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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Big news! Study With Andrea Podcast starting 11/29/18.

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hey guys I have a big announcement

hmm drumroll please

starting November 29th this Thursday I

am starting an English lesson podcast

called study with Andrea podcast woohoo

I'm really excited because a lot of you

are wanting more you're wanting more

lessons more courses more ways to grow

your English and so that's what this

podcast is all about it's about helping

you get better at English so that's why

it will be a totally free podcast every

week there will be a brand new English

lesson where we will talk about

pronunciation and vocabulary and even

grammar and all kinds of fun stuff to

grow your English and that's the study

with Andrea podcast you can click on one

of the links below it will be available

on iTunes Spotify stitcher and then if

you get your podcast somewhere else tell

me where comment below on where you get

your podcast because we can add it there

as well so you don't have to get one of

these apps but click on one of the links

if you have iTunes or Spotify or

stitcher and you can get your podcast

there and this is going to be great it's

a weekly lesson where you can grow your

English even more and spend more time

getting more fluent alright so yeah I'm

so excited don't forget subscribe to the

podcast study with Andrea talk to you



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