Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Proposal, an Ultimatum, and a Five-Alarm Fire - Station 19

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[ Chuckles ]

I think he kinda likes you, too.

[ Alert chimes ]


[ Sniffs ]

You know, it was my idea

for Ripley to ask Hughes to marry him.


And it would have worked,

if they had gotten the chance to get married.

It would've worked.

Would have kept their jobs and their titles.

It might be nice for your dad to get to see that.

[ Speak, Brother's "Lions Roar" plays ]

So long, we've felt hard our lack

Hey, uh, I'm sorry about earlier.

Don't be sorry to me.

Be sorry to that lovely girl you're destroying.

Whoa, what? Travis, come --

No, don't say my name.

Don't ever say my name again. We're done. You hear me?

I don't care about the closet you're living in.

I'm not even judging you for that.

But that girl believes she knows you.

She plans to marry you.

She loves you.

And you -- Honestly, Emmett, you're just...

We lost our tongues and hearts're worse than weak.

You're cruel.

And I don't care how mean your dad is

or how big your panic attacks are.

If you don't man up and tell that poor woman the truth,

I swear to God, just... don't ever talk to me again.

Hey, is there anyone from "C" or "D" shift here?

Already headed for the fire.

Jack: Somebody needs to watch Pru.

Uh, pick a number between 1 and 10.

[ Sighs ] This is my kid.


This is my kid.

Jack: She's our kid!

Thank you, brother, but it's my name

that's on the birth certificate.

She's mine to not lose my life over, if I can help it.

I'll stay.

I'll watch the front desk.

You guys go. You sure?

Yeah. Okay.

And as the men we were, we forgot what's ours

Oh, man.

You're lucky you're so damn cute.

When lions roar

[ Helicopter blades whirring, sirens wailing ]

Into the sea

[ Radio chatter ]

Drown out the lies that built up walls and made us small

As lions roar into the sea

We come alive

Stay close

[ Explosion ] Holy!

This is not Disneyland.

Here we go.

Welcome to the party.

We've been battling this for the past five hours.

You just got here.

We're dealing with a fire in a pile of titanium shavings.

There was a massive explosion.

Some workers caught shrapnel.

Some got burned.

They're all en route to Grey-Sloan.


So, five-alarm means...

Every firefighter in the city gets called in. Yeah.

Alright, be safe, be smart, and don't get dead.

It'll be murder on the city's insurance.

[ Radio chatter ]


Andy, you haven't said a word since, uh...

[ Sighs ] Let's just get this fire out.

Into the sea

I just wanted my headphones. 00:03:12.234,00:00:00.000Ali-i-i-i-i-ve

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