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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Are We Facing a Sperm Crisis After Brexit? - Conversation Class

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to brexit or not to brexit that is the

question for most people today in this

video Harry and I are going to go beyond

that question and consider a life in the

UK where we have brexit 'add we're going

to imagine a world where we've decided

to sadly leave and what implications

what problems might occur is it going to

be a better world is it going to be

worse who knows

well we have at least five things that

we would like to discuss that you might

not have thought about regarding brexit

and along the way of course you're going

to pick up a lot of natural English

expressions that you can start using in

your active vocabulary but before we

start the show we'd like to tell you

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purchase but let's get back to a world

beyond brexit you're watching English

with real teachers real teachers so one

thing that people might not think about

immediately when it comes to brexit with

a No Deal is that the contents of your

shopping basket when you go to the


might have a drastic change there might

be some really different items in your

shopping basket or if not your shopping


I mean you won't have the same items in

the supermarket how do you feel about

all that well that's that is interesting

I hadn't thought about that what kind of

products do you imagine we won't have

liked because I really like chorizo Jodi

Thoele from espana and they're in the EU

does that mean I won't be able to buy

chorizo it probably means that you'll

find it harder to get some chorizo or

cherry Thor that's not good as that's

not good at all is it so what kind of

meals will you now have to change or

move away from and make instead well you

make more curries to be honest with you

I think it's just gonna make me eat more

baked beans on toast I think it's gonna

make me do that more often I'm gonna be

living on a very yeah staple diet of

Heinz tomato soup and baked beans on

toast with a bit of bit of maybe a bit

of red Leicester cheese melted on top oh

that sounds like a a student paradise

exactly yeah basically I'm gonna revert

back to living like a student I imagine

but then I guess we'll be able to get

maybe because we've yeah we we leave

Europe we'll have to get better deals

with other nations we'll have to start

exploiting our Commonwealth nations like

Australia maybe perhaps we can get

shipments of kangaroo meats I was just I

was literally gonna say that yeah they

honestly do eat kangaroo over here and

even feed it to their dogs which seems

crazy you buy meat pet dog and it says

kangaroo and cattle and all sorts but

yeah kangaroo meat is being fed to the

dogs in their Millions

so I'm sure if it's being fed to the


it could be fed to the

Britt's definitely yeah yeah yeah it's

good enough for dogs it's definitely

good enough for us Brits Australian dogs

I imagine stray lien dogs really I'm not

particularly fussy when it comes to food

well our Brits know we haven't got the

best cuisine hmm it's true it's true but

we have access to a lot of stuff but

that'll be really interesting I surely

did Harry we don't anymore what are the

positives though what are the positives

of having a different looking shelf in

the supermarket what will we have more

of beans in Heinz beans isn't that from

Germany could be where is it from

Oh surely we have Heinz beans factories

here in here in England you're telling

me we don't have Heinz oh come on

with baked beans we have them every day

in my family but wait there wait there

wait wait wait wait wait baby

what about chips we're gonna have loads

of chips imagine how many chips for

gonna have it's gonna be insane I mean

to be honest we've already got plenty of

chips when I go to my local supermarket

they literally have a whole aisle of

chips there's like 30 different types of

chips that you can get wrinkly ones the

the frozen chips in there in the freezer

section yes I'm talking about frozen

chip I was thinking that you mean the

fish and chip shop will you know expand

there'll be an influx in chippies

influx in chippies that we don't really

need that I think we've got plenty of

chippies already but maybe we'll have

more Italian food we have lots of

Italian people and Indian people here in

England and we can just exploit them

what so the the Italians that do qualify

to be within to stay within Britain

they'll have to go back to what they're

a type is and open up an Italian

restaurant to survive yes yeah

or they could open up a deli and start

cooking more yeah just making more of

those Italian products for us here in

England so we have a kind of Little

Italy in the UK I imagine and that was

fine Heinz beans by the way was to young

Americans to young American businessman

Henry Heinz and Clarence Noble

interesting so that guy Heinz though

surely he was German fact-checker we'll

get back to you in five so another

problem that people really aren't

thinking about Harry is the fact that if

if we do exit the EU brexit England or

yeah breaks it or the whole of the UK is

going to have to change their cigarette

packets drastically their packaging I

couldn't care less about that ah come on

think of the smokers Harry think of how

they've got used to the packets that

they know so well you know if you go to

the supermarket you're desperate for

some Benson & Hedges and they've

suddenly got some different packaging

you're not gonna know where to go

are you I mean yes hey can I have a 20

pack of Benson & Hedges please but still

they might they might say hang on this

isn't Benson edges

this is Marlboro what are you doing to

me and then they'll be banned from their

shop they're locals away convenient you

saying they we're gonna get negotiates

such bad such a bad deal that they're

gonna just start swapping the packets of

these cigarettes so Marlboro will now

have Benson & Hedges on the front and

Marber on the front because we're paying

such a cheap factory to do it no not


no it's saying some brands are not gonna

be able to operate some of these brands

like like bends and hedges aren't going

to be able to operate anymore

I think they'll all be able to operate

there might be some problems for

European cigarettes but it's mainly the


pictures that they put on the packets

apparently it's the library that they

use for the photos of these horrible

diseases is owned by the European

Commission oh god that is very worrying

news charlie

so now we're not gonna have these

horrible pictures of people dying babies

dying impotent penis pictures we're

gonna have different ones same topics

horrible open throats and yeah I've seen

one of just a man just a corpse it was

just a dead person it was absolutely

disgusting no relation I thought just a

dead man it's just a dead man he was

just pale and it looked like he'd just

been taken out of a river having been

discovered after months and so I don't

mind if they change them to be nice I

think that's actually quite a good thing

it makes me sick to the stomach I hate I

hate I hate that so much so good luck I

hope they find a good new library of

horrible dead people too to use all

right next one for those of us Brits who

are abroad Brits abroad coming towards

the end of their work life they might

you might have heard of this one they

might not be entitled to their UK

pensions they might have come to realise

that they're not gonna have any support

from the UK so British expats pensions

are potentially gone that's funny

because I didn't even realise that

British expats were still getting their

pensions okay and all your thing like

yeah good again yes Brit yeah yeah I'm

actually annoyed to come about at that

news that they are getting their pension

so God bring on a hard breakfast

that's ridiculous so these people that

retire to Benidorm at the age of 50 or

whatever they're then getting all of

their all of their pensions over over

there they're just spending it all on

sangria and cheap cigarettes on the

Spanish coast the cigarettes that will

still have the same pictures on yeah I

think that's fair though they've had 40

years of working in that country so that

country a guess yes but they should be

in the country consuming our products

still supporting the entry your putting

bags of beans yeah putting back into the

beans exactly yeah providing more money

to be spent on the production of beans

yeah and Cheers but let's think about

the people that are abroad where are

they where are they likely to be these

Brits anything that's a Benidorm

Mediterranean coast mainly Spain I don't

think a lot of Brits retire to Italy

maybe some people's South of France

what's the other one in Spain the bottom

of Spain Gibraltar alright the next one

this is a big one for you Harry the the

electricity and gas prices might go up

for Brits


I mean it's so that's just speculation

isn't it that they might go up for a bit

I think they are already going up I

think every year sorry I should have

said they might go up or they might go


I can imagine everyone debating in the

House of Commons about that about this

one yeah oh but the gas and electric

prices might go up but they might go

down no they go up no they'll go down so

yeah that one not too worried about that

one but obviously it'll be annoying if

they go up you know how would it affect

you though are you a you stingy when it

comes to heating you're lovely but 40 in

apartment not really no at the moment

I'm not in it that much so I don't need

to heat it very much

so when I am in it I feel like I can

heat it because I've spent so much time

away from it so I'm like yeah I'm gonna

put it on old bloody day

so if you guys have tuned in for a bit

of brexit news then you're welcome this

is a good one

if brexit occurs Harry will be short on

sperm we won't have enough sperm

donators so a lot of our current sperm

donators are from from overseas yeah

they're they're pulling from European


no they're they're coming from Denmark

Burnie where we're getting some good

sperm from Denmark and and from the US

which probably wouldn't affect us maybe

we'll just have to get some more

American spunk in this junk

I guess supply and demand

I guess the British women a wanting

Danish sperm well actually they are

pretty butane each they've got good

genes and they they've got really nice

jeans yeah yeah they are attractive

people and they got the blue eyes and

everything maybe maybe we're actually we

have some Danish in us charlie maybe

we're test-tube babies and on that note

I think it brings it to the end of the

brexit conversation hope you enjoy yeah

I think so just on the point of sperm I

think we've got plenty of sperm I think

we can exploit our own bull sacks here

and we'll be fine brilliant all right

are you going to make a donation I think

I'm always open to charitable giving so

why not thank you very much for joining

us being a lot of fun how do you feel

about these topics in these debates

these are hot topics so we want to know

how do you feel about them are you

worried you as worried as us that's no

all right thank you very much remember

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