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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dog Training Tips : How to Fix Bad Behaviors in Dogs

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Hi, my name is Ryan William with Expert Village; I am going to teach you submit the dog, how

to properly show your dog that you are the pack leader and is submissive to you. If he

does something, he misbehaves, he bites somebody, or something like that, the most severe form

of punishment for a dog would not be to hit them or kick should never do that

to a dog. It would actually be to put them on their back because that's what happens

to them in the wild. A pack leader would take the dog, grab him by the neck, and put him

on the ground. What you do is you sit your dog down, lay him down, and roll him over

onto his back. It's not going to be this easy the first time; the first time he's going

to struggle. The first time I had to submit him for not listening to me, it took about

10 minutes to get him to this position. I was sweating, huffing, and puffing, but if

you start the process, you have to finish it. Anytime you start something with a dog

you must finish it, and make them do what you want them to do. So what you do is you

get them on their side like this, and you'll use your hand like it was a mouth for the

dog, and place it on his neck. I'm not pushing hard; it's just solid pressure, but it's not

hurting the dog in any way. Then I will keep him there until he stays in that position

even when I remove my hand. When I remove my hand, if he gets up like that, I put him

back. Eventually, after about five or ten minutes, you should be able to stand up and

he'll stay there. If he gets up, you put him back. You should be able to leave the room,

and he'll stay there until you decide it's ok for him to get up. As soon as you give

him two or three minutes on the floor, and as soon as you let him come up, let him know

it's ok to get up. That's the most fearful punishment I use with my dogs. If they do

something I don't want, like they get in a fight or something like that, then I put them

both down and make them submit to me.

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