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Hi, this is Taylor. Today, we're going to discuss how to refill the ink cartridges for

an HP970CXI printer. To refill the cartridges for this particular printer there are two

very distinct methods. The black one has a bladder, as opposed to the color one contains

sponges. To refill the sponges for the color you'll need three syringes with long needles

and accordion ink. To refill them simply punch out the top holes which are already there.

They're just little plugs, so just punch them out quickly. With the ink cartridge pointed

towards you left to right refill em' with the yellow, magenta, and cyan. Do not go according

to the sticker as it will mess you up. To refill this, simply insert the needle into

the sponge and insert ten to twelve milliliters of ink. Once you've finished there's no need

to cover the top. Just simply clean the print cartridge and place back in the printer. For

the black cartridge you need to remove this ball bearing. Actually, what you need to do

is press it into the cartridge. Inside of there is just a giant bladder. Pushing it

in will not affect the cartridge at all. Once you have pushed the ball bearing in simply

inflate the bladder with some air with a syringe. Once you've done that grab your needle with

the full of ink, and put in just a quarter of the way down and slowly depress the syringe;

filling with about forty five milliliters of ink. Once you have filled with ink simply

put in a regular size bb into that opening and push down with a pair of scissors, or

with some, with a hard object. After you've done that this cartridge does need to pressurize,

so if you have a paper towel and a bowl put the paper towel on the bowl and about five

milliliters of ink will soak out of the cartridge onto the paper. After about fifteen minutes

of standing like this the paper towel will be soaked with ink so use caution, but after

that time the cartridge will be primed, ready to be used, and you can insert back into the


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