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Look, your friends are awesome but it sure is fun to watch them squirm once in a while.

So grab a pen because youll definitely want to remember these awesome friend pranks!

Aw man, I sure wish I couldve slept in a couple more hours.

But unfortunately, life isnt fair, is it.

Im still so sleepy, I can barely hold this thing.

Hopefully this minty fresh toothpaste will wake up my senses a bit.

After all, theres no better way to start off your morning than with a clean mouth and fresh breath, right?

Maybe one day Ill become a morning person.

Looks like Lana isnt much of a morning person either.

And horror of horrorsit looks like Amy used Lanas toothbrush again!

I swear, that girl needs to invest in a new pair of glasses. This happens all too often!

Luckily, Lana knows the best way to teach her friend a lesson is to pull a harmless prank on them.

And boy does Lana have a good one up her sleeve!

Is that food coloring?

I hope Amy loves the color blue!

And just for safe measure, Id better put this stuff on both brushes because you never know which one shell pick.

Well, looks like my job is done here!

Well, today was sure a good day! But now its finally time to cozy up in bed.

But Id better brush my teeth first, I dont want to get any cavities.

Um, this doesnt taste minty at all


LANA! Get your butt in here, now!

Yes! Ive been waiting for this new episode of The Bachelor all week!

Am I all out of hand sanitizer already?

That one drop should be good enough, I guess.

Woah, look of the size of that ring!

Oh hey girl, dont worry the episode just started.

This shows so lame. Next.

Lana! I was watching that!

And dont think youre getting any of these chips now.

I cant believe she had the nerve to change the channel on Bachelor night.

And to ensure she never does it again, Im going to teach her a little lesson.

Lucky for Amy, shes got a bottle of glue and an empty hand sanitizer handy.

If you have clear glue, you can pour it right into the plastic bottle without anyone knowing.

Here she comes!

Hey, need some sani?

Thanks, Amy, I actually really needed some.

Here you go.

Whats wrong with my hands? I can barely move them!

Where the heck did you get this stuff? Somethings definitely wrong with it!

Well that ought to teach you to leave the remote alone when Im in the middle of The Bachelor!

Ugh, Im gonna go wash my hands.

Catch ya later!

Looks like its a typical Saturday afternoon at Amy and Lanas house!

Lana, wanna work out with me?

Nice try, Amy but Lana is smack-dab in the middle of her game and she only has one life left!

Ugh, cmon, wheres the enemy hiding at?

Hey, Lana! Which color do you like better? The red or the blue?

Ugh, never mind.

The whole town is depending on me! If I lose, the village will explode!

Okay, Lana, Ill try to tear you away from that thing one more time.

Wanna go shoot some hoops?

Amy! Cant you see Im super busy here?

Uh! Looks like its time for a little coke refill.

So you have time to go get a coke but not hang out with me, huh?

Well maybe if the game was over we wouldnt have this problem, would we?

And when I have the mouse, I have the power!

For this prank, youll need to fill a big bowl up with jello mix.

Thats about good.

Next, pour in some hot water and be sure to stir it up really well.

Make sure all the granolas are dissolved.

Now that thats done, its time to get Lanas computer mouse we snuck away.

Time to give that thing a bath!

Once its fully submerged, go ahead and pop that bowl into the fridge for a couple of hours.

See you soon, little mouse!

Once the coast is clear, head back to the scene of the crime.

When you flip the bowl over, you should be able to slide out the jello in one swift move.

Try and get your hands on the mouse now, Lana.

Whats this?!

Has my mouse grown some sort of skin? Gross!

Ew! This is so disgusting!

Maybe next time you should play with Amy for a few minutes.

Stupid, stupid Amy.

When youre done crying over that mouse wanna come out and play? Hahaha!

Ugh, its already after five, where the heck is she?

Amy! You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago.

Well, Amy sure isnt sweating it.

Looks like our drinks are just in time!

One of the greatest parts about having lunch with your bestie is being able to catch up on stuff.

Well, that is, as long as your other friend is actually paying attention to you.

First youre late and now youre doing your makeup at the table?


Oh my gosh! Is that Sarah Johnson?! I cant believe it!

Ill be right back, okay?

Well, looks like youre eating there all by your lonesome, Lana.

Fine, Amy wanted to leave the table? Ill show her why she should never leave her stuff unattended.

This tobacco sauce outta give your lips a nice red color.

Way to put a little more spice into Amys life, Lana.

Ha! This is going to be so hilarious.

Okay, act normal, shes coming back to the table!

Sorry, I just had to say hi, I havent seen Sarah since grade school!

Just one more touch-up before I start eating.

Ooh, why are my lips tingling?

Woah, nelly! My lips feel like theyre on fire!

That tends to happen when you put tobacco on them, Amy.

Perhaps next time well come the table make-up ready.

Well, at least you got yourself a natural lip plumper, Amy! The tingling should subside soon.

Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day!

Good morning, Lana!

Did she leave any cereal left for you, Amy?

Seriously? Didnt you think that maybe Id want some before you gobbled it all down?


Yikes! Its already 9! I gotta go do my makeup!

And look at all that wasted cereal.

Dont worry, Ill make use of it!

Im just gonna leave the bowl right in this refrigerator drawer, no big deal.

I've just a quick minute to touch up my makeup before I head out.

Just a couple dabs and I should be good to go.

Yep, lookinpretty good if I do say so myself!

Quick! Put the cereal back on the table, Amy!

Hey! You sure did your makeup fast!

I almost forgot I still have a whole bowl of yummy cereal to eat!

Hey! What the heck happened to this stuff, I was only gone a couple minutes!

Thats the thing about refrigerators, it tends to make things a little stiff.

Okay, this is definitely no longer edible.

Woah! You brought me McDonalds? Youre the best!

Lets chow down, shall we?

Nothing like a fresh salad to brighten up an afternoon.

Hey! I think somethings wrong with my plastic knife.

Why wont it cut my chicken?

Stupid plastic.

Lana! These plastic knives are the worst!

I guess Ill just have to stab my chicken and eat it like a barbarian.

Ugh, shes such a baby.

You want a sharp knife, Ill give you one.

Or Ill pretend its sharp, anyway.

Hey Amy, is this knife sharp enough for you?

NO! Lana! Did you just slice your hand open?!

Whats the matter with you?

Stop crying, Amy, I was just pranking you! Im fine, see?

Aw, see Lana? Amy really cares about you!

These pranks were epic, right?

Share them with your buddies and have a good laugh!

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