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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RECREATING YOUR GOALS WITH MAVRIC WOLVES!

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Hi there

Whats up guys and welcome to recreating your goals

A brand new series where you guys have sent in goals

I'm gonna try and recreate them

If you wanna send in more for next time

The email address will be in the description below

This is number 5!

Alright that was number 5

They're here as well, by the way.

So I'm joined today with MAVRIC WOLVES

who you can check out in the description.

We have done a video over on their channel,

which you can check out down their as well.

Yeah that was totally first time (sarcasm)


"Ah your a tw*t" -Simon

That was number 5 which was on their channel.

Now we're gonna be doing the other 4.

But first ...

There we go

Alright ... Number 4

(music plays)

Number 4, out there, over the top. Bang it in!

You know, you saw.

Oh SH*T!

Arghhh that was it, that was perfect!

(music plays)


Arghhh nah.

Yeah we'll take better than the original!

(music plays)

It's good!

Come onn!

Number 2 which was kind of tied as number 1 but,

we decided this one cause there's no goalkeeper.

This is number 2

(music plays)

How the hell am I gonna do this?

(music plays)

How the hellll?


We'll take that! We'll take it!

My legs can't do any more!

How did you do that?

(music plays)


Hey, why did we not let Tobi do it?

Alright so that was recreating your goals,

number 1!

with Mavric Wolves. thank you guys for being here!

You can check them out in the description below!

Be sure you subscribe to their channel.

Also be sure to check out the video we did,

as I said earlier which is also down there!

Last thing to do ... Crossbar! You ready!

Oh Ok! Someones gotta save it!

The kids. The kids are saving the ball. Thats what I meant.

You know what, end the video. Thank you guys for watching!