Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Danish Edition // Zero Waster Gittemary (Eng Subs)

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My name is Gittemarie and I am 22 years old.

I live in Aalborg st (Denmark), and I am a zero waster.

Zero waste is about having a different perspective on the products we use every day.

Like skin cremes or toothpaste.

My makeup shelf is very minimalistic in comparison to my friends'.

Everything I own is stored in stainless steel or glass, because I made it myself.

There are five items:

A homemade mascara, blush, contour, powder and a concealer.

I started as a streetstyle freelance photographer at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

All I wanted was to travel to fashion weeks all over the world that was the world I lived in.

That was long before I even knew what Zero Waste was about.

I just knew that the fashion world was too superficial for me.

The only way I could to change it, was to leave it.

Since I started zero waste, I have not set foot in an actual clothing store.

And I have avoided around 4 kilos of plastic bags.

I have about 4 or 5 shelfs with glass containers.

Whether that is a glass that can hold 5 mililiters or 3 liters - I got them all.

It is no use sitting and moping in a corner if the packaging is bad or not the way you want it,

or if a certain item is not organic.

The only way to make a difference is to stop buying the products.

Your voice as a consumer is so much stronger than you realise.

If more consumers stop buying a product,

the manufacturer will change the product in order to get the consumers back.

I communicate with my followers on my blog, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

I am so fortunate to have this possibility

that my message is seen as important by others.

I think that is amazing.

It would be a shame to just be an echo

that has no importance and that no one listens to.

To me, it is much more amazing being praised for doing something different

than being praised for fading into the background

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