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- This just kinda fell into my lap

when I was almost ready to give up hope.

- That's why I'm here, to do this with you.

I have your back.

(upbeat music)

- For this elimination tattoo,

you must put your fundamentals to the test.

By tattooing a clock. (suspenseful music)

- Oh no. - A clock?

- I think it's just crazy

that I get to be here with my brother.

- Kind of insane.

- The way it all worked out, and like happened to be teams.

And me and him happened to be on the same team.

He started tattooing when he was like,

Jimmy when'd you start tattooing, you were 19 or 18?

- 19. - 19, yeah.

He was always my role model growing up.

When I turned 17, he started teaching me how to tattoo.

We work well together too,

because we have very similar styles.

I love my brother and everything,

but it's still a competition and I'm here to win.

It just means it's gonna be that much harder

when we have to go up against each other you know?

- Right?

- Jimmy.

(dramatic synth music)

- Just makes you happy looking at it.

- Everybody felt something.

That's what art should do.

And that, also is a fundamental.

Good strong bold outlines and heavy legibility.

Equally good strong fundamentals for good tattooing.

This has a lot of the nuts and bolts.

- Artists, you have six hours to show creativity

tattooing a difficult part of the body.

- Today our artists are gonna be challenged on placement.

- What do you think,

just dead smack right here? - Yeah, yeah.

- Inexperience makes different locations

on the body harder to tattoo than others.

- I don't even think the knees' that bad.

I got everything tattooed.

- Jimmy.

- What's up?

- It's a smart play because it's nothing symmetrical.

The shape of the tortoise shell on the knee cap

is what lends itself to making this a good design.

The tortoise shell is not perfect.

It can sit awkwardly on that ball of the knee cap.

That's the part where placement is a smart play here.

- It's a cute little tattoo, man.

- This isn't my first time in this competition.

What if you do the state inside the big crab shell?

So there's a shit ton of pressure on me.

The judges are gonna expect a lot from me.

They know what my work looks like.

They know what I'm capable of.

Last time I had to fight to get on the team.

This is not the time for a repeat.

- All right, artists, you have six hours

to tattoo your state.

And your time starts now.

- If you need any sandpaper

to like take it off, I have some.

- Why would I listen to you?

Get back to work, check out your team.

- They're doing good, don't worry.

- She's not even on the East coast, huh?

- No, she's West coast. - That's (beep) up.

Invading our space, man.

- She's always invading my space.

Everywhere I go, I turn around,

there's Angela, here we go.

- It's Massachusetts, I do see it now.

- But the black that's in the sails,

it's solid, it whips out, it's all consistent.

Best done black that we've seen today for black.

- That tattoo kinda makes me

a little nervous about traditional day.

- We'll see if we get one.

- On the bottom of each skull is an element.

The skull you draw will determine the element

your entire team must tattoo, East.

- Pick a good one.

- You're next.

- Earth.

(upbeat metal music)

- You about to dot?

I only ask 'cause I heard you run your machine way down.

- Yeah, I've never done this before, so.

- The way I do it, is the slowest that I can run it,

without it getting snagged in the skin.

You should be able to get a line of dots.

- Me, K, and Jimmy, as we get closer,

we're only getting stronger, it's only up from here.

- Like that? - Yeah.

- (chuckles) This is so much fun.

Why are we never I been doing this?

- We're consistently consistent, queen.

- Looks killer.

- Jimmy.

- I really like the open skin,

the little highlight that you leave in the cheek,

and then you have those areas of stippling around it.

I like the black whip that you bring

off the back of the skull.

It gives it weight.

- It's pretty bad ass.

- Thank you.

- How'd they do overall?

- I do see the craftiness in the East.

I see the similar color palette,

which also plays harmonious together.

- My vote is for the East.

- Yes.

- That means that the East is safe from elimination.

Please have a seat.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Did Jimmy not get one of the hardest ones out there?

- Yeah, he did.

- I feel like he definitely got one of the hardest ones.

- Yeah, he did.

He feels like he's (beep) right now.

- Oh I bet he's super stressed.

- Neon headdress, how am I gonna do that?

There is so many different feathers.

I'm gonna have to have darks on the outsides of all these.

I wanted to go with the simplest tattoo I could on the line.

And they gave that shit to Jason, of all people.

- Like how would you do it in traditional?

I'm just thinking traditional is all about efficiency.

- I might be in a lot of trouble here.

It's gonna have to be big.

- Yeah, I'm sorry Jimmy.

- Mother (beep)

- Did we just accidentally (beep) over Jimmy?

- We probably did.

- Artists, you have six hours

to tattoo neon lights.

And your time starts now.

- I tried to keep it small

- All right. - I'm gonna just kinda

wing my color theory.

- It looks Freaking dope.

- Just trying to make sure it meets the challenge.

If I'm not careful, I'm gonna let the stress

completely overcome me.

Sometimes, the bigger the ask is,

the simpler you have to go.

- What happened with that alliance buddy?

- I know right?

- Well, I'm glad that y'all's partnership is going good.

- I just need to focus on what I do.

You just gotta be Jimmy Snaz.

Just be Jimmy Snaz.

(upbeat rock music)

- Finally, East which artist

are you putting up for elimination?

- We need to make a decision.

- Vote me.

- It's not a decision that I agree with,

but, - Vote Jimmy

- Jimmy

- I'm voting myself down too, Dave.

- All right, Jimmy please step forward.

Tomorrow the three of you must face off

in a six hour tattoo proving your adaptability.

The power is in the hands of the winners.

- I know Jimmy can do black and gray.

- But can he do it better

than anybody else on that line?

I'm ready to just (beep) call it traditional.

- Okay. - All right.

- What style and subject have you picked for the face off?

- I'm gonna give my man the best chance

he has of staying in the house.

So, we're going with American traditional, tiger heads.

- This is Snaz day, you're a bad bitch and you know it.

- Tell me I'm a bad bitch.

- You're a bad bitch, Jimmy.

- Party time, let's do it.

(tattoo gun buzzing) (dramatic orchestral music)

- Are you getting a little cold?

- I'm fine. - You're fine, okay.

- Yeah, Jimmy's leaning on me,

I got his body heat so, it nice.

- There you go.

- That's the Jimmy Snaz experience, man, really.

The tattoo is just like a souvenir.

Me and K are the cups in the support bra

that is team East for Jimmy today.

- Can you do me a favor?

Put this piece of hair behind my ear

or (beep) just do something with it.

Tuck it in the bandana or something.

- Jimmy is the heart and soul of our team, man.

So yeah, absolutely, I'll tuck your hair in.

- Thanks.

- You're a bad bitch, I'm here for you.

- Back in my day I had a friend named Jimmy Snaz.

That was a crazy mother (beep).

- Right?

- What I love about this tattoo is the black.

It reads very graphic and it really stands out

on this persons skin.

I like how stark and how open it is.

How much open skin you rely on

to really capture the look of this thing.

- It was stressful, I'm trying not to overthink it.

And also knowing that these guys

are gonna bust their asses to compete with what I do.

- It is time to determine

who is going home.

- Three good tattoos.

Going by the textbook,

instantly Jimmy is out of the running to go home.

- So Jimmy's safe?

- Sweet

- Yes.

- Artists, you have hours

to create a new School food tattoo.

And your time begins now!

(dramatic electronic music)

- My teams definitely in hot water here.

The only way that I can help,

is if I make sure I focus on this tattoo

and get tattoo of the day.

- It's absolutely new school traditional.

You might start a new fad.

- Jesus Christ, Jason.

- He's trying to ruffle your feathers.

Get you off your game.

- This crawfish looks like

he's about to get cooked alive.

And I'm cool with that.

Because the South and the West,

They're about to get cooked alive.

And I'm about to paint a (beep)

portrait of their destiny.

(beep) yup, I'm gonna get tattoo

of the day on this shit.

- All right judges, time to determine

who had the best tattoo of the day?

- Immediately, obviously Jimmy is a strong contender.

I'm with Jimmy.

- The Judges have decided

the best tattoo of the day goes to Jimmy.

- That's a first.

- Ever? - Ever.

- Hell yeah, man. - Welcome to Ink Master.

- Thanks.

- Angel, Jerrel and Jimmy.

To earn one of the two remaining spots in the finale,

you must first survive one of the most intense challenges

in Ink Master history.

- I'm ready.

- A Thirteen hour tattoo marathon.

- 13?

- Holy shit.

- Glad I'm sitting here safe.

- Tattoo shops across the country

celebrate Friday the 13th by tattooing

hundreds of clients in marathon sessions

with designs chosen off flash sheets.

Each of you must create your very own flash sheet

with 5 different designs.

Each design must incorporate the number 13.

- Oh man, it's crazy.

- Tomorrow you'll have 13 hours

to tattoo as many canvases as possible.

- Crazy.

- But there is a catch.

- Of course.

- Your canvases can choose any design

from any of the artists.

- Jesus Christ (laughs)

- You'll be judged on how many canvases

choose your designs, how many tattoos you complete,

and how well you tattoo them.

We're looking for quality and quantity.

- Oh my god.

- Favorite one that I did is the monkey.

- What other ones did you do?

- Well sparrow, this weird ass skull,

spider, tombstone. - Nice.

These five designs, they're all classic imagery

but at the same time they have my definitive style.

(upbeat rock music)

- Perfect, all right, ready to party?

- Ready, ready.

First one out of the gate,

a lot of perfect circles, right on her ribs.

I'm just gonna (beep) go for it.

This is my time to shine and show off

and take that difficult placement

regardless of what happens.

- Can I run to the bathroom like super quick?

- We're almost done

- Okay, if we're almost done don't worry about it.

- Yeah, there's like 5-10 min left.

- Yeah don't worry about it

- Is that okay? - Yep, no problem.

- There's no time for breaks.

I'm sorry honey, but you gotta sit still.

We need to get this shit done.

We need to get you out of here

so I can get the next one rolling.

I've yet to tattoo one of my own designs.

I'm worried that if my designs do not get chosen,

that's definitely gonna be used against me.

Check it out.

(dramatic percussive music)

Know what's up brother?

- Was looking at the spider.

- Sweet, where do you wanna put it?

- Right in my armpit. - Really?

Your a (beep) lunatic.

- It's what people tell me.

- (beep) Man, can I catch a break?

(tattoo gun buzzing)

Man, it's just my eyes sting

from holding them open so long, staring.

I can't even see right now.

Every time I open my eyes to try to pull this line work,

they just tear up and start to sting.

- All right Jimmy, let's get your eyes cleaned up.

- Do I have to recover from it?

- Nope. - Hit me.

- All the way back.

Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink.

Forward, done.

- Thank you, I appreciate it, thanks.

- Jimmy, that was quick as (beep).

What one was that?

- The tombstone.

- You finished it quick as hell.

- 20 minutes left.

Jimmy you got 20 minutes, man.

- What's up, man? - How's it going?

- Is he really gonna try shit - (beep) yeah, he is!

- I got time for that tombstone.

- All right, let's do it.

- Is he (beep) serious?

- Where the (beep) is it?

Come on!

- Jimmy, your insane, 18 minutes.

- Earning a spot in that finale

for me, it's proving to myself that

I have completely transformed from the person I was

into the person that I can be.

And if I can win the title of Ink Master, I can do anything.

- Come on mother (beep).

- Five, four, three, two, one.

That's it, machines down time is up.

This tattoo marathon is over.

- (beep) 15 min tattoo, bro.

- That looks real good for 15 minutes.

- Bro (laughs)

- Jimmy, your flash designs were tattooed 16 times.

And incidentally Jimmy, you're the only artist whose designs

were all picked at least once.

In 13 hours you completed 13 tattoos.

- What I like about the tattoos is

the fact that they all have weight.

Your skulls head, with the steps,

the way that you shaded, the consistency,

the black has a very heavy strong weight.

- When I look at these pieces of art on the skin,

the tattooer that looks like they attacked these things

and had the most consistent approach

(dramatic orchestral music)

is Jimmy.

The judges have decided,

Jimmy you have earned the last spot in the finale.

- I put a lot on the line, so has Jerrel.

We both put in a lot of shit throughout

our entire lives just to get to this moment.

I'm happy, thank you.

(upbeat rock music)

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