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Usually we eat takikomi

gohan with gobo(burdock) and chicken okay gobo is burdock root!

Wow, this looks great!

cooking that later I'm gonna cook this later! Ok, awesome.

we usually use the leftovers of sashimi but recently it's getting very

popular in Oita prefecture its use the soy sauce and the sweet sake and

some white sesame do you dip it or do you marinate it or leave it for a long

time yes yes okay cool so we have tuna and then

buri which is a kind of Japanese amberjack or species of the other tail

yes oh this sauce is actually a specific sauce for ryukyu it's called ryukyu-tare

oh smells very sweet yeah I think we need so much! Do we need to cover it?

smells really good! Yes smells really good.

It looks good now, lets add more if we need it when we put on a plate! This is how it looks like now!

This is the special sauce! B ut I usually I cut and then

grate the garlic and ginger and other things so it's easier right

to have a pre-made so we're gonna do it the easy way just use two spoonfuls of

the special sauce !

This pod is for cooking vegetables and this one is for the noodle

We need to prepare 600cc water for a pack. Once the water is boiled, add the dashi!

So many vegetables! It must be really really delicious.

We will wait for a while. On this side, we will cook noodles.

Oita people sometimes make dangojiru noodle at home by themselves

Some people buy noodles like this!

Young people in Oita they

don't like the dangojiru but gradually...

We want to add hot water here!

Oh can we add water directly?

That's high tech!

She ate a carrot?

Thats really wild! Horse?

Yeah, something like that!

Right? Yuko said it's right!

Rinse in cold water so it will have a firmer texture!

Now the noodles are too soft but it's going to be

The vege looks good now, but add a bit more vege!

After boiling the water, add noodles, miso and then green veggies!

Looks really good!

I really like this flavor, but how about you guys?

Should be good!

Now ware using the leftover dango

Today we will use this one, very easy one the powder type.

You need to soak the shitake in hot water for a while to make the dashi

but you can buy the powder version from the online shop.

Yes! Yesterday!

Just put the ingredients in this cup and pour hot water.

Super easy!

Dried Shiitake soup stock is good for vegan and vegitarian too!

Adding water now!

Soy sause and sesame oil

I think this flour contains egg

The different between "karaage" and "toriten" is

karaage doesn't contain egg

Please check the packaging for how much flour we need for this!

When you make tempura, colder water is better!

Which one would be the best?

I would like to have this one, prawn bisque!

Oita people eat with rice. SO just add fish as much as you want! I think this is the way people put the fish…?

because I'm OITA!

We made it!

Shall we cook the first batch?

Looks really good

I guess this IH stove makes it easy to cook tempura because you can control the temperature.

This is the 1st batch!

Smells like I'm in Oita!

Very delicious!

It's good!

How is the sauce? You can dip in or pour that on the tempura! I wonder if it will taste good.

This one is Tori-ponzu

This one also contains kabosu juice too!

Its delicious! It tastes very authentic!

How is it? Can you taste the marinade?

Its yummy too!

Thats a big chunk of meat!

I will try the prawn bisque now.

because I just want to finish everything again

Very simple but good!

We should have cut the dango maybe.

Its a very authentic Oita taste!

I need beer!

Thank you so much! It's a great experience for me too!

The chicken tempura quality is good, right?

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