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what are the essential ingredients?

what are the forces at work?

what are the underlying principles?

in our day-to-day activities, we know what's within arms' reach

in our everyday environment, and we're somehow blind to the

exquisite detail in the universe

To unveil these mysteries we have to go beyond

our everyday experiences and we have to go into some special conditions

we have to magnify

and we have to amplify

to be able to unveil what are the fundamental

ingredients of the universe

I'm Kyle Cranmer, I'm a professor at New York University

My research is based at CERN and the Large Hadron Collider

We're been looking for new forms of matter

the basic building blocks and the fundamental ingredients of the universe

and in my spare time,

I'm an amateur beer drinker


recently we rediscovered a particle called the Higgs Boson sometimes called the

"God particle" and really like a key to our understanding of how the universe works

the Higgs permeates the whole universe and it just affects everything that's inside

it's like how hops permeates beer and understand it you really need to

extract it and study it in its purest form

this is why we explore new frontiers and

this is where we make new discoveries

things that are that are very small

tiny particles - turn out to be teeming with a sea of activity inside

when we look up in the sky, big diffuse motionless-looking galaxies

are actually made up of billions and billions

of stars that are undergoing this

epic dance at the grandest of scales

Technology allows us to sense what was

previously inaccessible and it enhances

the clarity of our knowledge

but whether you're peering through a microscope or you're gazing through a telescope at the

vastness of space, technology can really only take you so far

While it's science, there's also an art to it

we have to use creative yet rigorous methods

and that's equally true whether or not you're talking about studying the universe or

searching for new particles, or crafting a new beer

and that discovery, no matter how esoteric

is an achievement that really we can all relish

At CERN, to study the Higgs, we focus beams of particles

with a tremendous amount of energy and they collide

and they actually create something new- they create the Higgs Boson

and the way that we see it in our experiments

is something we call a "Resonance"


to study the hops, Sixpoint is building upon their knowledge and focusing a

tremendous amount of creative energy to create something

and the way that we

experience it, well

that's Hi-Res.

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