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What's up everyone!

Hi, I'm Yuria. I am Oral Skills Level 4,

RWG (Reading Writing Grammar) Level 3 at the American English Institute.

I am from Japan in Tokyo. I decided to travel to the AEI in Eugene

because it has a lot of outside activities so I can get experiences from nature.

Hi, I'm Yusuke. I am Oral Skills Level 4 and RWG Level 3 student at the American English Institute.

I am from Japan in Osaka and I decided to travel to the AEI in Eugene because

it's a safe, friendly city with lots to do outside.

Let us show you where we live and learn!

This is the library room, reserved for AEI students

to study, speak with their conversation partner,

and work on projects.

This room is very nice because here it is always quiet so you can study hard.

At the Admissions Office, people will answer your questions about UO life and visas.

AEI has so many activities to do

We have traveled to Portland, waterfalls, and the Oregon Coast

This is one way to see what is going on here.

You can also look on our website and social media.

This is the Advising Office. You can get help with all your questions here.

My adviser is Maiko Hata. She helped me when I took UO classes. She gave me good advice.

One of my favorite things about AEI is my conversation partner

Her name is Megan. We met at Help Desk last term.

Now she is my conversation partner and my friend.

Some of the things we do during our meetings is chat about each other's lives and classes

or sometimes go to the Craft Center's workshops on Fridays.

This is called the EMU. Students can eat, talk, and study here.

Students go to the library to study, check out books, use the computer, and meet with friends for projects.

Eugene has great transportation. You can ride the bus for free with your student ID card.

At the Student Recreation Center, students can exercise,

join an intramural sports team, or play for fun on the outdoor fields.

The American English Institute at the University of Oregon is an awesome place to learn English,

and meet smart, talented people from all around the world.

Live and learn with AEI. Go Ducks!

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