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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Thanksgiving Message from Andrea

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hello and welcome to this episode of the

English with Andrea podcast I'm your

English teacher

Andrea Giordano and I'm so happy you

have joined me today because today's

episode is a little bit different this

week is Thanksgiving in the United

States one of our most celebrated

holidays and I love Thanksgiving it's

one of my most favorite holidays because

it centers around family and food two of

my absolute favorite things you might

know that on Thanksgiving

Americans eat a feast of food including

turkey sweet potatoes corn and pie that

tradition is a national one bringing us

all together around the table but the

most important tradition of Thanksgiving

is the tradition of thankfulness around

my family's table every year as we sit

in front of an amazing amount of food

each person takes a turn and says what

they are thankful for we start with the

littlest kids and we go all the way up

to the grandparents and

great-grandparents it's a beautiful

tradition because it keeps us focused on

what really matters in life thankfulness

is a powerful force

it helps us remember that God is the

giver of every good thing and that our

lives are all connected to each other so

on this episode of the podcast I just

want to say how thankful I am for you

know pronunciation lesson no grammar

today it's just a huge thank-you you

my students have made my life more

colorful and beautiful because I get to

share in your lives you guys are

incredible you work so hard to

communicate more clearly and you are all

accomplishing huge things this year

study with Andrea has grown tremendously

it's been my best year yet and it's all

because of you I get to help thousands

of you each month speak English clearly

so you can change your lives I hear from

you all the time I hear from you on

YouTube over email on Instagram you tell

me how my lessons and courses have

helped you become better lawyers

scientists students citizens and even

better friends that is a huge honor for

me to be a part of your life in that way

I just can't even tell you enough it is

such a huge honor you have welcomed me

into your world and for that I'm truly

thankful I love being your English

teacher so thank you for being a study

with Andrea student thank you for using

your time and energy to grow your

English and to pour your passion into

language we truly are in this together

so happy Thanksgiving everybody and as

always happy learning



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