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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Adventures of Jake Bugg Part 3

Difficulty: 0

I'm fangirling right now Haha I know

You are one cutie puttie I know that

Well sometimes I see your face in my dreams. Hahaha That's creepy

I traded in my welsher shake for four chords You ray of sunshine!

Now hold up Boris, I need a fierce bag of weed for this one.

How Much? Two ounces

Jake: Well you do make me very feel uncomfortable man.

Matt: I know And Yes! I can fucking smile! God Dammit!

Woah I'm baked as fuck! Yeah stuck stuck in a purple haze, but um

where do unicorns come from again? Oh well that's Simple...oh shit where'd I

put my bad of weed? Shit can't lose that!

Matt: Changa lang look like I'm possessed ding!

Jake: Well Boris to keep my wonderful complexion Matt: My name is matt

Jake: I don't care I exfoliate every night before I go to bed.

And perhaps put a little Vaseline here and there.

Matt: Your hairs so pretty! Jake: I know sometimes I'm like, OMGosh it's

mine. God your perfect!

Matt: That's attractive I can't hold it in anymore your so cute!

Jake: Creepy Matt: Jesus Look at my arms

Yeah dogZ! Hand out to you mate, Yeah whatever.

(Sips tea) Yeah good shit. (one direction plays out in the distance)

Girl: JAKE GET THE FUCK IN HERE!!! Jake: ugh for fucks sake, Fucking one direction!

Oh my take a picture Selfie time!

How the fuck are holding your iphone and your camera at the same time?

Really? Really? Really? dez bitches God I am so high right now

So if got yourself some weed You better some of it to me

Cause you'll just see the signs and Jump on my lightning bolt

Flower going layzin skyward And the moment got shatt-

Oh shit adfjwpgjdglrfgsdf Fucked that one up

You've got to be shitting me right now? Jake how many blunts do you smoke a day?

Hehe Too many to say....

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