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Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of #IRL, where we bring PicsArt to real life!

Hi! Hey! Im K.O., Im the senior manager of community here at PicsArt.

In today's episode, we're going to show you how to create a graphic t-shirt using PicsArt.

Okay guys, so we decided to be environmentally friendly, so we went

thrift shopping and got a white t-shirt from there to put our design on it.

Ouuuuu, this is cute!

We got this t-shirt!

Okay guys, so we're back from the thrift store and it's time to do our thrift flip!

But first, we're going to do the design for the graphic t-shirt.

What would you like it to be?

I want something kind of grungy, with black and pink elements in it.

Lets see what we make up! O.K., I think I have an idea. Lets go do that!

Alright, guys, its time to do the design. I'm starting off with a plain black background.

What I'll do is I'm gonna go to Crop and then crop it to 3x2 size. And then apply that.

Then I'm gonna go to my stickers and choose a really cool, vapor-wave sticker.

So I have one saved right here.

Then gonna rotate it, make it bigger and adjust it to my size.

Bomb! Then I'm going to go to my stickers again and choose this Greek goddess

A medusa because she looks dope Make that a little bit bigger in the center right there .

Perffff! Then Im going to go to stickers again. I have this cool BORED sign

which I'm gonna make a bit bigger and then add it to my photo. Then Apply.

I feel like this needs a vintage, cool Polaroid effect, so I'm gonna go to my effects.

Go to filters and choose PLRD2. It's going to give it more of a pinkish Polaroid vibe

which I love. Put the noise up a little bit, fade it down and put the blur down.

Oh Yeah! This looks bomb! And apply.

That's it! Your design is complete! All we have to flip it around

just because when you print it on a t-shirt, it has to be on the other side so it comes out the right way.

I'm just going to flip rotate it to the other side, apply it this way and save it.

And now it's time to print!

After you make your design, all you need to do is print out your graphic, but be sure

to use iron-on paper. Right now we're gonna iron on our own design.

I hate ironing in real life

I think It's better to do more, Like edges and corners...

AHHH!!!! Its hot!

Hey Medusa!

OUUU, Yes, it looks so good! It turned out really well! Yeah, I am excited to wear it!

Alright, K.O. is going to style it right now into a day look and a night look. Keep on watching!

Thats it for today, you guys! Wed love to see all the awesome creations

our community has made, so be sure to post to Instagram with the #PicsArtIRL

Thanks for watching and make sure to tune into next episode. Bye guys!

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