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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 40 Basics English Lessons for Life and Business

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lesson 1 nice to meet you

Activity one hello my name is John

Rawlings I'm Maria Santos nice to meet

you nice to meet you too miss Santos

where are you from I'm from Los Angeles

and you I'm from Boston

activity to

message one

this is two one two five five five six

eight nine one please leave a message

hi Linda

this is Charles Brady my number is nine

oh eight five five five seven seven

eight four thank you bye

message two

this is Thompson limited please leave

your name and number

thank you hello this is mr. Tanaka from

SELCO corporation my number is three one

two five five five eight six zero seven

please call me back

thank you goodbye

message three

hi this is Susan please leave your name

and number and I'll call you back thanks

hi Susan

this is Jim call me bye

lesson two I'd like the steak please

Activity one what would you like for


I'd like the steak place and for you sir

I'd like the chicken with rice please

right away

activity to

conversation a good morning what would

you like

I'd like pancakes please would you like

coffee or tea tea please

conversation be

what would you like this morning

scrambled eggs and the glass of orange

juice please

tea or coffee coffee please

lesson three what do you do

Activity one where do you work Ellen I

work at game time software what do you

do I'm a programmer oh how interesting

activity to


hi I'm Beatrice I work for Infosys

I write software programs


hi my name is Brian McDowell I teach

English to business students


my name's Teresa Carter I work at

Belmont bank I managed the bank it's a

good job


hello I'm Marco I work for the city's

newspaper I write articles and interview

people it's hard work but I like it

activity three

afternoon peachtree computer service can

I help you yes do you sell laptops yes

we do

great what are your hours we're open

from nine to six what's your address six

two one zero

Main Street thanks a lot bye

listen for how much is it

Activity one can I help you yes I'm

looking for this suit in a size 12 mm

hey you are how much is it 195 pounds

activity to

thank you for calling lands and may I

take your order yes hello I like item

number seven three nine seven three c-46

in true red the mock sweater what size

small please and your next item please

that's all just one item your name lo de

almeida and your address mrs. Almeida

it's four seven eight nine Maple Avenue

Lawrenceville New Jersey zero eight six

four eight okay and your credit card

number five two eight nine nine zero

zero seven zero zero five one three two

four nine expiration date 12:05 thank

you for your order have a nice day thank


lesson five have a nice trip

Activity one

hi Karla how are you great

I'm going on vacation where are you

going to Madrid I'm leaving on Friday

that's wonderful have a nice trip

activity - where are you going on

vacation sue me oh I don't know I'd like

to go to a warm country

how about Thailand what's the weather

like in Thailand in the summer it's hot

and rainy I like hot weather but I don't

like rain

well what about Rio mm that's not a bad


less than six how do I get there

Activity one excuse me

is there a bank near here yes there's

one next to Rosen's department store how

do I get there

go straight ahead two blocks it's on the

right thanks a lot

you're welcome

activity to

eh excuse me do you know where the train

station is hmm go down Market Street

turn right at the third light that's

10th Street go one block up 10th Street

and the station is on the right thank

you you're welcome

be pardon me where is City Hall it's

behind the shopping center on Chestnut

Street how far is that

not far go two blocks down Broad Street

and turned left at the stop sign go past

the shopping center and turn right on

the little Street behind it

great thanks


I get to 95 south at the next stop sign

make a right that's a one-way street

then you come to a traffic light make a

left onto Route 31 north and stay there

for about five miles then you'll see the

sign for ninety five thanks a lot

activity three

Karam export/import hi why are you


we're at 12 Spring Street and how do I

get there from Union Square do you know

where the bus station is yes I do

we are right across the street from it

great thanks

lesson seven my husband's name is Steve

Activity one are you married yes I am my

husband's name is Steve do you have any


we have a son and a daughter what are

their names Michael and Mary here's a

picture of them

activity to


what does your brother look like he has

blond hair and green eyes is he tall or

short he's tall

and how old is he he's young he's 21

years old


what does your boss look like she has

gray hair and brown eyes is she tall or

short she's short and how old is she

I think she's 55

activity three


I'm married and I have three children

two girls and a boy

my wife my daughters and my son have

blonde hair but my hair is brown

be I'm married and I'm a grandmother

I'm short my husband is tall my husband

and I have gray hair we have five



I'm not married I'm divorced and

have a son he's ten years old


I'm not married I'm single but I have a


she's short and has black hair I have

black hair too


I'm single I'm 34 years old I'm tall and


activity for

hello hi mark

it's me hi mom what's up your father and

I would like to come for a visit we'd

like to see our grandchildren oh and you

and Emily of course that's great mom

when can you come how about next weekend

sure next weekend is great

lesson eight what can you do

Activity one

do you still work at the helpdesk Nicole

no I'm an assistant web designer now

good for you

Thanks I finished an art and design

course last year then I got the new job

that's great Nicole

activity to

Toshi you weren't at the office

yesterday where were you I was out of

town in Philadelphia were you there on

business yes I was there with my boss we

were at Celotex Celotex Celotex is our

new client we were there from 10:00 in

the morning to 8:00 at night that's a

long day yes it sure was and we're going

back next week

lesson nine let's meet at 6:30

Activity one

would you like to go to the music

festival tomorrow night I have two


sounds great what time it starts at 7

o'clock at Center Stadium let's meet in

front of the stadium at 6:30 okay see

you then

activity to

let's do something tonight how about a

movie what's playing

let's see summer romance is at the Odeon

and galactic Adventure is at the Rialto

galactic adventure sounds good what time

does it start there our shows at 7:00

and 9:30 let's go to the 7 o'clock show

and get something to eat after the movie

sounds good to me

lesson 10 what's the matter

Activity one are you okay Jill you look

terrible I feel terrible what's the

matter I have a bad headache did you

take some aspirin yes I did

but it's not working I hope you feel

better soon

activity to

telco may I help you hi Amanda mrs. Tony

Tony what's the matter you don't sound

too good I'm not coming to work today I

have a bad cold did you call a doctor

yes I have an appointment at 11 o'clock

well I hope you get better soon thanks


bye goodbye

lesson 11 can we meet tomorrow

Activity one

hi Luis can we meet to discuss the Borg

project sure when would you like to get

together how about tomorrow morning

sorry tomorrow morning's not good for me

are you busy tomorrow afternoon I'm free

from 2:00 to 3:30 does that work for you

sure does

activity to

hello may I speak to a Lena please I'm

sorry she's not here right now could I

leave her a message

sure may I have your name Junichi subtle

Junichi subtle and the message please

tell her I can't meet her on Friday I

need to reschedule okay does she have

your number yes she does she can call me

at work alright I'll give her the

message mr. Sato thank you bye

lesson 12 I love Mexican food

Activity one let's go out for dinner

tonight okay

where do you want to go how about the

new sushi restaurant oh I had lunched

there yesterday with Susan then how

about the Mexican place in Oak Street

sounds great I love Mexican food

activity to


what I really like are snacks you know

peanuts potato chips candy I guess I

like things that are salty or sweet no

salads for me I'd much rather have junk

food even when I eat a regular meal I

usually add salt most foods just aren't

salty enough for me


what's my favorite kind of food I guess

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy I

like to eat steak and hamburgers I also

eat a lot of pasta french fries and


I don't eat very much fish or chicken


my favorite kind of food I eat a lot of

fruit and vegetables I love salads

I don't eat very much chicken or meat

but I eat fish once or twice a week

activity three

may I help you I'd like to order a

takeout dinner please yes what would you

like to order let's see

I'd like some wonton soup one want a sip

and the beef with broccoli please okay

I'd like a couple of side dishes too one

order of egg rolls and the calamari egg

rolls and calamari okay anything else no

that's all okay your order will be ready

in 30 minutes thank you bye

lesson 13 what do you do there

Activity one

so you work at exact wireless yes that's

right how do you like it it's very

interesting I'm working on three

different projects at the moment and

what do you do I'm a project manager oh

I see

budgets schedule and weekly reports to

the vice president of operations


divot e2


my company makes airplane parts I

supervised 20 people in our Chicago

factory it's a hard job and there's a

lot of stress I'd like to find some

other kind of work


I'm the director of human resources at a

large financial services company it's my

job to help all our employees do their

jobs it's not easy but I enjoy it I like

working with people


I work for a software development


it's a cool job we create multimedia

games I write code that's what we call

writing software it's a lot of fun


I work in the accounting department of a

large clothing store I have to pay the

bills and make sure we get paid most

people think my job is boring but it's

not boring to me I like working with


less than 14 may I help you

Activity one

may I help you we were just looking

we're having a sale on electronics today

TVs and stereo equipment are all 20% off

if we get a new TV we'll have to buy a

cabinet for it no problem we're having a

sale on furniture - really what floor is

that on right upstairs third floor

activity to

you always wear such nice clothes Janet

where do you shop well different places

I buy some clothes at department stores

but my nicest clothes come from some of

the smaller stores downtown aren't their

clothes more expensive not always not

when they're on sale and I think the

quality is better do you ever buy

clothes online not very often I know

that you can find some good prices

online but I like to look at clothes and

try them on before I buy them

less than 15 I'd like to make a


Activity one

hotel reservations may I help you yes

I'd like to make a reservation for which

nights January 7th through the 10th and

for how many people just myself yes we

have rooms for those nights would you

like a single room or

activity to

conversation a

come in how many bags sir these two

suitcases and that bag over there shall

I take them to the lobby sir now to the

front door please

a taxi is picking me up

conversation be

I'd like to order some lunch can you

bring it to my room yes of course what

would you like to order let's see could

you bring me a salad a turkey sandwich

and a coke

certainly your room number ma'am five


conversation see


can you come back later I'm leaving in

about 20 minutes yes sir

conversation D hello I'd like to get

some information about restaurants there

are several excellent restaurants near

the hotel what kind of food do you like

I like Italian and French food there's a

wonderful Italian restaurant just two

blocks from here shall I call them to

make a reservation for you thank you

that would be great

activity three

Fairmont Hotel good evening hello could

I ask you about your rooms of course

what would you like to know do you have

any non-smoking rooms yes we do most of

our rooms are non-smoking are the rooms

very large all our rooms are doubles

with two queen-size beds oh that's great

what is the price of your rooms the rate

is a hundred and seventy five dollars a

night and do you have a restaurant in

the hotel yes we have both a restaurant

and a coffee shop thank you very much

for the information you're very welcome


lesson 16 one-way or roundtrip

Activity one excuse me

how often do trains go to Washington

every half-hour the next one leaves at

3:05 and how long does it take to get

there about two and a half hours would

you like a ticket yes I would

one-way or roundtrip one-way please

that'll be $76 and where do I catch the

train on track 11

activity to

announcement a

this is the a line to Middleburg with

stops at Walnut Grove Neville park and

the Civic Center transfer at the Civic

Center for the B line the doors are


announcement B this is the last call for

Transcom flight number 12 38 to Kansas

City and Chicago all passengers for

Transcom flight number 12 38 please

board at gate number 32

see the 8:30 bus for Cleveland is now

boarding at gate number 16 this is an

express bus with stops in Utica and

Syracuse only gate 16 for the 8:30 bus

to Cleveland

announcement D your attention please

the delayed 4:15 train from Washington

with service to Philadelphia and New

York is now arriving on track number

four we apologize for the delay

once again the delayed 4:15 train to

Philadelphia and New York now boarding

on track four

activity three

mansik hello does your shuttle service

stop at the Carlton Ian yes it does it

stops at all the major hotels downtown

how often does the shuttle run on

Sundays once every hour how long does it

take to get to the hotel from the

airport about 45 minutes and how much

does it cost their fare is $12 each way

thank you

lesson 17 how's your new home

Activity one

do you live in a house or an apartment

Regina an apartment in fact my husband

and I just moved into a new place really

how do you like it we like it a lot but

it's bigger than our old place we need

to get a new sofa and a rug for the

living room and a small table and some

chairs for the dining area oh that's a

lot that's all right

I enjoy shopping for furniture

divot II to Andrea

my favorite room is my bedroom I like it

because it's very comfortable and quiet


I love reading in bed before I go to



the room I like the most is the kitchen

it's pretty small but it has everything

I need I love to cook and I like to

invite people to my house for dinner


I guess my favorite room in the house is

the living room my TV is there and so is

my stereo equipment I enjoy listening to

music after a long day at work


my favorite room hmm I'm not sure I

really have one well maybe my study

that's the only place where I can just

be by myself sometimes I like to do that

less than 18 how's the job search going

Activity one what kind of job are you

looking for well I'm not sure as you can

see from my resume I used to work in

sales you sold computers yes that's


computers and network hardware to large

companies in the area before that I sold

office equipment to corporate clients we

have several possibilities for someone

with your background here have a look at

these listings

Vivat e2

Brenda Holmes hi Brenda its dawn dawn

how are you are you still looking for a

job not anymore

I just started a new job at an Internet

company called web watch how did you

find out about it on the Internet where

else how many interviews did you have -

there was a first interview with the

director of HR and a second interview

with my new boss and a small team of

department heads so how do you like the


I love it it's the perfect job for me we

should get together sometime how about

next week sounds good

I'll call you Sunday night great I'll

talk to you then bye bye

lesson 19 do you have any hobbies

Activity one

what do you do in your free time Jake do

you have any hobbies yes I make

furniture oh really what kind of

furniture tables bookcases things like


this weekend I'm going to make a coffee

table how about you do you have any

hobbies yeah

I collect antiques hmm that's an

expensive hobby isn't it yeah it can be

but I enjoy it

activity to


do I have any hobbies well I don't think

of this as a hobby but I like sports if

I'm not at work then I am probably

playing a sport watching a sport or

reading about sports in the spring and

fall I play soccer in the winter I play

basketball and in the summer I play

baseball my wife thinks I'm crazy what

can I say it's a lot of fun


I have a couple of hobbies I like to

play cards mostly bridge I'm pretty good

at it too I'm better than most of my

friends my other hobby is photography

I'm not very good but I like taking

pictures of nature trees flowers birds

that sort of thing I'm going to take a

photography class this summer to learn

more about it



what I like to do most is work on old

cars I don't collect them I only have

one car at a time but I like to find an

old car in bad shape and then fix it up

you know replace the parts that aren't

working paint it

polish it when I finish the car looks

beautiful I really enjoy doing that

less than 20 do you like to exercise

Activity one you exercise a lot don't

you Tom yeah I work out at least three

times a week what kind of exercise do

you do I lift weights and swim at the

gym and sometimes I go jogging after

work I don't exercise at all but I'd

like to start what kind of exercise

should I do well what do you like I like


that's exercise isn't it it sure is and

it's a good way to start

Vivat e2

hi I'm Barry I like to exercise but I'm

not a fitness freak or anything like


my favorite kind of exercise is swimming

I usually swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays

if I miss a day I go on the weekend I

also like to walk but I don't do that as

often maybe once or twice a month

my name's Tanya I like exercise in fact

I love it

I go to an aerobics class three times a

week I never miss it and the days I

don't do aerobics I come to the gym to

lift weights the only day I don't

exercise is Sunday I take it easy on


hi there I'm Timothy I don't really

exercise very much these days

I used to play football at school now I

just watch it on TV I don't really have

time to go to a gym I work all day and

I'm too tired to do any exercise after

work after a long day at the office I

just want to go home and relax

lesson 21 let's get together

Activity one

hi Kathy Carmen and I are getting

together after work would you like to

come sure I'd love to great is it okay

to invite Peter - sure hi Peter would

you like to go out with us tonight

I'm sorry I have plans tonight that's

okay maybe some other time

activity to

hi you me it's Kevin hi Kevin what's up

sandy and I'd like to invite you and

Jack to a picnic on Sunday what a nice

idea we'd love to come great

can you come around noon sure see you


lesson twenty-two sushi or spaghetti

Activity one where do you want to go for

dinner how about the sushi restaurant on

23rd Street I love that place but we

went there last week okay do you feel

like having a pizza sure do you want to

go to vito's yeah great

activity to

conversation 1 I feel like going out for

lunch how about you Holly sure do you

want to go to Nick's diner no let's go

to the Blue Angel it's not as crowded as

Nick's at lunchtime ok

conversation to

Allen do you want to stay home or go out

for dinner let's go out I feel like

having seafood that sounds good to me

then we don't have to cook

conversation 3 hey Maria do you want to

go get a bite to eat sure where do you

want to go

how about Sweeney's you know Daniel the

food there isn't as good as it used to

be you're right how about the

Continental sure I love that place

conversation for are you having lunch

today Erica oh hi Tom what time is it

almost one already yeah I'm getting

hungry me too can we make it a quick

lunch I have a lot to do today

sure how about McDonald's okay

activity three

southern accent good evening yes hello

I'd like to make a reservation for a

party of seven Oh what night for tonight

at 8:00 could you hold please while that

check yes certainly

thank you for holding I'm sorry sir but

8 o'clock is going to be difficult


could you come at 7:15 or 8:45 instead I

think 7:15 will work very good and the

name Hoffman Thank You mr. Hoffman we'll

see you at 7:15

lesson 23 can we still meet the deadline

Activity one how's the project going

Mike we're a little bit behind schedule

how much a day or two can we still meet

next Thursday's deadline I think so

that deadline is very important Mike can

you give me an update on Friday sure can


activity to

conversation 1 what's the status of the

project we're a week behind schedule

conversation too

report coming Sheila I think I'll be

able to finish it ahead of schedule

conversation three

will you be ready to send the

presentation to the client this

afternoon I don't know it's taking

longer than we planned

conversation for you said in your report

that you're behind schedule yes about a

week and a half there's just too much

work for one person

activity 9

nice job on the Benson project Tomoko

Thank You dawn that's nice of you to say

listen Tomoko the c-7 project isn't

going very well I'd like to make you

project manager isn't that Stephens

project yes but I don't think it's going

to work out I'd like you to take over

when would you like me to start right


lesson 24 I'd like to open an account

Activity one may I help you sir

I'd like to open an account please what

type of account checking or savings

checking please have a seat thank you we

have three different kinds of checking

accounts here at Patriot

activity to


well I have to pay bills like everybody

else but I save about 10% of every

paycheck I'm saving for a down payment

on a house so far I've saved about

18,000 pounds


I'm not very good about saving I like to

buy clothes books and music CDs I also

go out with my friends a lot if there's

anything left over after that I save it

but it's not usually very much I'd like

to buy a new car but I've only saved

about $1,200 I think it's going to take

me a long time


I have a savings plan with my employer

they deduct 15% of my salary I don't

save any money from my check but I'm

saving a lot with the deductions

that's for my retirement I've already

saved eighty-three thousand dollars I'm

pretty happy about that

less than 25 aisle or window

Activity one hello good morning sir

where are you going today

Taipei your passport and ticket please

will you be checking any bags mr. Lewis

just one and I have this carry-on bag

would you like an aisle or a window seat

window please

flight 923 to Taipei will board at gate

35 boarding will begin in about two

hours and here's your boarding pass have

a good trip mr. Lewis thank you bye

activity to

one excuse me sir we will be landing

shortly please return your seat to the

upright position


excuse me I think you're sitting in my

seat 9a

three please fasten your seatbelts in

preparation for landing


could you open your suitcases for me


activity three

friendly air baggage department hello my

name is Amanda Taylor I'm calling about

my lost piece of luggage what flight

were you on flight 287 we got in this

morning at 10:15 do you have your

baggage claim number Miss Taylor yes

it's ORD three seven four okay give me

just a minute while I check on it

we have your bag miss Taylor

that's great where can I pick it up if

you give me your address we can deliver

it to you between 2:00 and 3:30 this

afternoon I'm staying at the Regency

Hotel in town but I'll be away from the

hotel then can you leave it at the front

desk for me of course mrs. Taylor we're

very sorry for the inconvenience

less than 26 how do I get to the beach

Activity one excuse me

can you tell me how to get to the beach

sure go straight ahead for about a mile

at the first intersection turn left

follow that road all the way to the

beach it's about two miles how long will

it take me to get there only about five

minutes great thank you

activity to

conversation 1 how do you get to work

Janet I walk I only live a few blocks

from my office

conversation too

it's raining pretty hard today yes I saw

that we'd better leave early the traffic

is going to be terrible

verse Asian 3

Wow I think we got a foot of snow last

night the roads are going to be a mess

I'm taking the train today

conversation for how do you get to work

on a I ride my bike it's fast and it's

good exercise

activity three

Lester I think I'm lost

are you in your car right now yes I'm in

Beacon Street be careful the police can

stop you for using a mobile phone while

driving I know I know I'll be careful

how do I get to your place from here

Mindy are you all right oh I'm fine

Lester somebody stopped right in front

of me why don't you pull over while I

give you directions good idea

lesson 27 have you found a place yet

Activity one so Leila have you found a

place to live yet no not yet

do you want to rent or buy I'd like to

rent an apartment for now and buy a

house in a few years have you asked an

agent to help you no I'm doing it myself

I'm looking in the newspapers and on the

internet and making a lot of calls I bet

you can say that again

activity to



good morning Atlantic telephone hello

I'd like to set up forum service at a

new address certainly what's your

current number for one five five five

five nine zero one three may I have the

new address it's 180 Montgomery Street

what day do you want the phone to be

turned on next Tuesday the fifth okay

you're all set

activity three

I'm moving into a new apartment on the

14th and I need to have the electricity

turned on what's the new address 547

Waterman drive and what's your name

Roger Adams are you currently a customer

of Edison Electric yes I am would you

like to turn off the service at your

current address on the same day yes

thank you

lesson 28 tell me about yourself

Activity one

you've just finished your MBA is that

correct Charles yes that's right I

completed it in June and before that you

worked at an accounting firm right yes I

worked at Stanley and Pratt for four

years experience and education that's a

good combination thank you miss Klein

now tell me a little bit about yourself

activity to

I'd like to know about your personal

qualities what are your strengths I work

well with others

but I also like to work independently do

you think of yourself as a leader

definitely I've been managing a team of

six for two years at my current job

are you a decisive person I like to make

decisions it's part of accepting

responsibility I think you're absolutely


less than 29 outdoor fun

Activity one

let's do something different for

vacation this year like what let's go to

Colorado I really want to learn to

snowboard Oh Paul you know I don't like

cold weather can't we go someplace warm

like the beach

and do what well you can go surfing

while I take it easy and work on my tan

hmm I've always wanted to go surfing

activity to


we had a lot of snow last weekend I took

my children sliding in the park near our

house we had a lot of fun


my friends and I like to go hiking in

the mountains yesterday we went on the

longest hike we've ever done I'm still

exhausted from it


I went sailing for the first time

recently the boat moved so fast I didn't

know sailing was so exciting


my father and I went fishing on Sunday

we go almost every weekend

we've been going fishing together ever

since I was a boy

activity three

ski resort hi do you offer family

packages yes we do when would you like

to come December 16th to the 23rd for

how many people two adults and two


before no this will be their first time

do you offer lessons we sure do

we offer lessons in the morning and then

in the afternoon the children can ski

with you that's perfect

can you also help with skis for the

children we can do it all for you

rooms meals lift tickets lessons

equipment even the after ski hot tub

wonderful could you tell me about

pricing the weekly rate for a family of

four including lessons lift tickets

less than 30 are you alright

Activity one

andreas are you alright yes I think so

what about Isabel

she's fine cursed nobody's hurt what

happened the roads are really slippery

out here I lost control of the car for a

second I'm just glad you're both okay me


shall I call for help no no that's okay

I'll take care of it I'll call you when

we are back on the road okay bye

activity to


how are you feeling Connie that's so


what happened some guy drove through a

red light and hit me as I was coming

across the intersection oh my gosh

you're lucky to be alive I know I was

wearing my seatbelt

I think that helped so what do the

doctors say

they want to keep me here for two or

three days please let me know if there's

anything I can do for you thanks Phil I

will and thanks for coming to see me I

hope you're back on your feet soon

activity three

caller one

there's been an accident in front of my

house two cars it looks bad sir I need

your name and address please

caller two

hello yes my name is Evelyn Barton I'm

sorry to bother you but I don't know who

to call my cat is in a tree behind my

house and she won't come down can you

help me yes miss Barton I can contact

the fire department what's your address


caller three

could you send an ambulance please my

husband can't stand up he says that his

chest is hurting I think he's having a

heart attack

we can send an ambulance right away

ma'am I just need your name and address

less than 31 will we be seeing you

Activity one good morning Liz hi ken are

you going to the tradeshow next week

definitely I'm getting ready for it now

I'll be showing our new product line how

about you I'll be meeting with some new

customers at the exhibit booth I have a

presentation on Monday afternoon let's

get together after that okay stop by the

exhibit hall I'll be working there

activity to

Yoshimoto good afternoon mr. Yoshimoto

this is that is a sweat ease of BT

information systems I've looked over the

literature you gave me at the trade show

terrific what do you think I'm

interested in getting together and

finding out more about your products

could we meet in my office on Tuesday at

10:00 sure I'll be there I look forward

to seeing you again

less than 32 let's meet for lunch

Activity one

hi Barbara let's meet for lunch to work

on our presentation for the sales

meeting good idea is Thursday good for

you fine how about the colony cafe it's

closed and the food is good or Pierre's

it's just as close but it's not as noisy

sure how about meeting there at 1:00

sounds good

activity to

it's your turn to pick the restaurant

Tony where do you want to go for dinner

I'm not sure do you like the bay room

it has good food or how about Antonio's

I like Antonio's more than the bay room

it's not as crowded it's less expensive

and it's a lot more fun okay let's go to

Antonio's then I'll make a reservation

for 7:30 great

less than 33 it's a deal

Activity one

do you like the car do we have a deal

I'm interested but the price is still

too high if I come down another $200

will you take it if you add a cd-player

okay I'll put in a CD player then it's a


activity to

Bek real estate yes this is Ron Simpson

I'm interested in renting some office


if you give me some details I'll see

what we have I need to be in the center

near the train station I don't need a

lot of space let me check

I have an eighth floor suite on 2nd

Avenue it's $2,500 a month do you have

anything less expensive there are a few

other listings if you'd like I can show

them to you can I come by tomorrow

morning at 10:00 absolutely

lesson 34 do you have investments

Activity one are you going to the

investment class tonight yes it's going

to be interesting if I had some money I

would invest in the stock market yeah

I'd like to invest too I talked to a

broker last year if I had listened to

him I would have made a lot of money the

stock he told me to buy went way up

that's why we need to go to that class

activity to

I'm looking for some financial advice I

just got a four thousand dollar bonus at

work and I want to invest it will this

be a short-term or a long-term

investment long-term I need to save for

my retirement we could set you up with a

retirement account

let me put an investor package together

for you

less than 35 how was your vacation

Activity one Anna how was your vacation

perfect we went to Cancun

we had our travel agent booked us a

hotel right on the beach sounds great I

love Mexico and she got tickets for us

for some shows at night too it was a lot

of fun what did you do I went skiing but

your vacation sounds wonderful

could you give me the name of your

travel agent sure her name is one that

Espinoza and she works at worldwide

travel in town

activity to

I'm always so stressed before my trip I

can't even find my passport is there

anything I can do

sure you could call the airline for me

to confirm my flight the number is on

the kitchen table

no problem anything else um let me see I

already had the travel agent booked my

hotel and arranged for a rental car I

had my brother go to the bank for me

well I guess I'm all set

lesson 36 I have errands to run

Activity one

we have a lot to do today don't we yeah

I have to drop off my suits at the dry

cleaners and go to the bank I need to go

to the supermarket and get my

prescription filled at the pharmacy oh

and I have an appointment to get the oil

changed in my car no need to I had it

changed last week and after I go to the

bank I can pick up your prescription

great then all I need to do is go to the

grocery store

activity to

how's it going Robert I'm really busy

right now I have to go to Taiwan next

week for a sales meeting and I still

have to prepare my presentation I guess

you don't have time for a quick lunch

not really I have to meet with my boss

and I have an appointment at the dentist

at 4:00 but maybe tomorrow

less than 37 I like the neighborhood

Activity one I hear you moved out of the

city how do you like living in the

suburbs it's great

we bought a three-bedroom house with a

nice yard and a garage and the neighbors

are very friendly don't you miss all the

conveniences of the city of restaurants

the theaters the parks and the noise and

our tiny little apartment no we don't

miss that sounds like you made the right


activitytwo how do you like your new

condo it's great it's right next to

Lincoln Park and how are the neighbors

they are friendly and helpful

I already feel at home how's the view

it's great I'm on the top floor

lesson 38 I accepted the job

Activity one how did the interview go

not bad it seems like a nice place to

work and the salary the benefits and the

advancement opportunities all seem very

good how about the people who work there

I can't really say but they seem like a

good team good luck I hope you get the


activity - so did you get the job power

low it was just the first interview but

it went well do you think they are going

to make you an offer

I don't know the job is interesting but

the salary isn't very high this is

something you can negotiate if they call

me back for a second interview

lesson 39 did you see the headlines

Activity one

did you hear about Henry's accident


no what happened he was hit by a car on

his way to the office is he okay I spoke

to him this morning he said he has to

stay in the hospital for a few days

activity to

I just heard there was an earthquake

near San Francisco was it a big one yeah

they said on the news that a lot of

roads and bridges were damaged were many

people hurt they didn't say

less than 40 I should have stayed home

activity 1 I should have stayed home

from work today I feel terrible

it sounds like you have a bad cold I do

I have a sore throat and a headache you

should see a doctor but we have the

meeting with the sales team this

afternoon don't worry about that I'll

cover for you thanks a lot Jerry

activity - how are you doing John I just

got back from Brazil

how was it it was a lot colder than I


and I caught a nasty cold you should

have checked the weather report before

you left next time I will

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