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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taylor Wimpey

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Ayrshire College I believe is about the third largest provider of

apprenticeships in Scotland so we really invest in this.

I think the apprenticeship week is really important because it raises awareness, it

lets people see the different range of apprenticeships. There's a huge number of

apprenticeships people can get into now it's not just the traditional ones and

it allows companies who do invest and really want to look after their staff

and their apprentices to get involved in the event too.

So I think having that focused week right across the country really

helps just bring up the profile and the value of the apprenticeship and what it

can do for companies, for individuals and obviously the role the colleges play in

it too. I would say it's a great industry to get into. There is loads of opportunities, I

started as a joiner. I've moved onto management but depending what you decide to

do you can have a great career in the industry on the tools or moving into the

management side of it. An apprenticeship is a great way to start your

career. My name's Alistair Hay I've been

working for Taylor Wimpey for two years now. I've attended college since August 2018. The

college especially the lecturers I've got they really do go above and

beyond to kind of show you like what you need to do inside college and outside college.

I've always actually been a big fan of the apprentice route. I always think that

working and learning on the job is a great route to develop skills so you

spend some time in college gives you the time to practice and to learn the theory

side of it but there's nothing better than actually working with somebody

who's got those skills and are skilled workmen who can pass them on to you but

also passes on how do you work with the company? and how do you approach it?

To certain extent that actually teaching you life skills as well so I'm a huge

advocate of apprenticeships in general. My name is Mark Stevenson I'm the

apprenticeship and direct trade manager for Taylor Wimpey and I've been in the

job 16 months. The Academy that we set up was initially just to be for all our

existing apprentices. What we are now looking to do is run our training

academy that we will sponsor through and with Ayrshire College that will look at

forming a pipeline into our existing apprenticeship. We are sponsoring two

courses with Ayrshire College and first will be a brick

laying course and a second is a joinery course. What we are looking to do is give

individuals an opportunity to come out on site and have work experience, to

learn the skills that we at Taylor Wimpey need on our new house build and what we

found there's a lot of the existing courses don't quite cover everything

that we need. So it's great that we can tailor a course that fits in not only

with Taylor Wimpey needs also the needs of the wider construction industry.

My name is Ross Smart, I'm an apprentice brick layer and I've worked for

Taylor Wimpey for a year and a half and I've been at college for six months. The

benefit of doing a pre-apprenticeship would be that you're learning more on-site and you've

been able to transfer that from on-site to the college. So you're given a boost

and given a head start. We're very conscious that there is still

a gender gap, particularly in some of the traditional industries so we have an

initiative called This Ayrshire Girl Can and we've used that as a hashtag in a

whole range of initiatives to try and encourage girls to come and try. So we've

had taster events, girls only events where we've taken them out to construction

companies, engineering companies, different kind of kind of companies,

technology companies and for me it's about role models so where we do have

females working in the industry we really want to use them to come in and

talk to the girls and let them see that it's not the way it used to be and that

there is a role and an important role for them and an enjoyable career that

they can take up too. This is for me is absolutely the way we want to go so

we've got two courses starting Ayr campus next year level five and the

lecturing team we've worked really closely with Taylor Wimpey team to make

sure that the course meets their needs so that what we're doing is we're

working with industry putting on courses as providing the skills

pre-apprenticeship courses that Taylor Wimpey know will suit them and that

they'll recruit from and we want to do much more of that and I think it's a

really exciting initiative and I think Taylor Wimpey are really at the

forefront of some of this particularly in terms of the construction area so

we're delighted that they have chosen Ayrshire College

to really be their partner in this and can't wait to get it started. It's been

incredibly interesting just to actually come out and speak to the apprentices and

see what they do and actually to see how the company works as well and what

happens to them and where they'll go. I've thoroughly enjoyed it.


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