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How to Racewalk. Whether you want to race competitively or just get into shape, these

steps will get you started. You will need Racewalking shoes Comfortable clothing Correct

technique and garden or work gloves. Step 1. Wear loose clothing and a pair of shoes

made just for racewalking. Step 2. Before you begin, stretch your calves, shins, and

quadriceps for five to 10 minutes to prevent injury. Step 3. Stand straight, feet spread

apart slightly wider than your hips, eyes looking forward, chin level with the ground,

shoulders relaxed, and arms bent at about a 90 degree angle at the elbows. Hold elbows

close to your body. Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated. Step 4. Begin

walking, heel to toe, keeping one foot constantly on the ground. Your knee should be straight

when your foot makes contact with the ground. Step 5. Swing your arms as you walk, holding

your hands in loose fists. Bring your arms no higher than the middle of your chest on

your forward swing, and no further than where a back pocket would be on your back swing.

Step 6. Take steps as if you are trying to stay on a straight line, which will give your

hips the racewalkers trademark swivel. Dont bend forward or lean back at the hips.

The movement of your arms and hips will be similar to dancing the Twist. If you are swiveling

correctly, youll feel your abs getting a workout. Step 7. Stretch for five more minutes

at the end of your walk. Did you know Did you know? In the 1870s, competitive walking

was the second largest betting sport in the United States.

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