Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dilemma's met Sofia Dragt

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A number 1 hit in The Netherlands or touring the world?

Touring the world.

I like traveling and experiencing cool things so that'd be great.

Beer or wine?


Tasty craft beer.

Leftovers for breakfast or for dinner?


But I'd choose leftovers for breakfast.

McDonalds or dinner made by your mother?

Well, mom

Totally moms dinner.

That's why I'm still healthy I think.

Coffee or tea?


Melody or lyrics?


Humor or sentiment?


Tattoos or piercings?


Never get to sleep or never get to make jokes?

Never get to sleep.

Talking during a movie or keeping you mouth shut?

Keeping you mouth shut in general or during a movie?

Keeping you mouth shut during a movie.

Cooking or home delivery?


I like to cook and preferably making as much as possible so I have leftovers for breakfast.

Subtle jokes or dirty jokes?

Dirty jokes.

White bread or brown bread?

White bread for grilled cheese sandwich.

I don't eat a lot of bread actually.

Sports car or a luxury Bentley?

A sports car, I think.

Do Volvo's have them too?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

The most crazy thing..

Some people say 'eating a mushed potato meal for breakfast', but

that's not unusual for me.

Pyjamas or naked?

To sleep in I guess?


What's an important source of inspiration?

For me at this time I would say Olafur Arnalds.

He's a great composer for film and also more towards popmusic.

And I think he's a cool dude.

And he's Icelandic, so that's awesome anyway.

What songs do you sing in the shower?

What's that song called.. by Hush Kids, something with 'morning', I don't know

I don't sing in the shower that often.

Sports car..

Hey dude!

With whom would you want to record a duet?

With Chris Martin from Coldplay.

He's such a good songwriter and I think he's a great person with a lot of humor.

Would be awesome.

What tv show did you watch when you were a little girl?

Dragon Ball Z. Kamehameha.

What's the most important quality that you inherited from your parents?

From my father, an important part is organizing stuff and putting things in order

and always exactly knowing where I put them.

From my mother, I think, not being very judgemental about others.

What was the first CD you bought?

The first CD I bought was a single by Robbie Williams.

Of the song 'Rock DJ' Where he goes stripping.

Do you have a hidden talent, something almost nobody knows about you?

I'm pretty good at parallel parking, actually.

But that's not really a hidden talent cause the whole neighborhood can see that whenever I do that.

Vinyl or Spotify?


I like a compact device, everything in one.

Most beautiful documentary?

There are so many beautiful documentaries, but still I'd say 'Het WAD'

cause I composed music for that one.

'De Beste Singer-Songwriter' or The Voice?

'De Beste Singer-Songwriter' cause I already participated in it.

And if I'd have to choose between these two now I'd still go for that one.

Newspaper or news app?

News app.

Again, I like having it all on one device.

Singing or writing?

For me that's coexisting but if I'd have to choose, I'd go for writing

because I really like creating new things.

What is something we absolutely shouldn't know about me?

I won't tell.

Hey, my single 'Come Home' is out now, go streaming!

I immediately look at you, like, 'is this right?' you know.

Was it good or do I have to do it again?

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