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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adam tries a 40w CO2 Laser-Cutter! Makeblock Laserbox REVIEW

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This is a tool I'm definitely excited for.

What's up guys? It's Adam here. In this video,

this is the one I hinted at last time. I said "we are going to try out a new tool." Something

that was sent to me and it is made by Makeblock. Maybe a company you have heard of before.

Maybe you have used their stuff in school. They make a lot of S.T.E.M. related products

and educational products. You can build robots and program them. Things like that.

Well, they made a laser cutter and I can't believe I get to try it out. They sent it to me and

the material you can cut can be up to 500mm X 300mm. The software is on your computer,

you download it and you don't need to go back to the cloud or reference some internet connection

to get this thing to work.

It feels like it's built well. It has gas lifts on both sides.

There is the camera. It looks down in the middle of your work.

This tray slides out

and you can easily clean all the debris. So far this seems really nice.

I can't wait to try it out.

If you have ever seen a laser cutter working you know there can be a lot

of smoke. So they included an air filter. This purifies the air sucking it out of the

machine, cleans it up with this filter and then you can pump it outside of your building.

Put the hose from here, to here, and that goes out, and I will pump it out the window.

So far so good. I have to say I'm impressed with the build. It feels like quality. I like

how they made the smoke filter look and match this. This isn't something you feel like you

have to hide away. It does not have an ugly industrial look to it. It looks good on a

desk. In fact, it takes up your entire desk. I have to get a cart for this. Something like

that. Anyway, give me a few minutes. I'll hook up the hoses, download the software.

We'll get working on it.

By the way, this video is not going to be a full review of

everything that this machine can do. For that, I need some more time to play around with

it. In future videos, I will do full projects using this machine and we'll have some fun

with it. Right now let's just get an idea of what we can do with it!

Ok, I spent some

time and got everything set up. Software is loaded ready to go. Heres a look at the exhaust.

I used some of the packing material that this came in to fill in the gap in the window.

The fumes will go out there.

We are ready to experiment and I have the Ice Climbers here.

Are you guys ready to try it out?

"I have my tool to put my name on it."

So let's put this in. Do you want to do it? I'll let you do it.

And we will close it.

Let's turn it on.

This is not that loud. I bet it's louder when it's running. It sounds like a laser

printer or maybe a copy machine. It's about that loud.

Ok, it connected.

Look at that, there it is.

Rotate it.


I measured the saw and it is 16mm.

Then if we hit SEND...

This first attempt got messed up.

Turns out that lightweight materials can move with all the vibration.

I taped it down and we tried again.

The software allows you to store your settings so you don't need to re-enter them every time you do the same cuts over again.

This is just one light pass with the laser and I can adjust the settings

to make it go a little deeper if I want.

Even my kids are able to use this on their own.

It sounds kind of crazy at first but

Makeblock set up what's called BRING-SKETCH-TO-LIFE

and my daughter drew this flower on a board. She's putting it in and closing the

lid and she just pushes one button and it does the rest automatically.

Now there is no computer hooked up, I disconnected and the computer is not even on.

It engraves anything in black and then will cut it out afterward.

My kids really got into it and had a lot of fun.

If you happen to want a hole in the middle of it for some reason, you just draw that in RED and it will cut it out.

I was shocked it worked so well.

It's completely practical to have this in a classroom.

This laserbox came with some materials we can cut things

out of. This is cardboard and this is Basswood. There is an adhesive sticker on this side.

You can see in the corner they have a bullseye pattern and what happens is that camera, when

you put this in, that camera will see the bullseye code, recognize the material immediately

and adjust the settings to whatever you are cutting.

They have other materials like plexiglass, leather.


Their website has a lot of free patterns and templates you can download and try out.

This one is a dragon puzzle.

You can see there is a lot of smoke

when you are cutting the wood but the air extractor does a good job of pulling it out.

However, it will still make a smoke smell in your office or room that you are using

it in because the wood you cut off-gases that smell for a day or two.

That was really quick.

Look at that.

I'm impressed!

Next, I loaded up a book design that's a free template you can get from their website.

Then I added this M.C. Escher pattern on the front.

It's going to engrave that.

Let's see how it works!

It does give you some neat ideas of what you can do with it.

Next, I designed a little wood box in Illustrator and exported it as a DXF file.

The Laserbox software does have a lot of design tools as well.

I'm adding some text to the front.

It's going to engrave this and cut out the box.

It has finger-joints, it's pretty small and not something I would ever want to do by hand.

It would not be worth it, but with the laser-cutter you can make several of these boxes very easily.

It did a perfect job of cutting it out.

One thing I really like is there is very little waste.

You can really maximize what you get out of a sheet of material.

Next, we will try cutting

some plexiglass. This is something I'm really excited about because if you have ever tried

to cut out plexiglass into little shapes, it's not easy and it breaks often. Let's see

what happens. I will cut a 1cm x 1cm square.

That is as clean as it's going to get.

This is perfect and there is no burn. It's a nice clean edge.

It's so hard to cut acrylic like that by hand.

I wouldn't even try!




This is so cool!

So what do I think about this? I'm being completely honest; this is one of the coolest

tools I have ever used in my life and I'm not just saying that. This is awesome.

Now definately if you are in maybe highschool shop or art class I would tell them about

this and talk to them about getting one because it allows you to make things that you would

never normally even attempt. Like just this little box that I did here. I sanded it down.

I would not do all these little cuts just for a box, but I spent about 5-10 minutes

designing it on the computer and I can just hit CUT and shoot out a bunch more.

There is almost no learning curve with this.

If you are familiar at all with simple design software.

And I mean really simple, you can get this to work for you easily.

I ran outside and smelled the exhaust and there are not clouds of smoke.

You do get a faint smoke smell but if someone was out there it would not bother them.

It has features where like

if kids are using it and they open it up. It immediately stops and pauses the machine.

Big thank you to Makeblock.

The link is in the description of you want to check out some

of the details about it and things I didn't cover.

This does a lot more than I covered in this video.

I will get more in-depth and more refined projects in future videos.

Alright, that is it for this video. thank you guys for watching.

In the next video, we will finish up the travelers' shield.

It's going to be done, I promise!

See you soon!

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