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Hi I'm Patsy Casteen. I'm from TOPS Georgia 38 Valdosta Georgia. I lost 100

pounds. I joined and I was 264 when I stepped on those scales that night. Third time's

a charm this is my third time returning the TOPS.

First time was 1985 I went on a cruise never to return the TOPS. Second time I

became the Georgia state queen 2001 I returned to TOPS in 1999 and then in

2002, I was in an automobile wreck and messed up my right arm to never return

to TOPS I went through depression I was very disappointed then when I returned

this time it was January the 2nd 2014 and when I stepped on the scales I mean I

was mortified very disappointed in myself and depressed and of course then

I turned to food as I was not only on strong narcotics for the pain and

everything that I went through but food became my comfort at once again this

time I went through congestive heart failure

and knee problems. I wanted to return to TOPS. I knew TOPS was the only

key to my success you know the other two times I knew that my only

lifesaver was TOPS and I wanted to live for it because I have a beautiful family

I have three beautiful daughters I have five awesome grandchildren my husband

and I've just been married 45 years and so I wanted to live for that and my best

friend Debbie Ziegler she never gave up on me she knew that I needed TOPS

and she wanted me to return she always said Patsy please come back they will

be so happy if you'd walk through those doors

so I did

but she never gave up on me and I came back January the 2nd 2014 and my biggest

regret was I waited so long why did I wait so long to return to the most

awesome weight loss group that I know that I tribute my life to. Never give up

believe in yourself, love yourself enough that you want to live that happier and

healthier lifestyle.

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