ringing)

Bennie: Just wanna make sure she's okay.

Carl: Of all the pussy in the city.

Bennie: Ain't about that.

It ain't about her pussy?

-Correct. -(scoffs)

No one who's graduated high school would believe that.

A guy walks into a confessional. He says,

"Father, I haven't been to confession in 30 years."

Says, "I like the changes you've made. I like the leather seats,

"the open bar, the cigars,

and the TV." And the priest says,

"Idiot. You're on my side."


Right? 'Cause...

♪ ♪

(shutter clicks)

(shutter clicks)

(shutter clicks)

Right on time.

This is Kowalski.


Holy shit.

-Jett. -Blair, long time.

-I see you two know each other. -Hell yeah.

Hey, Jett is in, I'm in.

-Whatever it is. -This is Octavio.

-Would you care for a drink? -No, thank you.

See, I... I thought you were inside.

A soft drink?

Nothing, thank you.

The Savoy is a piano bar jazz club out in Lynnville.

The manager's name is Joe Garson.

Every month, 12 amateurs, big shot wannabes,

play poker upstairs in his back room.

What kind of score we talking about?

Anywhere between 250 and 300 grand in the safe.

-What kind of security? -There's a doorman,

three guys on the floor, cameras, local alarm company.

You know if they call first to check in?

Verified response. They call Joe to make sure it's real,

and then it takes them about five minutes to get there,

then they call in the cops.

-How many exits? -Two.

How many patrons in the club?

Anywhere between 80 to 100, between 11:00 to midnight.

I don't like it.

Let's take a break.

(door shuts)

Miljan Bestic isn't asking for your opinion.

He needs this done.

Lynnville is 40 minutes from my house.

So what?

I don't do any job that close to home.

Look. I realize we got off on the wrong foot here,

but I'm not interested in your rules.

I'm interested in your leadership.

We got a locksmith, muscle, and a driver in there.

We need you to come up with the plan.

You got a week to set it up.

You expect me to believe we're doing this for 250?

I don't give a shit what you believe.

Now, you walk back in there,

and you put a plan together.

♪ ♪

-Tell me about Garson. -Evans: Not much to tell.

Divorced, doesn't gamble.

-Bit of a loner. -What's he into? Golf, guns, what?

He likes girls.

What are you thinking?

Since we need to handle the alarm company,

on top of the club, we have no time to dick around

with the safe, so we'll need inside assistance.

Let's get a girl to distract him.

-What's wrong with you? -Nothing.

You look like a pretty good distraction to me,

or am I outta line?

So, if he's partial to redneck retards,

you'll volunteer your ass?


Don't be so serious about it.

Let's scout the place.

We still like Garson for the inside,

we'll get a girl and make him an offer.

Here is the Earth Day Jubilee drawing.

In your note, you said you had some concerns about Alice?

Not concerns, exactly.

Just we like to get in touch with the parents

when the children show signs.

She's very precocious, Alice.

-Yes. -And inquisitive.

And she's been getting into fights

with the other kids about God.

She says that he punishes people unfairly.

Alice talks about Maria being sick?

She's very upset.

Is Maria Alice's other mom?

-No. -But she raises Alice with you.

We live with her. Her terminal condition was in remission, but it came back.

Oh my God. I-I'm...

That's awful.

This is obviously sensitive,

but does Alice know her father?

No, he died.

Oh, um...

I didn't know, um...

-How? -Suddenly.

I'll talk to her.

You know, we have a really good psychologist on staff.

I don't need someone to talk to.

I meant for Alice.


She's really special.

I agree.

(rain pattering)

I misunderstood. Thought it was just you and me.

She's my partner.

What's your problem?

I've seen men trust women before.

Stop it.

Charlie's going to war with Jacinto Salas.

Who is he?

Connected to the Matices cartel.

Been stepping on a lot of toes since he moved here.

Jett: Drugs, what?

Import export: drugs, people.

He killed a judge on Charlie's payroll.

That would be Prosky.

It's a fucking mess.

What's he after?

Charlie doesn't carry as much weight as he did 20 years ago,

but keeps a finger in a lot of different pies.

The Russians still love him, and they bring in a lot of money.

I'd say Salas is out to prove he can do a better job

at protecting their interests.

Dumb question. Why don't you just kill Junior?

What kinda cop is she?

I mean, if it's strictly revenge,

I don't understand your play.

Let's do this.

I feed you information on Junior,

and you put him away.

In return, you don't ask me anymore dumb questions.

In return, you play detective,

going after what you're really after,

keeping us in the dark,

putting us in danger.

You can't expect us to protect you--

I don't want your protection.

In fact, I ever see,

or even imagine I see, a car keeping tabs on me,

deal's over.

I can't afford you putting my kid in danger.

See you next week.

(shuts door)

I knew you two would get along.

(muffled music playing inside club)

(noisy chattering)

(chatter, music continuing)

Hey, you remember Frank Sweeney?


Yeah, he's in a wheelchair now.

Shitting in a bag the rest of his life.

Yeah, I heard.

That asshole was top dog.

Makes you wonder.

You do this bullshit long enough,

maybe there won't be anything left to salvage.

Of your soul, you know?

I don't remember this poetic side of yours.

I remember you pressing a gun to my head

and pulling the trigger.

No questions asked.

It wasn't loaded.

Yeah, you didn't know that.

Well, I been clean a long time now.

You know, it's just different these days, Jett.

These new kids, they're fucking wacko.

Wild, wild west shit. No regard for nothing.


Listen to me.

I sound like an old-timer.

Stay here.

(chatter, music continuing)

Help you, miss?

Is this not the little girl's room?

(chuckles) Restroom's on the opposite side.

Are you sure?

Last weekend, I used this one.

I don't think so. That's the manager's office.

It is?

Well, maybe it was here bec--

Nope, that's a private room.

Oh, private.

Is that where the VIPs smoke cigarettes and do drugs?

(laughs) Nothing like that.

There's no one in there tonight.

Come on, I'll walk you.

That's awfully kind of you.

(laughs) Just a sec.

-What's your name? -Bill.

Hm. What do you bench these days, Bill?

(woman laughing)

(indistinct conversation)

Man: Anyway, I'm gonna go in.

Enjoy your smoke, but hurry up.

Those dicks ain't gonna suck themselves.

'Sup, beautiful?

-You a cop? -Part-time nun.

-What's that guy's name you were talking to? -What guy?

Is his name Neal?

Is it?

I find it kinda weird I have to ask twice.

Yeah, that's Neal.


♪ ♪

(indistinct chattering)

-(bell dings loudly) -(laughs)

-Can I help you? -I'm looking for-for Neal?

Are you, uh, a reporter,

or a cop or are you just lost?


Oh, uh... (chuckles)

No, I-I'm...

I've never done this before.

My husband and I, w-we've been married

a long time.

-Twelve years. -Good for you.

Yes. And, um,

I-I promised something

super special for our anniversary.


(whispering): He likes a very particular type of girl.

♪ ♪

Big, innocent eyes.

Long legs.

He finds Europeans exotic.

Can you please help me?

Garson: Yeah, I'd like to help. I'd like to help...

Neal: I think so.

(giggling) I'm so excited...

Give her time to settle.

-Garson: Jesus Christ, your tits are unbelievable. -Girl: Yeah?

You don't think they're too small?

No, they're perfect.


Wait. Wait.

W-where you going?

You really are gonna help me, right?

With my singing?

Babe, that's not even a question.

You know the guys I been telling you about,

they manage 20 different acts.

Pop, hip-hop, R&B.

They're hooked up all over the place.

Absolutely top-level guys.

Okay then.

Do you wanna hear me sing right now?



You should see your face!

All right, you got me. You got me.





(ice clatters)

Jesus Christ.



Now, don't worry.

I can sing and fuck at the same time.

(unzips pants)



The tide is high

But I'm holding on

I'm gonna be

Your number one

I'm not the kind of girl

Who gives up just like that

Oh no

It's not the things you do that treats and wound

-♪ Me bad-- ♪ -(gasps)

-Woman: Hey! -Garson: The fuck is going on?

-(punching) -(grunting)

Aah, damn it! (grunts)

Aah, geez.

(grunting, groaning)

Garson: Hey, where are you taking her?

(grunts) Easy! Geez!

I need to pull my fucking pants up!

(tires squeal)


(thunder rumbling)

♪ ♪

(muffled): No! (grunting)

No! No! (crying)

(muffled shrieking)

(muffled crying)


(muffled scream)

Garson (muffled): No! No! Stop!

-(muffled scream) -(gunshot echoes)

(muffled sobbing): No!


No! No!

No! (crying)

Oh, Jesus Christ, don't kill me! I'll tell-- (gagging)

Jett: If you do what I tell you,

no harm will come to you.

You understand?

In a few days,

someone will visit your club.

They will tell you they are a friend of Ashby's.

You will take them to your office,

and you will open the safe.

That's all you have to do.

We'll take it from there.

You understand?

-(groans) -Say yes and you live.

(muffled): Yeah, yeah, yeah.


No, no!

No! (sobbing)

-Ow! (crying) -(doors slam)

Let's get you cleaned up.

Is it weird that I'm horny as fuck right now?

Perfectly natural.

Don't give it all to your brother.

That guy's gonna be okay, right?

It's seeing you again, Phoenix.

Don't be a stranger, stranger.

(alarm clock beeps)


♪ ♪

(machine humming)




Man (muffled): Miss!


Miss! Can you--

Miss! Hey! Hey, Miss!

Miss! Ah! Hey, you read sign, huh?

You need swimsuit for pool. This is family place.

(giggles, speaks Spanish)

I will call police if you don't cover up.

I will call police.

(speaking Spanish)

I have no choice but to call police--

I-- This is family hotel.

No naked swimming!

-(sighs) -(urinating)

(both sigh)



You mind if I snag one?

When I was a little girl

in my village in Benimaurell,

I wanted to be a therapist,

because I wanted to know why people do the things they do.

(speaks Spanish)


Very loud.

One night, I escaped

with a boy who had a motorcycle.

He was kind of raggedy and wild.

I thought I was in love with him.


I liked his motorcycle more than I liked him,

but he was a way out.

I got a job as a cook in a transatlantic ship.

(speaks Spanish)

Do you mind?

I cooked and I cleaned

that ship for one year.

And then two.


Everywhere I went, I thought I would settle down,

and start a family.

Together, you know?



as it turns out, there is something wrong with my womb.


Which you could say is bad luck enough,

except now I've been diagnosed with a...

rare disease that

only two percent of the population

in the world are susceptible to.

I'm very special.



Doctors give me one year.

♪ ♪

(machine clicking)


Jett: We're gonna do this without firing any bullets.

-Wayne: Seriously? -Seriously.

Blair and I will already be inside.

When I call you, you'll come in as strictly crowd control.

Blair and I will grab the money and the surveillance DVR.

You'll exit through the front, we'll exit through the back.

- Silent alarm gets triggered... -(phone rings)

-... alarm company calls to check in... -Yeah.

-Garson tells them what's happened. -Yeah, it's real.

They try to mobilize,

-realize they can't, they call in the cops. -(alarm blaring)

-Everybody meets back here. -What about the poker players?

They'll never know we were there.

What if, uh, one of them comes out?

Needs to take a leak?

They go downstairs, take a leak.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

Nobody knows we're there.

-No yelling, no bullets. -How do we deal with security?

I'll send a guard your way.

-You handle him and the doorman. -(buzzing)

The other two can stay.

Keep your eyes on them at all times. If, and only if,

you see them coming up to the office do you intervene.

(scoffs) But no bullets.

It's the only way this works.

All those drunk people are a liability.

Everybody has four numbers programmed, then we toss them.

Tell me about the alarm company.

Well, it's like I said, amateur hour.

Run it by me one more time.

Octavio: The electrical for the garage door is on a different box.

They keep all vehicles parked there except for one.

So once I blow that grid and disable

the one patrol car parked out front...

-Mm. -...they're fucked.

Jett: Block the garage doors anyway.

Octavio: All right, but I'm telling you, just really gonna

- be a precaution. -Jett: Do it.

(noisy chattering)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


(air hissing)

Swing by my office after we close. I'll give you a tour.

-Okay. -Great, looking forward to it.

I'm a friend of Ashby's.

Don't look at me. Let's go to your office.

-What's your doorman's name? -Lance.

Send Bill down to see Lance. Tell him Lance is ill,

ate some bad shrimp or something.

Do me a favor, go check on Lance, would you?

Had some bad shrimp or something.

-I think he's puking. -Bill: Yes, sir.


Wayne (phone): I'm here.

Jett (phone): Bill from upstairs is coming to see Lance.

-Bill is six-three, bald, tan jacket. -Got it.

-'Sup, bro? -I don't know. Garson say you're sick or something?

No, I'm fine-- (groans)


Jett: Go to the safe and open it.


-Garson: Jesus Christ. -Don't panic.

Do what I tell you and I'll get you outta this without a scratch.

(door opens)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


-Stand up. -Yeah.

-Turn around. -Yeah.

Face to the rug.

-Hands behind your back. -Ow!

Hey, what's this, asshole? You trying to surprise us?


Hey. Cut it out.

Lift your head.

-Higher. -Holy shit.

What is it?

-I was just holding them-- -Jett: Shut up.

How much is each of these suckers worth?

Don't stop.

♪ ♪

(zips bag)

(gunshot echoes)

Sorry, Jett.

(gunshot echoes)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

The Description of Charles Junior