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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUB) 연어 생연어 연어국수 리얼사운드 먹방 ASMR (ft. 팔도비빔면) SALMON SUSHI MUKBANG Eating Show

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Today, I will try salmon and bibimmyun.

I prepared lemonade for today's drink.

For your information, I like sour taste.

New food makes your mouth feel better.

Pikachu is a disgusting thing.

I'm sorry.

We need to think about hygiene at this time of day.

There could be a little hole.

I guess I'm getting sick.

By the way, the salmon is so beautiful.

Sauce prepared "Horsradish Sauce" and "Wasabi."

It is ominous from the beginning...

First, I'll dip in the holsradish sauce.

Salmon have a soft texture and melt gently in its mouth.

It tastes simple and tastes like pudding.

When I took a picture, the sound of a tooth (?) clashing irritates me.

I'll chew it gently next time.

It's so delicious.

It's good to eat sushi with wasabi.

Especially, raw wasabi tastes so good.

on top of it like this



Wasabi makes the salmon greasy.

Sushi Wasabi is the best.

It's like my wife's holding me up with the greasy taste.

I'm sorry I missed the screen because it was too long.

There was a time when I ate two servings a day because I was addicted to bibimmyun.

I chose salmon because it would make me greasy.

Bibimmyun tastes good.

Salmon go well with you, too

Did you come alone?

It's too inconvenient to eat. I have to get fired.

All right, then.

What would it taste like if you wrapped it like this?

I'll let you know when I try it.

It's so delicious. Eat it twice. It's so delicious.

I made a good choice this time.

It's so delicious that your nostrils grow bigger.

It's so delicious just to eat wasabi.

Of course, if you put too much toothpaste on your nose.

This time, I'm going to wrap it up with the crunchy vegetables.

I'll let you know when I try it again.

I can feel it in the sound, but it's a soft salmon.

The crunchy vegetables hold.

I think I did a good job of cooking today.

My lips are so sexy.

I can't control the sound because I have a baby in my house.

But I want you to understand my daughter is so

When my daughter grows up, I want to eat something delicious together.

Do I have to eat powdered milk with you now?

I'm sorry for the nonsense.

This time, I'll try homemade salmon.

Food tastes better when it's.

But it's dirty in here.

But it tastes great.

I'm sorry. It looks really dirty.

Mozart seems to be right back when he eats salmon.

I'm sorry about that

It's so delicious that I feel good.

Feel the ASMR.

I have a lot of worries about keeping the microphone closer.

If I had eaten salmon, I wouldn't have eaten it because it was greasy.

But I have bibimmyun so I am not worried.

If you eat lemonade, the greasy will go away.


Sprinkle with sauce.

Eating with a salad is an illusion.

I'm dripping with gravy.

Just get in there.

I'm cool.

I'll mix all the remaining salmon and salad bibimyeon.

And a lot of sauce.

I'll put on the crunchy salad.

Throw Wasabido

I'll try this and tell you.

Here it is. Here it is.

I should've mixed all this up a long time ago and ate it like noodles.

Salmon are plain.

In between, the bibimmyeon is covered with freshness.

It's a refreshing finish for Wasabi.

You should try it like this I have no regrets.

Cheers to your eyes.

I'll try it without saying anything.

It's time for the eating show.

I'll eat everything.

It was perfect

As expected, finish fresh with lemonade.

It was a delicious meal.

You should try it, too. Recommendation!

I don't know what to do with the eating show.West

Everyone, please understand

Tell me if you have any good ideas or fixes.

I want to improve.

I love you.

See you later. Bye~~

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