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Man: Good morning, New Orleans, good morning.

- It's Andre All Day and... - DJ Reggie G. here--

at KCEW Radio, coming at you

with two incredibly talented and lovely young ladies--

Nova Bordelon from the "New Orleans Daily News"

and BLM activist Chantal Williams.

- We're big fans of yours, Miss Nova. - Thank you, Andre.

That article you wrote done shook up this whole town, okay?

You pointing fingers at the popo,

the D.A.'s office, the governor, the mayor.

You just went and called out everybody, all right?

Blaming the current administration, the old one...

Reggie and I don't know if we're safe sitting up in here

after having you on our show. Ain't that right, Reggie?

Man, I swear, Jindal gonna roll up in his Prius

with his homies and just, like, take us all out.


So, how is our boy, Too Sweet?

Uh, well, he just got out of a four-hour surgery yesterday,

and today he's back in federal prison.

He's a minor arrested for a misdemeanor

and he's sitting in NOLA Parish jail.

Yeah, that's how they do you.

That's how they do you if you're poor, if you're black,

- if you live in the 9th... - Andre: Preach!

Nova's article highlights what we've known for years.

The over-policing of our community always ends

in the over-incarceration of black youth.

Oh, that article was bomb.

- Yeah, you know what else is bomb? - What else is bomb?

She's Charley Bordelon-West's sister.

- Ain't that right? - That's right, but--

And I got a feeling that Charley Bordelon-West

just might drop that "West" for good. What you think, Reggie?

Oh, yeah, that's all over and done with, man.

I think we all seen her march down there on that court

and push that brother around.

I mean, this man's 6'7", 250 pounds.

I mean, homegirl wasn't playing.

You can't do nothing with that, man.

Oh, I could damn sure try.

Come on, guys. Guys, I'm not here to talk about my family.

What Chantal and I would like to talk about

is how we can enact change

as a community.

As Nova mentioned in her article,

eight out of 10 people arrested in Louisiana

can't even afford an attorney.

Wait, Reggie. What was the name of that crazy thot

that set your drawers on fire?

Man, let it go. You just gonna put my business out there like that?

- Andre: I always do. - Miranda, man.

Andre: Miranda Rights! You have the right...

- Hey, you. - Hi.

Andre: If you cannot afford an attorney,

one will be provided for you.

Unless you live in Louisiana, which is why we started

a FundMe page for Too Sweet to help him get one.

Reggie: Chantal, are you single?

You're up early.

Nova's on the radio.

- Nova: I'm just gonna segue into-- - Andre: Let's go to the lines.

Woman: Hi, yeah, this is for Nova.

Did your sister know Davis was sleeping with prostitutes?

Reggie: Ooo, hoo hoo!

- Wait, what is this? - ( laughing over radio )

It's supposed to be about Too Sweet.

Let's keep the questions to Too Sweet

or my article, thank you.

Okay, um...

we got Shawn on line two.

No, I'm good.

Shawn: Andre, you seen that Goldie's ass?

I ain't mad at Davis. That's all I'm saying.

- Andre: Ooh! - Nova: Hey, y'all, come on.

Andre: Goldie-- Goldie has a fat ass.

This has got to be awful for Nova.

( radio continues )

Awful for Nova?

Andre: You just say, "Ahh!"

Yeah, yeah. That's mine. Stay away from that.

Shawn: Shoot, that Goldie knew what she was doing.

What these hoes think when they go up to a room with a whole basketball team?

- Play charades or something? - ( men laughing )

- Okay, okay, that's enough. - Reggie: True dat, true dat. There you go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Nova, you don't agree with that?

Nova: Yeah, I have no idea what happened, but I think we need to ask ourselves

why women who come forward to report rape are always to blame.

Why do we always portray the victim as having asked for it?

Andre: And we're gonna go to a commercial break right now.

Wait, did she just call Milena Galoudian the victim?

She should keep her bleeding heart politics to herself.

( theme music playing )

Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns

Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns

Keep the colors in the lines, take flight

Dreams never die

Keep the colors in the lines

Keep the colors in the lines, take flight. ♪

Baby, she didn't mean anything by that.

I just can't take any more of this. I can't--

Why don't you come to church with me and Blue?

I'm gonna go pick him up for 9:00 mass.

I have a conference call with Davis and our accountant

because on Tuesday we're paying the victim

a whole hell of a lot of money so this doesn't go to trial.

And then I've got to meet with Remy because we still

don't have a farm manager or anything to put in the ground.

Okay, hold on.

Now, Remy had me invite Prosper over tonight

so that you could ask him to be your farm manager.

Ralph Angel and Nova gonna be there, too,

so it's not all on you.

You'll apologize to Prosper.

My cooking will do the rest.

All right?

Yeah, okay.

It'll all be okay.

- ( both laughing ) - Sorry. I had no idea that was gonna happen.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

Do you wanna grab some lunch or something?

Uh, I have to go meet my editor.

Well, then, let me give you my number.

( buttons clicking )

- ( phone buzzing ) - Hello?

Oh, hey, Chantal. I'd love to hang.

Call me later. Bye.

Oh, my God.

I love your necklace. Is that Ganesh?


It's the Hindu goddess of obstacles.

Also the remover of obstacles.

- 'Cause isn't that what we do? - Yeah.

That's what we do.

You know what?


No, don't take it off.

- Oh, my God, are you kidding me? - I want you to have it.

You are doing...

very important work.

And you have a whole lot more work to do,

and opposition is coming your way.

- I couldn't take this. - Let's just think of it as a loan.


And don't worry.

You gonna give it back to me.

Thank you.

Yeah. Looks right on you.

( clears throat )

So, don't forget your message.

You promised you were gonna call me.

All right.

When can I drive this, Pops?

- By yourself? - Yeah.

I don't know.

I guess I started driving a tractor when I was 12.

- 12? - 12.

That's too long.

- There ain't no rush. - There y'all are!

I've been calling all morning. Why didn't you answer?


Had the ringer off.

Still trying to get used to this thing.

- ( touch tones beeping ) - You got a new phone?

Blue: There's games on it, too.

Games on it, too?

Why don't you come go to church with us?

I can't.

I gotta go to the warehouse in an hour.

Please come with us, Pop?

I can't, but I promise we'll do something fun tomorrow.

- Okay. - All right. Here, take this.

Y'all go get some brunch on me.

Where did you get all this money from?

I'm a working man.

I got a job now, remember?

All right, let's go.

( clears throat ) Best get back to what I'm doing.

See you later.

There he is.

Just the man I was trying to find.

I thought I'd come out to that farm of yours tonight,

- take a look around. - Can't. Got plans.

Any time's good, really.

Got something new coming in-- laptops.

Yeah, about that.

We even now.

For the mother stalk.

I sold a few phones, but you can have the rest back.

I'm good.

- Oh, you good now? - I'm good.

Ain't no return policy, bruh.

Yeah, you see, uh,

you just getting warmed up.

I ain't doing this no more.

Look, man, when you drove out that gate with a bag full of phones,

you made your decision.

You in the game now.

As a matter of fact, yeah, we need you

to stash some stuff out that farm of yours.

I ain't about to do that.

Wasn't really a question, bruh.

( tsks )

- Hey. - Hey.

Let me just get my purse. Want me to drive?

( laughs )

In the South...

unless a man done lost his legs, he drives.

And even then...

- Noted. - ( laughing )

So, we're not gonna go to LSU. I got a call from my contact.

They're all sold out of mother stalk.

- So, you got two options. - ( sighs )

Special order from another state,

but that would take a few weeks.


You can plant a new seed cane variety that I designed.

That you designed?

What does that mean?

I have been working

from a university grant for the past three years.

Most new cane varieties

are created by big agro companies tested in Florida.

But the soil is completely different in Florida than it is here.

My cane variety adjusts for that.

It should produce a higher sugar content, too.

- It should? - Well...

I've only tested it in small batches.

Never a full harvest.

I haven't gotten any local farmers to try it.

Why not?

Well, truth be told,

it's hard to convince a farmer

to take a shot on something like his livelihood.

Well, the stakes are pretty high for me, too.

Is there a refund policy?


- Uh... - It's free.

Just trying to get somebody to take a chance on me.

All right.

You got yourself a deal.


Breathe with me... ♪

( phone rings )


Woman: I have a collect call from inmate Devonte Bonclair.

Do you accept the charges?


Hey, Miss Nova.

Nova: Hey, Too Sweet.

It's good to hear your voice.

How you feeling?

They got me in the infirmary.

I'm supposed to be walking around, so I asked to call you.

So, yeah, I'm probably gonna be in my cell tomorrow.

It's kind of soon.

They don't give me a choice.

Hang in there, baby.

I'm not gonna make it.

Yes, you are. You are gonna make it.

I'm gonna get you out of there.

Do I have a public defender yet?

- No, but-- - A trial date?

You need a lawyer first.

Bail money?

Not yet.

Then when am I getting out?

I don't know.

We can't get a bail reduction until we get you a lawyer.

And there's a wait list.

Too Sweet, you there, baby?

You know, when I got jumped...

I didn't know who did it.

The guards was standing right there

watching the whole time.

I can see if I can get you moved to solitary.

Remember when I told you to put your mind elsewhere?

That didn't work out too good.

Let's go.

( knocking )

Remy, come on in.

Ah, tulips, my favorite.

- Thank you. - You're welcome.

- Let me put them in some water. - Okay.

- What? - You always arrive early.

That's good home training.

But remember, I'm here to make sure that you get this right.

- Oh? - Yeah.

Coach you through it. Give you a few tips.

Coach me through what?

This is your third time up at bat with Prosper.

Okay? We're not going to get another chance.

So, always look him in the eye.

And your head is never to dip at a 45-degree angle.


no iPhone.

Fine, no phone.

- What else? - Ralph Angel: Hey.

Hey, just in time.

What you saying, Remy?

Some time for what?

A little lesson on how to talk to Prosper.

Now, Ralph Angel, Prosper's been in the game a long time.

All right? So, even if you don't agree,

don't question the man's methods.

I swear, if you mess this up again...

- Hey, Remy. Hey, everyone. - Hey.

Hey, Charley.


- Charley, what's wrong? - I don't know.

I'm still processing some of the incredibly personal things

you said about me on the radio this morning.

- I didn't say anything. - Okay, we've got company.

Y'all leave this alone for now.

Nova: Wait, did you listen to the whole interview?

- Did she? - Here, put this on the table, please.

Andre and Reggie were just playing around.

They say a bunch of stupid stuff.

The only thing that sounded stupid

was you calling Davis's accuser a victim!

- Oh, come on, Charley. - What made you think that was a good idea?

So, how's Blue liking school this year?

Uh, he like it.

- He got a real good teacher. - Huh.

Charley: It says something that you would even go on a program like that!

- Nova: This ain't my fault. - We need to start drinking now.

How could you call the prostitute coming after Davis

the victim when you know nothing about it?

I did not call her a victim.

See, you're twisting my words around now.

What I said was that's how rape victims who come forward are portrayed.

What you said sounded like my sister calling my husband a rapist.

- Could maybe y'all talk about this later? - Come on, girls.

So, suddenly you believe in Davis now?

He hasn't been truthful about a single thing so far.

If that whore, Milena Galoudian,

is such a victim, then why is she asking

for a $3 million payout from us to make this go away?

Well, that is one expensive piece of ass.

( man clears throat )

Violet, this was an amazing meal.

- I'm glad y'all liked it. - Yep.

Ever since Claire passed,

I don't get many home-cooked meals.

You know what I'm talking about, Remy,

after your Shauna passed?

A lot of takeout and microwave meals.

Well, not a day goes by that I don't think about her.

And I lost a...

lot of friends these last few years.

And losing Brother Ernest was toughest of all.

I never thought he'd be called before me.

Which is why I'm here.

Because I don't feel like your hearts are really in it.

That ain't true, Mr. Prosper.

- I don't think you understand-- - Is it true...

that you're planning on going one harvest, and then selling?

Because if that's your attitude,

then that's gonna be mine as well.

Now, I'll agree to be your farm manager,

plus the regular salary,

plus 10% cut of your fall harvest.

I promise I won't steer you wrong.

It's gonna take a lot of hard work,

and if you work together,

like your father wanted you to,

it can be done.

All right. That'll work.

Violet, you got another piece of that pie?

( all laughing )


I pulled out my best recipe for Prosper.

Whoa! You tell Hollywood about that?

( all laughing )

Together we will stand, divided we'll fall

Come on, now, people, let's get on the ball... ♪

All right!

After all these years,

planting cane is still done by hand.

We have 200 acres to cover.

Now, y'all got your marching orders.

Let's get to work.

Hey, you got any spare shovels around, Ralph Angel?

- Yeah, in the shed. - I'll grab them.

Oh, Remy, no! Man, it's locked up.

I'ma get it myself.

Don't worry about it.

Go on.

Come on, come on, let's work together

Now, now, people

Say now together we will stand

Every boy, girl, woman and man

Oh, yeah

Oh, look it here, look it here... ♪

I don't remember that shed having a lock on it.

Pa never locked nothing up.

Now we got all this new equipment around here,

can't be too careful.

You mind taking Blue to school for me?

Don't want him to be late.

- All right. - ♪ Make someone happy

- ♪ Make someone smile... ♪ - Come on, boy, let's go.

Let's all work together and make life worthwhile

Let's work together

Come on, come on, let's work together

Now, now, people

Say now together we will stand

Every boy, girl, woman and man

Two or three minutes

Two or three hours

What do they mean, now, now

- ♪ In this life of ours? ♪ - All right!

Take lunch. One hour.

Bring them in! Bring them in!

( Ernest whistles, speaking Spanish )

Prosper: Come on!

Yeah, come on.

You all right?


Wow. That is literally backbreaking work.

I feel guilty.


Well, I'm leaving after lunch, but I'll be back tomorrow.

My husband and son are coming in.

I got to take care of some personal business.

Oh. Well, we'll have plenty of work for you to do when you get back.

Truth be told, I didn't think you'd be out here

actually doing the work.

Is that right?

I know, I guess I just assumed

that you'd have a housekeeper,

nanny, gardeners, a whole team of people

doing everything for you.

I guess I was wrong.


I do have all those people.

You just couldn't fit them on the private jet?

- Saving costs. - Got it.

( laughing )

( sighs )

Charley's ridiculous.

She's getting worked up about a couple of shock jocks--

Cut Charley some slack.

We don't know what it's like to have your whole life

blown up on T.V. like that.

For real.

How's the warehouse job going?

It's a job on top of the job I already have.

It is what it is.

How much you got left on your parole?

A little over a year.

Your parole officer okay?

He all right.

For a guy who make me pee in a cup once a week.

Checking on this, checking on that.

You know I got to take a parenting class to learn how to parent Blue?

All they got to do is see me with him

to know I know what I'm doing.

You're doing all right, Ralph.

I was thinking,

maybe I could ask Charley to fill out my paperwork.

So I could do this for parole.

What you need to ask Charley for? I'll sign it for you.

I got to get paid, 40 hours, her money.

Well, when we sell, you can pay her back out of that.

Will you stop talking about selling, Nova?

Humble I fall

Humble I fall

To my knees

Humble I fall. ♪

Hey, why don't you run inside and tell your mom we're here, all right?

- Yeah. - ( Violet screams )

I am so glad you are back!

What's up?

Oh, baby, we missed you.

I missed you, too.

Okay, so I just picked up some barbeque

from the place down the road.

- Go on in there and help yourself. - Okay.

The others will be in from the field any minute.

Hey, Vi, can you tell Charley we're here, please?

I said they're coming in from the fields any minute.


Yeah, isn't that her now?

( laughing, talking )

( Charley gasps )


Wait, Mom. Stop, stop, stop. You're dirty.

- You're dirty! - Come on.

A little dirt's good. You don't wanna get dirty?

- No! - Why not?

- What you say, Micah? Welcome back, baby. - What's up?

Mr. Newell.

- Remy, Micah. - Remy.

Micah, better come on in here

and get some of these hot links

before they're all gone.

Go on.

Oh, Davis, this is Remy Newell.

Remy, this is Davis.

- Nice to meet you. - Yeah, you too.

If y'all don't mind, I'm gonna go in here

and grab some of these hot links before they're gone.


( chuckles )

So, is he a local farmer?


No, he is an engineer.

And a professor.

Well, I...

didn't think you would get this, um,

into farming.

I've never seen you water a houseplant.

Let's get some lunch, Davis.

( faint talking )


I'll wash up and you can leave.

Ralph Angel: I'll see you out there, Mr. Prosper.

Prosper: You're doing good, son, you're doing good.

Hey, uh.

Micah showed me your article.

Yeah. It's good. I can really relate, you know?

I've seen how the system treats black men.

Especially after living through this witch hunt, you know what I'm saying?

When you're a black man accused of something, you must have done it.

How'd you and Micah get here, Davis?

- We flew. - Which airline?

- Private. - Hmm.

We have a jet share program with a few other players.

But I had to, you know?

So many paparazzi on me.


That's what I thought.


So, you flew private.

You have a driver

waiting to take you back to Houston.

Probably staying in some fancy hotel in the city.

And you're paying millions of dollars to pay off your accuser

so that you don't have to stand trial.

And you're sitting here comparing yourself to a 17-year-old kid

without so much as a public defender

because you're both black.


I don't know what lies you have to tell yourself,

to get up each morning,

but let me point out the most obvious one.

The system doesn't treat all black men alike.

But you're so narcissistic

that you don't even recognize what your privilege buys you.

( dialing )

( phone rings )

Man: St. Josephine's Loan and Trust Bank.

How may I help you?

Yes, I'd like to wire some money from my account?

And what's the name on that account?

Yes, I'm Nova Bordelon on the Bordelon Farm Account.

All right, just give me one moment.

And what's the amount?

Yes, I'd like to wire $10,000

to All Out Bail Bonds.

So, I see you switched up your shifts, huh?

Working nights now?

All the better for me.

Look, I got something for you to take with you when you leave, hear?

Or I could stop by and see that farm.

Drop off a few boxes.

I said that's not gonna work.

I said I'm coming by.

What the hell's wrong with you, young blood?

You better watch yourself before you hurt yourself.

I ain't doing this no more.

Come on!

( groans )

Yeah, stand him up!

- Get off me! Get off me! - Get him up!

( groans )

What the hell is going on here?


You're lucky those weren't cell phones. You'd both be fired.

Now cut the crap and get back to work.

I can't work with this dude no more.

I can't. I ain't doing this no more.

Get back to work, Ralph Angel,

or you'll be looking for a new job.

- I'm fine with that. - What'd you say?

- I'm fine with that. - You wanna get fired?


I want you to lay me off.

You're fired.

And I'll make sure your parole officer is well aware of it.

Yeah, I'll talk to him.

'Cause I think he'd be interested in seeing how my check showed every week.

His math might be better than mine, sir.

Now, lay me off,

and no one got to know.

Get your shit and get out.

The day I woke up was this one

Will do.

I can't sit and play the victim

My day's looking better, my day's looking better...♪

You want cucumbers or carrots?

- Carrots! - ( knocking at door )

Man: Are you Ralph Angel Bordelon?

Yes, sir.

We have a warrant to search your property.

T & K Warehouse, where you're employed,

has asked to have all they're employer residences searched

for stolen merchandise.

Yeah, okay.

- What's going on, Pops? - They're just looking around.

When Aunt Vi answers, tell her to come out here right away, okay?

- Okay. Yes. - You heard me? All right.

Stay in your room. Don't come out.

Go on.

( clears throat )

Got a key to the shed?

Let's go.

Go on.

Open it.

Step back.

Step. Back.


It's clear.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Have a good night.

Aunt Vi.

I move

Heavy stones

I don't want to be way down... ♪

Blue says the police were out here looking for something.

They ain't find nothing, did they?

No, they didn't.

Faith is the only thing I need to hold on to

Well, they're not gonna.

It's at the bottom of the bayou.

Faith is the only thing I need

To hold on to... ♪

I'm sorry, Aunt Vi.

Need to hold

Hold on to

I'm trying.

Faith is the only thing I need

To hold on to

This is the standard non-disclosure agreement.

It states that you will not discuss

the night in question,

what is discussed today, or the dollar amount

given to Milena Galoudian.


Give her the check.

For $3 million this had better go away.

It will. But she's holding off on signing her paperwork

until after you apologize.

So, make it sincere.

When is she meeting with the other players?

She's not.


She only wanted to meet with Davis.

She may have already gotten a payoff from them.

But that is also confidential,

so I have no idea.

You ready?

( sighs )

Can you give us a minute?


I don't know what she's gonna say in there.

I have no control over that.

But know this, Charley.

I did not rape her.

I know that, Davis.

Or I wouldn't be standing next to you right now.

Why do we build this castle in the sky? ♪

All these marvel clouds

Imagine them when I'm high

Perfect isn't wise

When I feel the cloud

And the child is singing loud... ♪

Woman: Good morning, everyone.

Miss Galoudian will read her statement

and then Mr. West will have a chance to respond.

I have known you, Davis West,

for little over three years.

Over those years,

we have developed what felt like a relationship,

if not a friendship.

I trusted you.

That's why I couldn't believe

you would do what you did.

That night,

when we went back up to the room to party with the team,

you got that call about Micah.

He had an asthma attack,

so you decided to go back home.

So, you gave me some extra cash

and you left.

When I got out of the shower,

Felix and Eddie

were waiting for me.

Their girls from the agency hadn't shown,

but they said you told them

that they can have a go with me.

I told them that you would never agree to that.

That I was your girl.

But they kept saying that you paid.

And then...

and then they raped me.

More guys from the team joined in.

They took turns--

Look, Milena...

I never told them they could do that to you.

I didn't tell them that, honestly.

How can you look me in the eyes and say that,

after what you said to me?

When I came forward,

and accused the guys of raping me...

I knew you'd call.

( phone clicks, beeps )

Davis on phone: Baby,

hey, why are you doing this?

Milena: Did you tell Felix and Eddie

they could do that to me?

Davis: Do what?

You got paid, didn't you?

Milena: They raped me, Davis.

Davis: Come on, come on. Milena...

Look you started out with gangbangs,

and now you got a problem with it?

I mean, look...

you should have called me first

before you opened your mouth.

( Milena sobs )

I thought I meant more to you--

Davis: Hold on, hold on.

Milena, Milena, look. You know what it is.

Okay, I can bang any bitch on the road.

You understand me? Any bitch.

Okay, I pay you to keep your mouth shut.

That's what I pay you for,

unless I put something in it,

I pay you to keep your mouth shut.

I pay you to do shit my wife won't do, you understand?

That's it.

Now, stop coming after me and my family.

( phone clicks, beeps )

- Milena, I'm sorry. - I'm sorry, too.


Charley... Baby, wait a second.

Charley. Baby, wait.

Charley, will you just please wait a second.

You're a monster, Davis.


You turned me into a monster, too.

- Listen-- - Don't follow me.

Don't call me.

Baby, please, just--

We're over.


( sobs )

( theme music playing )

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