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Hi Hi! Welcome back to my channel Solis Occasum

Happy new year, happy 2020

I wanted to inaugurate this year 2020 with a very special video

About my red hair

I've been with this reddish hair for about 3 years

Enough time to learn from my mistakes

to learn which are the products, which are the secrets

to keep a reddish color, an intense color, a lasting color over time

And above all, the necessary care to keep your hair as pretty and healthy as mine

Which has been hard for me to achieve

It can be a bit complicated for the people who are starting

So that's why I'm bringing to you an ultimate guide to keep and care red dyed hair

First of all, we are gonna talk a little bit about color

Color is essential when it comes to choose the right dye for the hair color you want

understanding the numbering of dyes is going to be crucial

So you can choose the right shade for your hair color

The numbering of dyes in the market may seem a bit confusing at first

But the truth is that it's very easy and we are gonna talk a little about that

In particular, about red colors

The first number of the dye, that is, the number before the dot is the base color

The base color means, more or less, how light or dark the hair dye is gonna be

This numbering ranges from 1 to 10

which 10 will be the lightest

and 1 the darkest

The base color will help you especially if you have a dark o light color base in your natural hair

or whatever your current hair color is

¿Why? Because if you already have a darker shade than the dye you wanna use

probably you will need a lighter base color.

This is not the case if you bleached your hair before

The following numbers are the reflects of the hair dye you are gonna use.

The second number is the primary reflect of the dye

This is basically what gives the color to the dye

And the third number is the secondary reflect of the dye

That means the color will be more intense or will reflect a different color...

or lighter...or coppery shades, mahogany shades...

that will depend on the indicated number.

In regards to red hair dyes, these ranges from 4 to 6.

Number 4 corresponds to coppery shades or orange

Number 5 are mahogany shades. In other words, violaceous.

This is, if you want a purplish red color

or not too intense, maybe darker or more winey

Lastly, number 6 is pure red

intense red, a passionate red.

Normally I always use in my dyes number 6 shades.

Or sometimes I like to have coppery shades.

That is, I don't know, normally I buy a 6.64

Just to say something

Now we will talk about the most important and crucial hair care

when it comes to already red-hair dyed in this case.

For hair care, normally I'd say there are 2 musts

In one side, is moisturizing

Moisturizing your hair is crucial afterwards you dye your hair

because any chemical process your hair goes through would dry it out.

So it's important to keep your hair moisturized, regardless of the color you will dye it.

Secondly, is a step that I learned with the time

and it is toning your hair

Toning your hair will allow you to maintain the color from your hair

without going through a complete hair dying process again

without the actual dye, without all the damage from that chemical process.

It's very important so now I will show you all the products I use

for maintaining and taking care of the red from my hair

and also keep it totally moisturized.

Firstly, the shampoo. Product we all use and

in my case, I have to wash my hair twice

I don't know why, maybe my hair accumulates a lot of sebum

and a single wash is not enough.

So I use two shampoos

The first shampoo I use, is an absolute basic shampoo

is this shampoo from Familand with no salt.

But the truth is, this is a wonderful shampoo

and it's highly recommended by many people that works with hair.

And I will tell you why.

This shampoo has no salt, has no parabens, it's a shampoo completely basic.

And the truth is, the more basic the better.

It's very important that a shampoo has no parabens, that is totally basic

actually it does more for your hair than you think

because all those products the industries put on the shampoos

that promises you miracles

in the end they damages your hair way more than you think.

So, the important thing about this shampoo

and what I like

is that is has no salt, it has none of those products that cause more damage to your hair.

And it cleans your hair deeply

it helps me a lot removing all the sebum, all the dirt my hair accumulates along the days.

And it has antioxydants

it's a shampoo that smells wonderfully, maqui scented.

It's a basic shampoo but it's really good for your hair if you just want to wash it.

The second shampoo I use for my second wash

or you can use it if you don't need to wash it twice like me

is this shampoo from Davines

it's the "Alchemic shampoo"

It's a toning shampoo

This means it has red pigments,

because it has pigments it will give you a little bit of color to your hair

avoiding a complete dying.

In particular, Davines has very good products,

it works with completely natural products,

it's worth to buy one of these, although they are not very cheap.

You can get this on specialized haircare stores.

It's a wonderful shampoo, it helps a lot to maintain the color from your hair

and it doesn't have parabens and weird artificial products

that could damages your hair way more.

I also use two conditioners, although I don't use them at the same time

but I use them depending on the need of my hair.

And I will explain you what I use them for.

The first conditioner I use is this from ELVIVE

this is the "Super conditioner" from the brand L'Oreal

It's a truly good conditioner.

All the conditioners from the brand L'Oreal from this line ELVIVE are very good.

I use this one mainly to give all the moisturize that my hair needs,

it had work great on me.

It's a very complete conditioner,

it helps a lot for hair growing

it's something that I also care about

if you also care it's really good to know that aswell.

It has vegetal keratin, vitamins, castor oil that also helps for hair growing.

It's a very good conditioner, very complete and it helps to moisturizes your hair

it works great on me.

And the second conditioner I use is this from Davines aswell

it's actually the continuation of the shampoo I showed you previously.

It's the "Alchemic Conditioner" from Davines

this also has red pigments on it,

which is why I don't use it very often.

But I use it especially if I want to tone my hair a little bit more,

when I want to give it more color.

You can use this conditioner about three times a week if you want to use it as a treatment,

as a toner is very good.

Also, like the shampoo it doesn't have very aggressive products for your hair.

It's really really good.

So, I totally recommend it if you want to maintain your red hair for a long long time.

Lastly, I want to talk about the "Bonus" products that I use

which are products that I don't use everyday, not everytime I wash my hair,

but everytime I either want to provide moisturizing, or extra toning to my hair

First of all, I wanna talk about toners.

My sister-in-law made this one for me who works as a stylist.

But anyways, any toner that has a little amount of dye

will be enough for you to making this coloring treatment kinda mild for your hair

without going through a complete dye as I said before.

You can make your own mixing a little bit of your dye with some conditioner,

with some moisturizer that you like.

My sister-in-law made this

it kinda works the same

It has a dye a little bit more mahogany, more violaceous than my hair.

Normally I'd recommend that you use a dye a little darker than your hair

for providing more intensity to your hair

because if you use the same dye you are using, maybe it won't works the same as if you use it by its own.

And finally, I wanna talk about my very favourite hair product

It's a product I got recently

and it's this moisturizer from Rebel

which is an indie brand, it's from a friend.

This moisturizer is the best thing I've used for moisturizing my hair

it's truly phenomenal. My mom uses it aswell.

It's this moisturizer called Medusa.

I will let you the instagram from this wonderful store from my friend Nico

who makes this wonderful beauty care products for any kinds of needs, not hair only.

What I like of this moisturizer is that it's made with completely natural products.

It has rosemary oil, silk protein, argan oil...

all natural products there's no secret on it.

And the truth is it makes your hair very very healthy,

absolutely moisturized.

I use this treatment about twice a week

this is when my hair feels a bit dry, dead, shineless...

a single application of this revitalizes your hair completely

Normally, I always suggest that you use natural products rather than the market ones

because natural products are truly the best when it comes to take care of your hair,

taking care of your skin and taking care of any part of your body.

So this was today's video, guys

the very first video of this year.

As I said, I have many surprises for this year 2020

just wait for them, I will be working a lot more on this channel.

Comment any idea, any suggestion, any opinion

all very lovely and well received from me.

If you wanna help me, please like this video, share with all your friends

And I will see you very soon with lots of surprises for this year 2020

¡Big Kiss! Bye-bye

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