Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 店家疑煮珍珠釀禍!士林夜市火災!在士林夜市大東路一家日式鬆餅店 / 記得打開cc字幕【五月軒】

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Hello everyone, this is Mayxuan

I was trying on shoes

Suddenly a thick smoke ran into the store

I thought it was just burning incense, bye, setting off firecrackers

The clerk said there was a fire in the house next door

I continue to try on shoes

Later, I thought it would nt work, so I ran outside.

A lot of people are watching

The fire brigade also worked hard to extinguish the fire

There seems to be people inside

Hope they are safe

Thanks also for the fire brigade, hard work

The Description of 店家疑煮珍珠釀禍!士林夜市火災!在士林夜市大東路一家日式鬆餅店 / 記得打開cc字幕【五月軒】