Practice English Speaking&Listening with: McLaren P1 Concept

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Let's talk about the P1.

McLaren is going to build this car with the philosophy that...

... they've designed the engine for the mp4-12c...

... and they're going to deliver this in all kinds of versions.

So although the mp4-12c doesn't have that much bhp's, the P1 will get about 1000 bhp.

This is going to be the counterpart for the new Ferrari F70.

They also say it's the spiritual successor of the McLaren F1.

It looks fantastic but I wonder whether it'll be such a legendary car as the F1.

On the rear it has organic shapes.

Although it isn't unfolded, it has an enormous airbrake.

But if Patrick stands closer you can see the big indent over here.

It'll shoot straight up when you brake.

The Description of McLaren P1 Concept